10 Engaging Board Games For Learning Different Social Studies Concepts

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Social studies are integral to preparing students for life after high school. It’s also the subject that often falls between the cracks in classrooms, where teachers tend to focus on more “practical” subjects like math and reading. But if we want children … Read more

10 Fun Months Of The Year Games And Activities For little Learners

Are you aware of how each month changes along with the seasonal and environmental changes? As it is important to observe the changes, it is also crucial to understand the reason behind them. Children are happy with the experiences of different seasons but it is necessary to equip them with the knowledge about the months … Read more

6 Engaging Games & Activities For Teaching How Rotational Symmetry Works

Rotational symmetry games and activities

You must have observed various shapes and objects that look exactly similar even when viewed from different angles. Interesting, right? That’s because these shapes and objects are rotationally symmetric! Rotational symmetry is a crucial concept for children. It is a type of symmetry that describes how two rotations can look similar to each other. As … Read more

9 Engaging Modal Verbs Games & Activities For Little Learners

Modal verbs games and activities

Teaching English using interesting and fun methods helps students understand the idea behind it in a better way. Hence, teachers can explain modal or auxiliary verbs to students using different games and activities to make learning enjoyable. Modal verbs are words used along with the main verb in a sentence. When added, these words change … Read more

8 Engaging Roman Numerals Games To Play Online

Roman numerals stand for a number system that was generally adopted as the norm throughout Europe up to the late middle ages. It was created because the ancient Romans believed that it became challenging to count with fingers after a number reached ten. In order to facilitate trade and communication, a standardized system had to … Read more

8 Fun Weather Games To Play Online

The foundational arithmetic and language skills that today’s elementary school curricula demand can be built with the help of educational games. These educational content and activities for kids help young children acquire crucial lessons for preschool and primary school insightfully and joyously.  Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and the weather is … Read more

8 Fun Activities For Teaching The Usage Of Punctuation

Punctuation activities

Punctuation is the use of white space, traditional signals, and specific typographical elements to help readers understand and interpret written material correctly, whether they are reading it silently or loudly.  Capital letters and full stops, question marks, commas, colons and semicolons, exclamation marks, and apostrophes are the most frequently used punctuation marks in English. Writing … Read more

6 Fun Ways To Teach Compound Interest

Fun ways to teach compound interest

Compound Interest is one of the most crucial money lessons students can learn when they’re young, but it’s also one of the most difficult to teach. Yet, especially for students with learning difficulties, compound interest is irrevocably important to support a life of independence and freedom in the after years.  However, learning this concept becomes … Read more

10 Engaging Counting Games For Preschoolers

counting games

Preschoolers are a ball of fire – full of energy, enthusiasm, and zeal. At the same time, it can be a daunting challenge to keep them entertained all the while engaging them in learning basic skills. Preschool is the age when kids are introduced to counting.  Kids have a short attention span. They tend to … Read more

11 Online Games To Learn The Correct Usage Of Punctuation

Online punctuation games

Punctuation is a widely known concept in the branch of grammar. The usage of punctuation marks remains universal. There are various types of punctuation marks to showcase different intonations.  Punctuation helps emphasize, pause, and express words with different voice modulation. It is punctuation that enables us to set the tone of sentences. For example, you … Read more