Top 10 online games for kids with dyslexia

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Games are an integral part of our lives as they offer recreation and rejuvenation. The children’s faces brighten up, and excitement doubles when they hear learning is also game-based.

Furthermore, game-based learning has always proved out to be more effective than conventional learning techniques. It is even more helpful for children with learning difficulties like dyslexia or any other disorder.

Such special children gain ample knowledge about communicating, collaborating, interacting, and working in teams when playing such games. Not to miss, downloading strategic games apps are the best ones to enhance the child’s brain functionality.

Thus, online mobile games inspire dyslexic children to scale up their skills and create emotional connectivity between the learning and the matter to be learned.

In this article, we shall cover list of top 10 games for kids with dyslexia to explore and enjoy.

1.   Popcorn Words

popcorn words free online dyslexia games

Popcorn words offer continuous and comprehensive learning for dyslexic children who struggle to identify and manipulate the words quickly. The child, while playing the game, would operate a popcorn machine found in a movie theater.

A monkey, coming up to the counter, to the machine, would say a sight word. As a response, the child has to choose the right sight word to offer popcorn to the monkey.

The goal of the game is too simple – to become a manager by promotion. But the twist lies in the promotion – i.e., handing over ten popcorns successfully would yield an in-between filler game and then only, one can get the promotion. The game both offers the learning dyslexic children need and the recognition they deserve!

Game Link : Web App

2.  Lilli’s letter

lilli's letter free online dyslexia games

Dyslexic children can have various thoughts to pen down, ideas to manage, things to plan and organize. They also have poems/stories or opinions to write down or even draw if they feel to. Their way of doing these things isn’t the same as the others. Thus, Lilli’s Letter makes it a simpler and fun-filled process for them to write.

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Lill’s letter offers learning in the most satisfying, enjoyable, and fulfilling way by attractive visuals and audios. It also strengthens the dyslexic children’s basics in the language – forming letters by drawing rightly, alignment of words, etc. Compatible in all IOS devices, it’s undoubtedly a wonderful learning tool for each dyslexic child.

Game Link : App store

3.   Chicktionary

Chiktionary is an amazing game that could be the highlight of every Dyslexic child playing it. The game is continuously progressive and takes a child forward to advanced levels very quickly.

A fun edutainment game, it helps the dyslexic children to learn and spell the words in a joyous way. Developed in a barnyard theme, children have to quickly develop as many words as possible with the letters on the chicken.

Guessing enough words, scoring points are a part of the play course. But, on a deeper tone, it emphasizes quicker recognition and the formation of words that enhance the verbal skills of the child.

Game Link : Playstore | Web App

4.   Draw Something

draw something free online dyslexia game

Draw Something, a simple and free game is compatible in android as well as iOS, helps the dyslexic children to portray their thoughts as drawings. It aims to make a child draw out the word for others to speculate.

Many vibrant tools and colors are other exciting features to attract children and make their learning livelier. The badges and readers are tokens of appreciation for dyslexic children.

Game Link : Playstore | Appstore

5.   Artik Pix

artik pix free online dyslexia games

Dyslexic children have deficits specifically in phonemic awareness, the capacity to hear, identify, and manipulate the phonemes(units of sound) of the language. Since it is a fundamental skill that is required in knowing to read and spell, Artik Pix, an indulging articulation app, aids dyslexic children in improving their phenomic awareness.

Captivating the dyslexic children with attractive flashcards and engaging matching activities, Artik Pix helps them to tide over their speech-sound delay. It is genuinely a great way to offer day-long continuous practice to the child, anywhere, and anytime. Owing to this, it is a boon for the children as well as their caretakers!

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Game Link : App store

6.   Eye Games, Dyslexia

eye games dyslexia online games dyslexia free

Eye Games provide a dynamic visual platform to fight dyslexia. These games are a splendid and entertaining way to enhance the functionality of the brain by training it to generate the right connections in case of letters, words, shapes as well as pictures.

The two hundred exercises of the game are focussing on helping the dyslexic children to manage their reading and other learning difficulties.

The best part is that the whole essence of the game is based on dragging and dropping, along with touching, multi-sensory learning making it is a very crucial app for dyslexic children. Therefore, this game lets your special children manage and be independent with Eye Games, dyslexia!

Game Link : Playstore

7.   Boggle Bash

boggle bash free online dyslexia game

A classic game to help Dyslexic children to recognize words quicker, Boggle Bash pressurizes the children to find words within a given time limit. Mental alertness, quicker word recognition, and reading are its key focus points.

This fun and rich classic board game is back with a bang with its latest updates by retaining the essence of the original Boggle Bash.

The dyslexic children are finely tuned, and they become ready to beat their own personal best each time with exclusive challenges, contests, pleasant rewards or scores, friendly matches, and much more. All special children should gain this joy-filled learning experience and take up the dice for the turn!

Game Link : Web App

8.   DefineTime

An excellent game that renders real-life learnings like time management, working under constraints, Define Time, also trains the dyslexic children in an awe-inspiring way by improving their verbal skills.

This online game is played individually which increases the affinity between Dyslexic children and enhances the children’s language skills. The theme of the game is very simple – the child has to choose the most suitable or right definition of the word given.

The definitions are provided as options, and the child must match the word with the appropriate definition. Recognition of words, understanding of their meanings, and much more are its core learnings.

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Game Link : Web App

9.   Knoword

knoword dyslexia free online game

A fun fast-paced word game, Knoword, is a challenging online game that insists on quick reasoning. Thus, the dyslexic children’s vocabulary, thinking pace, mental agility, alertness of brain, observational skills, analytical abilities, typing capabilities are all enhanced with this game.

The primary target is to finish the words as much as possible based on the definition and also the world’s first letter. Communication skills are also scaled up with Knoword.

An apt game for all beginner dyslexic children, Knoword is one of the best game in a dyslexic child’s toolkit.

Game Link : Web App

10.   Word Whomp

word whomp free online dyslexia games

Words are always exciting with letters of varying shapes and sizes. To make the words more exciting and help Dyslexic children to recognize the fun with words, Word Whomp is the ideal game.

This app has a myriad of unique features like challenging game modes, spelling words in the given time with the offered letters, adorable and attractive graphics, and rewarding hints that go on until one finishes the game.

Apt for everyone, this simple yet outstanding game appreciates every Dyslexic child to learn more with attractive bonuses and rewards. This app has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable apps for dyslexic children’s happy childhood and joyous learning experience.

Game Link : Web App

To Sum Up

Dyslexic children might face difficulties in learning, but even they can have a great future with the right care and giving attention to their needs. The games mentioned above can help in eliminating their loneliness and barriers to learning. Besides this, the time spent by the caretakers also becomes more productive, fun-filled, and of more quality!

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