10 Engaging Math Vocabulary Activities For Middle School Students

math vocabulary activities

The lambda of gamma is equal to the delta of a theta. Did this sentence sound like gibberish to you? If yes, then chances are this is exactly what math classes sound like to someone who doesn’t understand what the terms being used actually mean. While there are many math games available in this digital … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Fluency And Automaticity In Maths?

math fluency v/s automaticity

Mathematics is a basic skill required to perform several operations of daily life. Proficiency in this subject can be explained using several terms such as lucidity or fluency, automaticity, comfort, etc. Though these all seem to mean the same, a thin line tells one apart from the other. Let’s focus on fluency and automaticity and … Read more

Role Of Analytical Thinking In Mathematics

Math and Analytical Thinking Skills

From the ability to think critically, to solving complex problems and analyzing data, all of these capabilities to process information and solve it needs a potential, called analytical thinking skills. These are crucial for everyday life. But, is this skillset also required for subjects like Mathematics? Well, analytical thinking has an extensive role in improving … Read more

What Is Math Fluency? – Components, Importance, Activities, & Strategies

What is math fluency

I teach my kids at home and have been doing it for years now. Kids have their own pace of learning. But, more or less, they attain fluency almost in sync unless they are suffering from any learning disability. One simple observation is that kids try to add numbers on fingers at the start, and … Read more

Top 10 fun games for building math facts fluency

Top 10 games for building math facts fluency

“Three times four equals to…” “Three plus five equals to…” Most of us have self-answered the above with a blink of a second, without even worrying to recheck it. We know that the answer would be correct as we are confident in our math-recalling skills. Our repeated experience with such problems on a day-to-day basis … Read more