7 Fun Games For Learning Number Line Concept [2024]

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We always supported the concept of adopting a new learning process in case of learning disorders such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. The focus should be on concretizing the basic concepts in mind first. It will be a building block for understanding arithmetic in later years. Even if that means starting from level zero. It will gradually pick up the pace as you progress.

Number Line is one such topic that requires one to be well-versed in order to understand concepts derived from it later. Children with dyscalculia usually have trouble decoding patterns and understanding arithmetic. The effect is also pronounced in understanding number lines. Hence, reconstructing the image of the number line is important. Early adaptation to the topic with good practice is the only solution to the issue. Special educators know its importance as well.

This post has been developed keeping in mind the little learners who struggle with this topic. One thing that always works out well when dealing with issues in math is mixing it with fun. There are numerous ways of turning maths into a fun learning subject. One such is to present it to the kids in a form that they like the most.

Yes, you guessed it right! GAMES. May it be indoor, outdoor, board, or mobile games. Kids learn while playing. They develop analytical, strategical, and spatial skills while doing it. Here is a curated list of 7 free games for learning the number line concept in 2022.

Engaging number line games for little learners

7. Pearl Diver

pearl diver number line game

As a diver, your aim is to get as many pearls as possible from deep underwater. To get it, you have to dive among shipwrecks and sunken ruins navigating the number line. On landing at the right number, as given in the task, you will be rewarded with a pearl. Be careful with the electric eel passing by. You only have 3 lives to carry the level.

It tests your knowledge of the number line concept by teaching the properties of numbers, how to plot numbers, how to visualize quantity on the number line, how to order numbers, and how to use the number line as a visual model for mathematical operations.

Play Link: Web | Appstore

6. NumberLine by MLC

NumberLine by MLC

NumberLine by MLC is not essentially a game, but an app that makes the number line concept really interactive. The number line system is best understood through visualization and this app serves exactly that. You can choose number lines with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, or negative numbers labeling.

A number of activities can be performed on this with drawing and annotation tools. You have to figure out how many jumps are between two points, how to manipulate forward and backward jumps, add equations, expressions, and descriptions with writing tools, and many more.

Play Link: Web | Appstore

5. Lifeguards


Lifeguards test your knowledge of place value. It better helps in understanding the number line system through pictorial representation. With good practice, players begin to recognize place value in numbers beyond 20 by reading, writing, counting, and comparing numbers up to 100, supported by objects and pictorial representations.

As the name suggests, the theme is to rescue the drowning swimmer. Use the number line to find the position of the swimmer. After getting the position, drag the counters onto the HTU place value chart to make that number. Hit ‘go’ to let the boat come to the rescue. You can level up by changing between different number lines.

Play Link: Web Link

4. Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles

Rikudo is a logic puzzle game that covers a wide range of topics on the subject. Although, not directly but it does test the understanding of numbers and series.  The goal is to find a path of consecutive numbers in a honeycomb grid with hexagonal cells. Each puzzle is a number maze with a unique solution.

The game is really engaging and keeps the learners busy for hours. The level gets harder as you progress through the game. Developed by Rikudo Games, Number Mazes is currently sitting at over 1 million installs with 4.6-star ratings on the Play Store.

Play Link: Android | Appstore

3. Number Ninjas

number ninjas line game

Number Ninjas is a mission-based platform game. When other numbers fail to complete the adventure, it is the rise-and-shine time of ‘number 1’ to save the day. The number-turned-ninja has to pass through several obstacles to reach the end goal.

The game is really interactive and able to hook the kids for hours. Though not directly teaching the number line. However, by playing it, kids will become more familiar with different numbers on the line. UI is really suiting the theme of the game. It has around 20 missions to complete. The game is developed by GiftedIntrovert and is available on Kongregate.

Play Link: Kongregate

2. Kayak Number Line game

kayak racing number line game

It is a kayak racing game where you have to solve mathematical operations in order to lead in the path. There are steps and on each step, the number line is placed with rocks on each number except one.

You can go from one step to the next by solving the addition or subtraction operation referring to the specific number at which the rock is not placed. You have to select the equation that displays the correct operator and matches your count. If you miss, the kayak will bounce back and new equation buttons will appear. It’s available at the toy theater site.

Play Link: Web Link

1. Prodigy Game

Prodigy Game

Prodigy Game is the perfect example of ‘learning while playing’. It lets you practice concepts of mathematics in an interactive way. As per the description, Prodigy delivers a unique learning experience through an interactive math game where success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. With recent updates, developers added several new skills for practice. The concept of the number line system is also included. So you guys need to check it out. Players can earn rewards, go on quests, and play with friends — all while learning new skills. 

The app mainly targets kids aged 6-12. Its user base comprises over a million teachers and 70 million students around the world. Parents can monitor their child’s progress through the levels and understanding of the concepts. Teachers should allow students a 10-minute play in class as a reward for completing a task. This will motivate students and give them a sense of achievement.

Play Link: Playstore | Appstore


The concept of number lines is a fascinating one, with the visual representation of these numbers on an infinite line. The visibility aspect of this mathematical concept opens up room for creativity. And creativity is always followed by a lot of fun! Thus, visually appealing games can hook up your child to the number line concept, where they can unleash their energy in an enthralling manner to absorb this mathematical concept to the fullest.

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