7 Games & Activities To Learn Dividing Fractions In A Fun Way

Did you know that fractions are everywhere? We use fractions all the time in our everyday lives, but we may not even realize it. Fractions can be found in measurements (1/2 cup of sugar), money (a $0.50 coin), and recipes (3/4 cup of flour). Even though fractions are all around us, they can be tricky to understand. That’s why it’s important to do lots of different activities with fractions to help reinforce what we learn in math class.

At the same time, multiplication and division are two such math concepts that stand essential to having a hands-on grasp on fractions. In other words, division and multiplication is the backbone of fractions and can perhaps be learned by having a good hold on these two. With a little help from the below-mentioned games and activities, in this post, we will explore some interactive ways of teaching students how to divide fractions. Read more below.

Dividing fractions: Tough nut to crack?

There are several reasons why this topic is so challenging. The study suggests that students with poor whole-number skills are far more likely to develop fractions of difficulty compared to those with strong whole-number skills.

  • To divide fractions, students must be able to divide whole numbers accurately. However, many students struggle with this basic concept.
  • Another reason dividing fractions is difficult is that it requires students to Visualize the problem differently. Students can simply use picture objects divided into equal parts when dividing whole numbers. For example, if you have ten candy bars and want to divide them equally among five people, you can picture two candy bars going to each person. Unfortunately, dividing fractions is not as straightforward. Students must be able to visualize the problem differently and see that the number of parts doesn’t change, even though the size of each part does. This can be a difficult concept for many students to grasp.
  • Finally, another reason why dividing fractions is difficult is that it often requires students to use more than one method to solve the problem. Sometimes, students must first convert the fractions to decimals to divide them accurately. They may also need estimation methods to arrive at an approximate answer. This can be confusing for many students who use one method consistently.

By understanding why dividing fractions is difficult, teachers can be better equipped to help their students succeed in this topic. With patience and practice, one can master this challenging concept.

Dividing fractions is a fundamental math concept that students must learn to progress onto more complex mathematical operations. However, many students find dividing fractions difficult and often get stuck on this concept.

Engaging activities to teach the concept of dividing fractions

One way to help students understand dividing fractions is to provide them with engaging and hands-on activities. Below are fun fraction activities that help kids better understand the division of fractions!

1. Divide and Claim Fractions Activity

This activity helps students to practice identifying equivalent fractions and using visual models to divide fractions. Students will need paper plates, markers, and dice for this activity.

  • To begin, students must draw a line down the middle of their paper plate to divide it in half.
  • Next, they will add a number to it with a different pattern or design, making it a fraction.
  • The teacher will set the time according to the requirement. It can be 1 min or 2 min.
  • Once their plates are decorated, students will have to roam around the class and divide their fractions with a friend’s fraction and check whose outcome is a corresponding whole number upon dividing.
  • The fraction by dividing which an answer is a whole number, those two students will form a pair.
  • The first one to find the pair wins the first round.

Simultaneously, keep following the process to help kids ace dividing fractions in a fun-filled manner. By doing this activity, students will solve and divide various fractions in order to get the whole number that will enable enough practice to get the hang of the concept.

2. Fraction Jenga Activity

This activity is fun for students to practice reducing and dividing fractions. You will need a Jenga set and fraction cards for this activity.

  • To prepare, write different fractions on each Jenga block using a permanent marker.
  • Once your Jenga set is prepared, play the game as you would normally play Jenga, but with a twist!
  • When it’s a player’s turn, they must read the fraction on the blocks picked.
  • With every turn, a player needs to draw 2 blocks to divide one fraction with another. For example, if they pull out 2 blocks with fractions of 2/4, and 3/6. They need to divide both and the one answering it correctly makes the next move. 
  • If they answer correctly, their turn continues as normal.
  • If they answer incorrectly, their turn ends, and the chance passes to the next player.
  • The first player to reach the top of the Jenga tower with all the correct answers wins the game!

This game is a fun match of lesson learning and Jenga playing. While everyone enjoys Jenga, kids will additionally have an added advantage of learning hands-on dividing fractions skills, being competitive, prompt, and decisive. 

3. Fraction estimation of food station

For this activity, kids need to have their favorite food that can be divided into pieces.

  • To begin with, they must have food like bread, pizza, calzones, burritos, etc on a plate. Food that kids may eat easily can be divided into portions.
  • The opponent (parents, friends, elder siblings) must speak out a certain fraction and ask the kid to divide it by cutting out portions from the food. For example, Show me a dividing fraction of 2/4 divided by 3/6. Instead of handing out the entire pizza, parents can only give a particular share of it (fraction) that will give the practical experience to divide a fraction with a fraction.
  • With every correct answer, they get rewarded with a bite.

This is a very simple, humble, and easy activity that can be played anytime anywhere at home or with friends. The idea behind the activity is to help kids learn to share, be noble, and be considerate while attaining dividing fractions skills in a fun and cheerful way. It’s a happy food-eating activity that comes with a treat with every single answer.  

4. Fraction bingo

This activity is a fun way for students to learn more about comparison and fractions. For this activity, you will need a fraction bingo worksheet and a set of fraction cards. These cards and bingo worksheets can also be made at home or in class during activity hours.  

  • Students have to randomly write any fractions on their bingo cards.
  • After the students are ready with their cards, Start the activity by giving a dividing fraction question to solve on the board.
  • Students need to solve that and find the answer on their bingo card.
  • If the answer fraction is there on their card, they need to strike the right answers from their ticket.
  • The first student to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins the game!

This activity is a fun and twisted version of dividing fractions wherein kids solve two corresponding fractions then and there to stay on top of the game. The idea is to imbibe promptness, proficiency, accuracy, use of cognitive power, and inculcate logical thinking while dividing the fractions.

Online games to practice dividing fractions in an engaging way

Dividing fractions is an important mathematical skill that can be difficult for some students to master. However, with a little practice, it can be easy to learn how to divide fractions. The key is to remember the steps of division and to be able to visualize what the division process looks like.

One way to help students understand division is to use fractions games. These types of games can provide students with a fun way to practice their fraction division skills. Here are some fun dividing fractions games that your students will love!

1. Dividing fractions fishing game

Dividing fractions fishing game

This is an easy and straightforward online game that can help kids in learning fractions by catching fish. The game’s objective is to catch a fish using a virtual hook and a fish string. When you hook a fish it automatically asks you the dividing fraction associated question in it like ⅝ divided by 5 = ???

All you need to do is answer the question to make the hunted fish, yours. Add to your hoopla of fish hunting and break the record by answering the right answer. More the fish, the merrier your math concepts. The game offers easy gameplay and helps in acing dividing fractions at-a-go.

2. Divide Unit Fraction by Whole Number

Dividing fraction game

In this game, all you need to do is solve the dividing fraction as shown in the sky by choosing the correct bubble fish-shaped answer. As you click the right one, you’ll earn a gold coin as a reward.

The more gold coins you earn, the faster you’ll clear a stage. One can keep progressing and take up more challenging stages to practice their dividing fractions skills, comprehensively.

This game is a light, fun, and concise way of understanding and acing dividing fractions. The visuals are pretty, the interface is interactive and the navigation of the game makes it easy for anyone to play. 

3. Basketball Dividing Fractions Game

Basketball Dividing Fractions Game

If your kid loves to play outdoor sports and is particularly into watching NBA, then this game just might be the best of all, for him/her. It’s an easy play of dunk and basket between two teams- Red and Blue.

This online dividing fractions game can be played between 2 players. Each chooses either the Red or Blue team. To proceed further in the play, player red needs to solve the dividing fractions in order to pass their chance to player blue. The one with the most correct answers ultimately wins the round!

The Basketball Dividing Fractions Game is easy, fun, and competitive. Kids are bound to enjoy fractions via this. 

That’s it..

Fractions are an essential fundamental of learning. It’s a basic that everyone must know in order to grasp advanced math skills that can be precisely inculcated in everyday life. Through this post, we hope we were able to help you channel handy, fun, and useful fraction learning skills in the form of engaging activities and online games. These indulgent sets of plays can be practiced with friends, family, or at some. So, ace fractions like no other and score the best in your next exams using these aforementioned Fun Dividing Fractions Games and Activities. Happy Learning!

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