Top 6 Story-Based Reading Books with Dyslexia Friendly Fonts

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The difficulty to read and write is one of the common signs of dyslexia; you all know it very well now! But, what you must know is that Dyslexia is not the end of your academic road. Dyslexics do find ways to work around this learning difficulty. Educators have developed lot many resources for this purpose. A few of those, such as font books, reading manipulatives, reading games, etc. provide cushion to reading activities for people with learning disorders.

In this post, we intend to introduce to you the following points:

  • How Dyslexia Fonts Books help children with learning difficulties
  • 6 Best dyslexia fonts books you must know about
  • How to use dyslexia fonts books to improve reading abilities of children as well as adults

So, here we start!

How dyslexia-friendly fonts books help children with learning difficulties?

You must be aware that recognition of letters and retaining letter shape, spellings, etc. is an uphill task for dyslexic children. Thanks to various assessment tests available, that these problems get identified at an early stage in present times.

That is why dyslexia fonts development is a phenomenal idea that researchers could think of. The books based on dyslexia fonts offer the following advantages:

  • Since the fonts are thicker lines instead of letters, children identify the letters rather easily
  • The letters with tails are included in different lengths to help avoid confusion
  • The fonts used are dense. Therefore, the dyslexic brains that actually invert the shape of letters, get worked up to read those letters upright
  • All these improvements in fonts enhance reading accuracy

You may help your child quite better with dyslexic fonts books in decoding, comprehension, and fluent reading.

If the idea appeals to you, we’ve curated a list of the top 6 story-based reading books with dyslexia-friendly fonts that can help you read better, improve vocabulary and achieve prosody.

Best dyslexia friendly reading books for kids

1. Sam Is Stuck

Sam Is Stuck

No pains and lots of gains wait for you on the other side of reading this book. Challenges of reading find a feasible solution in this book that tells the story of two kids and a talking fish, Sam. The book is divided into about 6 chapters, containing about 4000 words. Thus, the readers get ample practice in recognizing, spelling, and voicing out the words.

The best feature of this book is that its words are easily decodable. The main advantages it offers are reading fluency, mastery of comprehension, and confident reading.

Thus, this font book can be your best bet when you want to offer a perfect reading solution for your dyslexic reader.

2. Spelling Pen – In Elf Land

Spelling Pen - In Elf Land

Dyslexia causes a lot of interference in learning reading and writing. The consistent approach in reading and doing a lot of reading practice are some of the must-do activities for early readers.

This book is a reliable resource for dyslexic readers because its fonts are friendlier to such people. Further, the book is embellished with features such as:

  • Simple and short sentences
  • Ample repetition of words
  • Decodable, high-frequency sight words
  • Easily comprehensible paragraphs

The book is made child-friendly by basing it on an interesting story. Also, the choice of story is quite closer to the imaginative powers of dyslexic readers.

Hence, they will be drawn to reading it repeatedly, creating a good opportunity for them to master vocabulary and prosody.

3. Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt

Story-based books with thick lines and easy sentences – it seems to be the proven recipe for making Dyslexia Fonts Books, and this book serves the purpose most aptly.

Filled with illustrations and sight words with ample repetitions, it gives the brain ample workout to achieve reading fluency. The story is simple yet engaging and captures developments taking place in an outing.

The characters in the book go through a variety of situations. It helps children understand the usage of words in correct contexts.

A dyslexia font book needs to be captivating so that the readers are inclined to read it repeatedly. This book successfully achieves this aim and gives a handy practice of more than 3000 sight words to early readers.

4. Back To The Past

Back To The Past

Back to the Past serves the need of learning to read quite aptly with its collection of about 7000 words. Simple words in two, three, and four-word formats mostly allow early readers to give the process a decent try.

It is one of the most promising dyslexia font books that allow readers to pick up the pace in reading. The story has very enticing characters and an interesting throw that keeps children glued to the idea of reading frequently.

Mastery in sight words, reading speed and accuracy and better comprehension are some of the benefits readers can derive from this dyslexia font book.

This book has a humongous repertoire of most commonly used sight words that can help children develop language skills.

5. Jurassic Adventure

 Jurassic Adventure

Jurassic Adventures is quite an intelligently designed book with dyslexia-friendlyfont.

First of all, the text and background are kept in the least contrast to each other to promote readability. It is no less than a masterstroke for pulling dyslexic readers into reading.

The writers claim that the idea is not to make reading a joyful activity only. They have emphasized the point of making become super confident and fluent while reading. Filled with illustrations, an uncountable number of words, the book takes a leap from simpler to more complex words like dinosaurs, etc.

Starting with basics like words, sentences, one can move to devour the whole paragraph; the story will be no far behind! Thus, you may expect yourself to be a complete reader by regularly reading this work.

6. Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent

 Burkley and the Beasts: The Sea Serpent

It is a mind-blowing account of a character that sees things differently. Doesn’t a dyslexic do the same? Thus, this dyslexic fonts book is easy to connect with.

If we take a close look at the storyline, we will find it is quite similar to the life of a person with reading difficulties. Hence, there are demons to fight, new challenges to discover, and feelings of triumph over being victorious over insurmountable.

As they say, “you can learn to read when you are quite inclined to read,” this book offers the opportunity as well as the pretext to read more often, and better than the previous attempt. Learning and fun bring along:

  • Better knowledge of words and their contextual usage
  • Ease of pronunciation of common, sight words and difficult words too
  • Fluency, phonemic awareness and prosody achieved through repeated reading

How to use these dyslexia friendly reading books?

Books with dyslexia fonts can be employed in the following ways to meet the reading objectives:

  • Bedtime story book
  • Resource for reading practice in classroom
  • Training material for language coaching
  • As a pastime resource for reading enthusiasts

Summing up,

Dyslexia fonts books or easily decodable books serve the learning needs of early readers quite aptly. Writers design them to ensure that readers can practice more and more, and quite often. With their gripping storyline, easily readable formats, and quite intelligently designed fonts, these dyslexia fonts books have all that it takes to groom children into confident readers.

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