40 Powerful Quotes By Anna Freud

Anna freud quotes

Children always look for a safe space to express their emotions and vivid thoughts. It is certainly the contributions of renowned personalities that have shaped the education system today. Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund Freud, is a remarkable name in shaping various aspects of modern child psychology. She strongly believed in creating an environment for … Read more

8 Fun Phrases and Clauses Games To Play Online

Did you know most of the sentences you use either have different phrases or clauses? These similarly sounding grammatical terms are different in their features. Phrases and clauses are an important part of learning language skills and enhancing communication. Whether it is writing a letter or doing everyday homework, a solid understanding of phrases and … Read more

10 Interpersonal Skills Games & Activities For Students And Adults

Interpersonal skills games & activities

Interpersonal skills are the foundation of effective communication, and they play a vital role in our personal and professional relationships. Whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, or at home, the ability to connect with others and make our voices heard is an essential tool for success. However, developing these skills takes practice and effort. … Read more

10 Cool CVC Words Games To Play Online

CVC words Online games

Language plays an important role in building vocabulary and communication skills in learners. Whether it is a pronunciation of a complicated word or sentence building, understanding CVC words acts as a binding agent in connecting the sound and spelling of words. CVC words are 3-letter words in the format of Consonants, Vowels, and Consonants. They … Read more

8 Educational Activities For Learning Contractions In 2nd Grade

Contraction activities

Learning contractions is like discovering a secret language. It’s a shortcut to expressing more concisely and casually. Contractions add a playful and dynamic rhythm to communication, making it sound more natural and relatable.  Students interact with various people and things in their everyday life and they are likely to find many statements that use contractions … Read more

35 Famous Quotes About Reggio Emilia Approach

Reggio emilia quotes

Imagine a class where children can choose their favorite topic for the project. A class where children get to dance, play the role of a freedom fighter, or participate in their own learning. That’s exactly what defines the Reggio Emilia education approach. Reggio Emilia is a renowned education philosophy that focuses on early childhood education. … Read more

15 Must-try Recreational Activities For Kids

Recreational activities for kids

Are your kids bouncing off the walls with energy and in desperate need of some out-of-the-box entertainment? Are you looking for meaningful yet fun activities to engage your kids in? Well, in that case, the solution lies in integrating recreational activities into the little one’s play schedule. Recreational activities not just refresh the body and … Read more

10 Classroom Games For Learning Synonyms-Antonyms In A Fun Way

synonyms-antonyms games

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” sounds way better than “you are pretty.” It is the usage of synonyms and antonyms in everyday life that make all the difference. Even though we might not notice, the usage of such words goes a long way in shaping our vocabulary. Understanding synonyms and antonyms is an important aspect of … Read more

10 Fun Games & Activities For Learning Common Abbreviations

Common abbreviation

“Mister Ben went to Master Paul only to find a Doctor who was busy treating Miss Sharon.”  Imagine having to write the full forms every time you address an individual leaving you confused with the language. However, that is not the everyday language we use because no one wants to overcomplicate normal conversation. That’s exactly … Read more