80 Report Card Comments For Students With Special Needs [PDF Included]

Every student is unique in terms of their strengths, learning styles, needs, or learning differences which calls for extra support, attention, and care. Considering this, teachers not only have to address their unique requirements and tailor the teaching methodologies accordingly but also to be careful with the choice of words for feedback in the form … Read more

Functional Skills Checklist For Special Needs Students [PDF Included]

functional skill checklist

Special needs students often require tailored education to achieve their learning goals. One approach to support their educational progress is the use of functional skills checklists. These checklists are designed to assess a student’s progress in specific functional areas, such as communication, social skills, and self-care. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, educators can … Read more

10 Life Skills Activities For Special Needs Students

life skills activities

Aren’t we always willing to put the best foot forward? May it be a cooking competition or simply dressing for dinner, we tend to do it all perfectly. While many of us prefer discipline with timings, some of us are more concerned about organizing things. Do you wonder where this comes from? Students get exposure … Read more

7 Free Online Schools for Special Needs Students

Online Schools for Special Needs Students

Schooling is an integral part of one’s growing up. This is the phase of making strides. But, this phase might be a challenging chapter in a child’s life with special needs. Factoring this, special schools have become the need of the hour. In these institutions, teachers are trained differently, and education is also through a … Read more