Top 10 Best Mental Math Games [2024]

Mental math games

The traditional way of solving problems in maths is probably the most trusted one. However, as a child grows, so are the expectations of his/her mental math abilities. One generally assumes a linear graph of the mental math growth in a child as he/she goes into adolescence. As they move to higher classes, less is … Read more

7 Fun Games For Learning Number Line Concept [2024]

7 Fun Games For Learning Number Line Concept [2022]

We always supported the concept of adopting a new learning process in case of learning disorders such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. The focus should be on concretizing the basic concepts in mind first. It will be a building block for understanding arithmetic in later years. Even if that means starting from level zero. It will … Read more

8 cool games for learning trigonometry

trignometry games

Trigonometry is an important part of the math curriculum in academics. It involves the study of triangles, properties of angles, relationships in triangles, and evaluating measurements of height, distance, and angles. The applications of this topic are not just confined to exams or test series but also in our day-to-day life and other important career … Read more

10 Fun Games For Improving Number Sense

Number sense games

Number sense refers to the understanding of the number system and the ability to use, relate, and manipulate it for solving mathematical tasks. A strong number sense is important for gripping basic concepts well before diving into complex math topics in the future. Children with good number sense have a range of mathematical strategies at … Read more

Top 10 fun games for building math facts fluency

Top 10 games for building math facts fluency

“Three times four equals to…” “Three plus five equals to…” Most of us have self-answered the above with a blink of a second, without even worrying to recheck it. We know that the answer would be correct as we are confident in our math-recalling skills. Our repeated experience with such problems on a day-to-day basis … Read more