70 Icebreaker Questions For Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude Icebreaker questions

Are you looking for ways to transform the learning environment into a positive and uplifting atmosphere?  Do you want to shift the focus of learners from the challenges they’re experiencing to the good things that happened to them? Well, this can be possible when they’re encouraged to think and reflect on their past experiences that … Read more

100 Easy And Simple Sentences For Kindergarteners To Write

Easy and simple sentences for kids

Kindergarten is an exciting time when children begin their journey into reading and writing. From learning to write letters, they gradually transition to writing words and sentences. It’s important to provide kindergarteners with easy and simple sentences to write, allowing them to practice their emerging writing skills. These sentences should be accessible, engaging, and relevant … Read more

50 Peer Feedback Sentence Starters

peer feedback sentences starters

Whether it is a classroom or a workplace, the importance of feedback is inevitable. It is part of a learning process that directs the learners towards more improvement and progress. Not only teachers, parents, or managers are involved in evaluating and providing constructive feedback but also friends, peers or colleagues are a part of this … Read more

50 Report Card Comments For Phonics Skills

Report card Comments for phonics skills

Phonics skills are like secret codes that unlock the magical world of reading! They play a crucial role in early literacy development by showing students the incredible relationship between sounds and letters. Once they grasp this connection, a whole universe of words becomes accessible, transforming them into confident and proficient readers. But here’s the scientific … Read more

50 Report Card Comments Examples For Gross Motor Skills

report card comments for gross motor skills

Developing gross motor skills are one of the most important skills for the holistic development of the child or any individual. These are like the superpowers that give toddlers a sense of independence and enable them to perform their daily functions independently. These are not only about moving the body but are more about controlling … Read more

40 Report Card Comments For Students With Special Needs

Every student is unique in terms of their strengths, learning styles, needs, or learning differences which calls for extra support, attention, and care. Considering this, teachers not only have to address their unique requirements and tailor the teaching methodologies accordingly but also to be careful with the choice of words for feedback in the form … Read more

50 End Of The Year Report Card Comments Examples

Examples of report card comments

Another academic year comes to a close and students are gearing up for their new awaiting adventure. Amidst of these, teachers are occupied preparing the end-of-the-year reports of the students. As these reports constitute the overall performance of children in every area, these can take a lot of time and effort. Also, as educators have … Read more

10 Must-Try Gratitude Activities For Adults

Gratitude activities for adults

At times while dealing with responsibilities and duties, we easily tend to forget the beauty and blessings that surround us each day. Grown-ups go through a lot of challenges and face obstacles in their daily lives trying to manage everything from personal to professional lives which can leave them disturbed, distressed, and unappreciative most of … Read more

Teaching Colors: Activities, Games, and Strategies Explored

Teaching colours

Colors are all around us, from the bright blue sky to the green grass beneath our feet. For young children, learning about colors can be a fun and exciting adventure. However, teaching colors requires more than simply pointing out different hues. Acknowledging the benefits of coloring for kids, It requires creative and engaging activities, games, … Read more

13 Fun Movement Breaks For Elementary Students

Movements Break

As students transition from kindergarten to elementary, there are certain expectations put on them regarding how they should behave, and study in a class. It is very common to see that students especially elementary students tend to lose focus and become bored while attending a class. One of the reasons behind this is the long … Read more