10 Fun Reported Speech Games And Activities

reported speech games & activities

“I love to read, and write,” said Alex.  Notice something in this sentence? Observe how the sentence is “reporting” a particular statement, which could have been conveyed “directly” too.  Now, that you understand the basic difference between reported and direct speech, let me also tell you that no English class is complete without the knowledge … Read more

7 Fun Online Games For Learning Periodic Tables

periodic table online games

A periodic table is an essential tool for understanding the properties and behavior of elements in the world around us. But learning about the elements and the periodic table can be a bit dry and boring for some students. That’s where online games come in! These interactive games make learning about the elements fun and … Read more

10 Fun Games And Activities For Learning About Hyperbole

Hyperbole games and activities

English is a language full of expressions, phrases, sophistication, and idioms, and who can forget various figures of speech? These figures of speech are what add the necessary spice and color to this beautiful language. Figures of Speech are devices that are used in various forms of creative writing to convey strong emotions, strong justifications, … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Activities For Self-Directed Learning

self directed learning

Whoever said that we never stop being learners couldn’t have been more right. From our daily routine tasks to the skills required at school and on the job, everything requires us to constantly change, adapt and most importantly learn. This would not be possible if individuals did not take responsibility for their learning process. This … Read more

9 Fun Bar Chart Games To Play Online

bar chart games

As we move into an increasingly data-driven world, the ability to interpret and analyze data is becoming a critical skill. One crucial tool for data analysis is the bar chart, which provides a visual representation of data using bars of different lengths. While traditional methods of teaching bar charts can be dry and abstract, incorporating … Read more

5 Fun Allusion Games And Activities For Little Learners

Figures of Speech are an important part of the English Language. The allusion is one of the most frequently used figures of speech. Allusion can be defined as an implied or indirect reference to an event, fictional character, person, or even a thing.  It has the potential to add relatability, color, and spice to a … Read more

10 Fun Activities And Games For Teaching Signs And Symbols To Little Learners

Signs and symbols games and activities

A picture is worth a thousand words, how often have you found this to be true? Can you identify if a person is happy, sad, or annoyed just by looking at a picture? A picture can give you so much information without the need for even a single word. Signs and symbols are great tools … Read more

12 Fun Personification Games And Activities For Little Learners

personification games and activities

“Hope” is the thing with feathersThat perches in the soulAnd sings the tune without the wordsAnd never stops, at all. – Emily Dickinson This excerpt from the famous Dickinson poem named hope calls it a thing with feathers that sits in one’s soul and sings a song.  Now we all know that hope does not … Read more

10 Online Games For Teaching Days Of The Week To Kindergarteners

days of week

Learning about the days of the week is an essential part of a kindergarten curriculum. It helps children develop a sense of time and sequence and sets the foundation for future learning in subjects such as calendars, schedules, and time management. Knowing the days of the week will also help you to improve your communication … Read more