10 board games that improve reading fluency

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Reading fluency is an aspect of early education that comes with practice and perseverance. It is achieved if a person is able to identify the words, pronounce them correctly, and also read its basis the punctuation marks provided in the sentence. A fluent reader is one who is able to engage the listeners with reading using correct expressions. Thus, the three aspects of reading fluency are characterized by speed, accuracy, and prosody.

Reading fluency means reading the words in speed, in correct pronunciation, and in a way so that the message of the sentence or a paragraph is conveyed clearly to the listener. This fluency, therefore, is a collective outcome of:

  1. Phonemic awareness
  2. Phonic awareness
  3. Sight word recognition ability
  4. Spelling ability
  5. Knowledge and use of punctuation marks

It is very essential to ‘learn to read’ in order to ‘read to learn’. For children having learning difficulties, there is a need to find alternative ways of building fluency which is otherwise done with giving conventional reading practice to them. These alternatives are available in the form of manipulatives or reading fluency games.

Role of reading fluency games

Reading fluency games are developed with a variety of motives. Some are aimed at word-picture recognition, a few give the practice of spellings and pronunciations. There are still other games that are time-pressed and require children to complete the activity in a limited timeframe.

The best part of these games is that the children get to grasp the reading fluency by the way of collaborative and participative learning. These ways are quite helpful in building word memory and promote retention of reading fluency concepts in the mind. In addition to all this, reading fluency games can help in:

  1. promoting analytical thinking
  2. improving comprehension
  3. increasing engagement
  4. building coherence in thoughts

Top 10 board games for reading fluency

We’ve curated a list of top 10 reading fluency board games that can assist in building this skill in children and evolve them from a reading beginner to a fluent reader.

1. Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior board game for reading fluency

Monopoly is the first choice of both the parents and kids as their first board game gift. This game allows the children to learn words and spellings and recognize the words’ families through the gamification procedure. The players are required to buy some kid-friendly properties and follow various other instructions using the cue cards. Thus, children above 5 years can benefit from this game and can develop a sound vocabulary as well as get reading practice.

2. Learning Advantage Spying Parts Of Speech Game

Learning Advantage Spying Parts Of Speech Game board game for reading fluency

This game is meant for students who have reached the early fluency stage. Once the spellings, word recognition, etc. have been mastered, it is time to develop speed in reading. This becomes possible to achieve when the brain is trained to read three ensuing words in advance while laying eyes on the first word. The parts of speech game help achieve this beautifully. It imparts a better understanding of grammar and the correct sequence of words.

3. Whisper phones for reading fluency

Whisper phones for reading fluency board game for reading fluency

Whisper phones are used as classroom supplies. These games are helping to develop recognition and response in the listeners using auditory means. The students get to listen to their own voices using which they can self-monitor and make notes of mistakes. This simple game is quite effective in improving fluency in reading and recognizing word sounds.

4. Pressman Charades

Pressman Charades for Kids board game for reading fluency

You can teach the child speaking without requiring him to read in a literal sense. Children are given clues in the form of hint cards. These cards are carrying clues to give to other children for guessing the word or thing. Other children try to answer using the clues provided. It helps bring a pattern in the way of thinking and kids are learning to express themselves by identifying and relating the clues with the answer.

5. Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource 

Carson Dellosa – Sentence Building Literacy Resource board game for reading fluency

This sentence-building activity kit comprises of interlockable cards that fit only when the sequence of the words chosen is correct. Thus, by the way of moving and arranging the card, the children are able to build sentences fluently. This reading fluency game is ideal for grade 1 to grade 3 students and helps them enhance their sentence construction skills without actually resorting to conventional reading of books.

6. Boggle

 boggleboard game for reading fluency

The game is designed to teach transforming the letters into words in a fun way. It is designed for children at the preschool stage. The early learners can play with the alphabet cubes and make combinations of those resulting into words. Matching word picture helps build and retain the word-building concept. It is useful in building vocabulary, knowing the spellings, and in picture recognition.

7. Splat Sight Words Card Game

Splat Sight Words Card Game board game for reading fluency

Reading fluency for a grade 1 or grade 2 comprises mainly of recognizing sight words. The students can become comfortable with sight words through gamification way. About 75 sight words included in this game offer ample practice for building reading fluency. It can help strengthen the foundation of word-building ability, which will be further be used for making fluent sentences.

8. Go fish

Go fish board game for reading fluency

This game is designed for early fluent students moving towards easy fluency. The kids challenge each other by asking the name of the fish on the card while calling out their number. This game helps kid read the spellings, know about regularly used words, or words common to an aquatic habitat and also develop a sense of pattern and attention build-up.

9. Gamenote Sight Words Flash Cards

Gamenote Sight Words Flash Cards board game for reading fluency

Gamenote flashcards are helpful in learning the sentence-building aspect of reading fluency. This reading fluency game comes with a sentence or a part of it one side of the card and the other side shows the corresponding picture. Thus, the player is able to absorb the sentence structure and develop fluency of reading in the process. This game can be played in a team, or parents can use it for home-schooling purposes too.

10. Word Wheel Puzzle

Word Wheel Puzzle board game for reading fluency

Rotate the wheel so as to make two 4-letter words at the same time. This game is designed to offer about 17,000+ wheel configurations that can yield about 450,000+ letter combinations. Thus, it provides ample scope for practicing spellings that belong to the same word family. This game offers amazing support for building vocabulary in a fun-filled way comprising of word search activity. A design conceived in 1882, this word wheel is holding a lot of relevance in the present times too.   

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