10 helpful apps for your learning disability

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What is it like to be in the shoes of someone with a learning disability? The day-to-day lessons can be no less than a nightmare because they are differently-abled. If your child is one of those suffering from learning disabilities such as, dyslexia or dyscalculia, the effects can be magnanimous.

As a parent, dealing with learning differences of your child can be a stressful experience, and that is actually when an array of learning applications comes to the rescue. With the correct teaching approach and pitch-perfect strategies, even children with severe learning disabilities can get the desired outcome.

If you ask us, there is no harm in using these apps at the comfort of your home if you want to see your kids improve their cognitive abilities. But before listing the apps, it is incredibly important to understand the essence of the applications and the working mechanisms of the same.

Benefits of apps in learning disabilities for kids

Learning disabilities can hamper the kid’s learning to a great extent, and that in itself can be a source of insecurity. These apps can foster the learning process from the comfort of their homes and make it faster, bringing back the long lost confidence. They will provide a great platform for interaction and stimulation to the kids to have the perfect learning ambiance.

Starting from an easy reading approach to problem-solving abilities, the kids can have a helping hand without any added assistance. The working mechanism of the apps are top-notch and caters to the needs of special education. Keeping this in mind, We’ve curated a list of 10 really helpful apps for your kids with learning disability.

10 helpful apps for learning disabilities

1. EasyLexia

easylexia app for learning disabilities such as dyslexia

This is an easy application with brilliant design with a motive to help kids with reading problems. It incorporates communication as well as information technology to help parents overcome reading difficulty among kids.

Not only children with dyslexia but even kids having short term memory, as well as mathematical problem-solving problems, can get the benefits out of it. There are numerous games that will induce the alphabet and number learning in a storytelling manner. Even in these uncertain times, home learning could have never been easier without apps like Easylexia. 

Link : Web App

2. MyTalkTools Mobile

mytalktools mobile app for learning disabilities

MyTalkToolsMobile is a futuristic application that is quite helpful in enhancing the communication process among kids with special needs. It comes with a complete AAC system for communicating with other smartphone devices, and here is also a full-sentence communicative system.

Parents can also use it to do library searches as well as web searches for images. It is one of the most happening apps when it comes to helping children with ADHD, Autism, and even Dyscalculia. With the help of numerous images, learning becomes relatable to the kids and entertaining too!

Link : Appstore | Playstore

3. Dyslexia Toolbox

Dyslexia Toolbox is the chrome extension you must have if you are looking for web browsing assistance being dyslexic. It simplifies reading like none other, and it has specific features like the use of Dyslexic font as well as left alignment.

It is like a complete toolbox to ease the reading for the Dyslexic individuals, and some brilliant minds have put their heads together to use the dyslexic font to enhance concentration for differently-abled kids. The user interface is appreciable, and the parents need not be tech-savvy to have a grasp over this application.

Link : Chrome Extension

4. Sintelly Game App

sintelly game app for emotional intelligence in learning disabilities kids

Along with cognitive abilities, it is also important to imbibe the social-emotional skills in the kid, isn’t it? Otherwise, when they grow up, there can be many problems in making the child interact and create bonding with other individuals of a similar age group. This gaming application is apt for the kids between the age of 6-12, (the perfect age of making friends) and it comprises various fantasy situations to improve emotional intelligence.

The game has derived its name from the famous poem of Rudyard Kipling “If” and it accentuates emotional learning. As the kids start playing, they learn what is kind and unkind, and they can have a hold over the dialogue choices of all the characters in the game.

Link : Appstore | Playstore

5. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

stop, breathe and think app for kids with learning disabilities

Along with understanding calculations and recognizing alphabets, it is equally important for kids to have calm and composed minds. Children with learning disabilities are often fickle, and it becomes hard to assist them properly for their parents.

This is a profound application that will invoke the art of meditation and mindfulness in the kids so that they can be calmer. They will be able to get back their long, long lost confidence, and it is suitable for the kids between the age of 5-10. There are more than 15 mind activities for all kinds of situations and sleep stories to eliminate their restlessness.

Link : Appstore | Web App

6. Voice Dream Reader

voice dream rader app for learning disabilities

Is your kid having a really tough time in processing the texts? Is he or she looking for a companion to read the text aloud? Voice Dream Reader is the app for you. With powerful optical character recognition features and a hassle-free user interface, this app serves the exact needs of a dyslexic reader.

There are clear instructions to use it, and even the parents can have a fun time using it to bond with their dyslexic child. If you go for the in-app purchase, you can have the perks of better voice quality, and the overall verdict is that it is quite impressive. You can use it to read aloud stories to your kid even when you are busy and thereby keeping the child engaged in the learning process.

Link : Appstore | Playstore

7. Socratic App

socratic app for learning disabilities

Socratic is a popular app that aims at assisting students in their homework. The app can find the relevant concepts to solve the math equations in just a few seconds. All you have to do is to take a pic of the homework question or math equation and submit it to get an instant explanation of the concept.

Other than Mathematics, Socratic also supports Science, History, English, and Economics. The app uses vision technology to read the submitted image and AI to figure out the concepts for solving it.

Simple but interactive UI makes it really easy to use. The ability of the machine to spit out the results in just a few seconds is pretty impressive. However, the app itself is limited by its dependence on optical character recognition.

Links: Appstore | Playstore

8. CogniFit

cognifit app for learning disabilities

Developed by Neuroscientific experts, Cognifit helps train the brain’s cognitive skills by offering a collection of engaging games & activities. The app focuses on exercising memory, concentration, attention, reasoning, coordination, and mental arithmetic capabilities.

Cognifit is designed as such to test your logic and problem-solving skills at every corner. Not only individuals with attention-deficit disorder, but this app also adapts to the needs of a wide range of users, including ones just starting out with developing cognitive functions and also the ones right at the end of their academics.

Link : Appstore | Playstore

9. SmartyNote

smartynote app for learning disability such as dyslexia

Smartynote is a notepad app with powerful features like OCR, Voice recognition, and Text to speech. Although the app is made specifically for dyslexics, people with dyscalculia can also take the benefit as it can read numbers as well.

It really makes note taking so much easier. All you have to do is click a photo of a page or some text, it will extract the text and save it to your note. You can use voice recognition if you want the app to write a note while you speak. You can also let the app dictates the saved note to you. Different color combinations and fonts are available to suit your needs. Around 20k people use this app worldwide.

Link : Playstore

10. DD’s Dictionary

dd's dictionary app for learning disabilities

Self-doubt is a common observation in kids with a learning disability. Specifically, in dyslexia, this is more pronounced in uncertainty in spellings. DD’s Dictionary does a great job of helping kids with this problem. A unique take on practicing spelling and building vocabulary.

Not only word selection, but this dictionary also helps in audible confirmation of the same. It has regular updates, and the rating is an affirmation of the productivity that it has been able to enforce in dyslexic children. If help with words and sounds are all you need, this might be the app you all have been looking for.

Link : Appstore

Wrap up

As an endnote, we would like to add that apart from tuition and special classes for kids, they also need to go for self-learning sessions. The best outcome is from the ones that the kids enjoy the most, and there is no doubt that apps and games serve that purpose. If used efficiently, the outcome these apps can provide is really unbelievable.

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