13 Cool Sentence Building Games To Play Online

The essence of communication certainly lies in the usage of correct sentences that convey your message accurately. Imagine you want to convey something in the present but used the wrong word and created confusion. Building sentences with the right usage of conjunctions, verbs, prepositions, and so on is an important part of the language. While students and adults learn the basics of grammar, it is equally vital to know the application of parts of speech in building proper sentences.

In the initial years of the academic journey, children are more likely to grasp the concept with thoughtful observation. To help them learn to make sentences properly, you can use sentence-building online games. These online games offer creative learning with the usage of animations and sounds. In this article, you will find interesting online games that not only help master the art of making correct sentences but also learn various aspects of grammar, vocabulary, and communication.

Helpful sentence-building online games for learners

A well-written or spoken sentence helps build confidence in language and communication skills. For an engaging learning session, the below-mentioned games can be helpful companions for learners in their journey.

1. Simple Sentences 

Simple Sentences 

As students learn to build sentences, it is significant to make them learn the arrangement of a sentence. This online game focuses on subtle learning where students can develop reading skills and critical thinking as well. Click on the start button to play the game. 

You shall now have to select the Level depending on your learning needs. After this, you shall see a jumbled statement with 4 to 5 words or more. All you need to do is click on it and drag the words in the correct format to complete the sentence. You need to play the game in the minimum possible time and each correct formation leads to 1 point.

2. Complete the Sentences

Complete the Sentences

A sentence might go totally wrong even if one word is missing in writing it. It is important to make sure all words are mentioned in the correct order to build a sentence. This online game focuses on building language and critical thinking skills in students. Click on the start button to play the game.

As the game begins, you shall see a set of different questions with blank. In the left corner, there are many words given in boxes. Read the sentences and choose the word that best fits it to complete it successfully. Once done, submit your answers and wait for the score. 

3. Sentence Doctor

Sentence Doctor

As the name suggests, Sentence Doctor helps students learn the problems with sentences and you need to treat them well. This game specifically focuses on different types of sentences where students can understand sentence building beyond just filling in the blanks. For this game, click on the start button. 

You shall see different types of sentences and need to choose one category to treat them. After this, you shall see a problematic sentence on the screen. Click on the diagnosis tab to understand what is wrong with the sentence. After this, the game shows the correct version which you can read and learn. This game helps build reading skills and enhances communication.

4. Sentence Monkey

Sentence Monkey

It is essential for students to understand the right words that complete a sentence in its exact context. This super simple online game focuses on making students understand different verbs or similar words to complete a sentence. The game is based on present tense so give knowledge about it.

To play this game, click on the start button. The monkey-themed game then shows a statement with incomplete blanks. Different words shall be displayed on top. You need to select the correct words and drag them toward the blanks. If you make incorrect selections, you cannot go forward. Every correct sentence leads to a new incomplete sentence.

5. Simple Sentences 

Simple Sentences

As the name suggests, this online game focuses on teaching simple sentences. However, the game is much more than just learning sentences. It includes sound and images to make it engaging for learners. Click on play to start the game and you shall see the screen with many words in different shapes. Such online shape games make students better at visual knowledge. 

Different words on the screen would be jumbled here and there. An image describes the context of the sentence. You need to drag the correct words in the sequence to make it right. Dragging it wrongly leads to extra time taken and the faster you do, the better you become at making sentences.

6. Bubbles English Game

Bubbles English Game

Bubbles English Game is an interesting one to make students learn to make sentences through critical thinking. This game allows students to try different ways of forming sentences including types of verbs, countries, time, and so on. Once you select the category, you shall now see different bubbles.

On the screen, different bubbles shall have all words. For further reference, an image is given above the bubbles that help you understand the context of the sentence. For example, if an image shows a boy kicking a ball, you need to make the sentence – He is kicking a ball. All you need to do is connect the bubbles and read your sentence as the screen types. 

7. Does it Make Sense Game

Does it Make Sense Game

While making a sentence seems simple, it is equally important for students to learn about right and wrong. Some sentences can be completely wrong with a minor word change or a change in the tense. This online game helps students identify correct statements in a fun way.

Click on the start button to play the game. Two different sentences shall appear on the screen. Read both sentences and see which one seems absolutely correct. Select that one and start building the rocket on the side. Every right sentence helps you make this rocket faster. A themed online game like this helps engage children in the learning process.

8. Make a Sentence

Make a Sentence

Building a sentence requires more than just a few words. It includes understanding the context and allocating the right verbs to match its purpose. This online game allows students to make their own sentences purely through critical thinking and understanding grammar. Click on the start button to play this game. You shall now see 5 different columns that help you in making sentences. 

These columns are divided into – Who, How, Type, What, and Where. Different images with their names are given under each column. You need to select any one image from each category to form a unique sentence. Once done, the game will read the sentence to make you practice sentence-making. Such reading games along with sentence-building skills enhance active listening and learning. 

9. Form a Sentence

Form a Sentence

To make little learners effectively engage with the subject matter, this online game uses graphics and colorful texts. Form a Sentence is a simple online game that tests the reading and thinking skills of little learners. It allows them to decode words and form the sentence.

Click on the start button to play this game. Now, you shall see different words being jumbled in the boxes. After this, blank boxes shall be given below them. You need to drag the words in the correct order to form a meaningful sentence. Every right sentence leads you one step ahead. The best part is that you can select the level of gaming as per your knowledge.

10. Garfield Sentences 

Garfield Sentences

As the name suggests, the online game is themed by a character named Garfield. Here, students get an opportunity to select the category where either they can type the sentence or the other where they can select the words to form the sentence. Click on the start and select the relevant category.

After this, you shall see jumbled words. All you need to do is select the words in the correct order to earn the maximum score. If you select them in an incorrect order, you lose the score. Similarly, in the typed section, you need to type a proper sentence to go ahead in the game. A themed yet simple game enables direct learning with minimal intervention.

11. Pets Get Creative 

Pets Get Creative

As the name suggests, this online game helps students learn sentence-making while interacting with different pet animals. The innovative theme of the game makes students instantly connect with the learning process. Click on the start button to play this game. The screen shall now show a statement that you need to arrange. 

Once you arrange the jumbled words and form a sentence, you shall now see an image associated with the statement. Now, the screen will add some more blanks to make it creative. A list of words shall be displayed on the right side. You need to select appropriate words from the list and make the sentence better than its original version. Once done, another statement shall appear and you need to keep enchanting sentences. 

12. Sentence Scramble

Sentence Scramble

Sentence scramble is yet another interesting game where students learn to build sentences from scratch. With the usage of sound and animations, it keeps students engaged in the learning process. The online game also makes use of pictures to create relatability with the sentence-making process. Click on Start to play the game and select the picture category.

After this, you shall now see a screen with a picture and jumbled words. By clicking on two words, you can interchange their positions. Read the sentence and see if it makes sense. If not, keep interchanging tiles till you form the right statement. The picture helps you form the correct statement with ease. 

13. Sentence Bridge Builder 

Sentence Bridge Builder

Sentence Bridge Builder is just like its name. This fun game allows students to dive deeper into the concept and see what is missing. The game focuses on the completion of sentences while building the bridge for the creature to pass. A small animal-like creature wants you to form the bridge in this game.

Click on the start button to play this game. You shall now see a bridge made with few words. However, some words might be missing in completing the sentence bridge. A few words are given on the top in the brick format to complete the building of the bridge. Select the right word so it allows the creature to cross the bridge. New sentences shall appear once you have cleared the current task.

Wrapping Up… 

Sentence-building online games play a great role in helping students master the art of written communication. With online games, they learn to form sentences that can be later used for essay writing or creative writing competitions. Apart from this, teachers and educators can also use innovative teaching methods including sentence-building apps and engaging activities to foster a comprehensive learning environment.

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