10 Cool CVC Words Games To Play Online

Language plays an important role in building vocabulary and communication skills in learners. Whether it is a pronunciation of a complicated word or sentence building, understanding CVC words acts as a binding agent in connecting the sound and spelling of words.

CVC words are 3-letter words in the format of Consonants, Vowels, and Consonants. They certainly act as building blocks that help children decode various sounds of letters. When you think of building learners into budding readers, fostering the knowledge of CVC words becomes a mandatory move. However, as parents and teachers, you need to consider innovative ways to teach the concept with the complete attention of learners. 

Online games are an emerging medium to broaden the imagination and enhance the learning experience. With many CVC words online games, students get an opportunity to understand the concept, replay it, and even score higher in each turn. This article will take you through various online games for strengthening your knowledge of CVC words along with their features.

Engaging online games to practice CVC words

Online games act as a helpful medium to keep little learners engaged in a challenging yet fun learning atmosphere. As these games make use of creative themes and innovative sounds, learners are likely to pay attention and remember the learning. The below-mentioned CVC word games are easy to play and available on the desktop as well as mobile applications for your convenience.

1. Match Cards

Match Cards

As the name suggests, Match Cards is an interesting game where students get an opportunity to understand words along with their sounds. The graphics used for representation are easy to decode which also increases the visual knowledge of learners. This easy game helps students learn different CVC words and their spellings too.

To play this game, click on the start button. You can select any different phase depending on the difficulty level of CVC words. Now, three pictures will be displayed below that match the word. A word shall be given on the top. The game will spell the words and you need to drag the correct image to match with the word. A correct match gives you a score and an incorrect match makes you lose it.

2. CVC Word Quiz

CVC Word Quiz

Learning CVC words through a quiz drives the interest level of little learners. This is a super easy yet challenging game where players need to put their thoughts before answering. The word quiz is all about identifying the word with its correct picture without hearing it out loud.

To play the game, click on the start button. You shall now see 4 different images and a CVC word on the top. Read the word and tap on the picture that exactly matches it. You need to do it quickly as the game calculates the time taken. The right answer gets you 1 point so make sure to score the highest.

3. Blending CVC Words

Blending CVC Words

Belding words help students decode word-building skills. This game focuses on identifying the Blending of CVC Words in a creative format. With the usage of graphical representation, students are likely to understand the connection of words with that of images. You may also use other blending words games and activities for little learners for a diversified learning platform. 

To play the game, click on the start button. A word will be displayed on the top. The game will read it loud to help you understand it accurately. A few images will be displayed below that match the word. You need to select the right word that matches with the image to move ahead in the game. Such a game offers continuous learning and retention by offering repetition through sound. 

4. Balloon Phonics 

Balloon Phonics 

Balloon Phonics, just like the name, is all about selecting the right balloon to reach ahead in the game. Firstly, the game offers CVC words in three formats – Initial, Middle, and End Sounds. You can select the category depending on the required learning. After selecting the category, the game begins.

Since the game offers a sound button, you can better hear the words and understand the placement of letters. A word shall be given on the top with a missing sound and letter. After hearing the word, you need to select the right letter to complete the word. Such a game helps learners decode the formula of blending sounds and putting an entire word together.

5. Spell CVC Word Games

Spell CVC Word Games

One of the interesting games presented by RoytheZebra engages learners in a fun learning zone. The game is created around the ocean theme where you need to clean it by arranging the right letters to form CVC words. Wellington, the turtle, assists you throughout the way.

To play the game, click on the start button. Initially, the game will read aloud the CVC word. Jumbled letters shall be given on the left corner of the screen. Three boxes are displayed on the top to arrange the correct CVC word. Once you get it right, you get closer to cleaning the ocean. Wrong letters give you another chance. 

6. Odd and Bob

 Odd and Bob

Odd and Bob is a really fun game to make learners identify and learn the right CVC words. It is filled with engaging graphics and is pretty easy to play. Often, students make mistakes in identification since these words use similar letters and sounds. Hence, this game helps in developing a better understanding of the subject matter.

To play this game, click on the start button. Now, two different figures will be displayed on the screen. One is Odd and one is Bob. One loves the right words and the other loves the wrong words. Different words will be displayed on the screen. You need to feed the words according to Odd and Bob’s preferences. Such sorting activities and games help learners discover the right and wrong CVC words with clarity. 

7. Word Machines

Word Machines

A game-like format offered by Starfall is one where students learn about CVC words, their sounds, and spellings too. It is a super interactive activity where learners can repeat words after the game and even develop visual recognition skills. For this game, you need to choose any of the vowels to work on them. There are 5 vowels to practice CVC words. 

As the game begins, you shall see a word and the game will read it aloud. For example, if the word is a hat, then the machine shall produce a hat and let it go on the conveyor belt. At times, you might be asked to repeat the word after the game. Once you have learned the first word, you have 2 options. If you press the left button, the first letter changes, and if you press the right button, the third letter changes. Once the word changes, you again get the opportunity to learn a new CVC word.

8. Vowels Matching Game

Vowels Matching Game

The Vowels Matching Game acts as a base for students to enhance their understanding of CVC words. Vowels act as the first step in grammatical learning. This simple game helps students identify the usage of the right vowel with the exact word that fits it. Such a game not only multiplies knowledge but also helps in word-building skills.

To play this game, select the vowels section from the many sections given on the screen. After this, various cards shall be displayed on the screen. You need to open the cards and memorize their placement. Some cards shall have the vowel while others shall have CVC words with the missing vowel. All you need to do is unfold these cards and match the correct ones. You need to complete the game in the minimum possible time to develop quick thinking skills.

9. Short Vowels

Short Vowels

Vowels are particularly important in developing literacy skills in early childhood. It is because they play a vital role in word and sentence-building skills in the academic journey. This game highlights the prominence of teaching students vowels along with their sounds so as to help them master different pronunciations. It uses sound, animations, and engaging graphics to drive the attention of little learners.

To play the game, click on the start button and you will see a list of vowels on the right side. An incomplete word shall be displayed on the bottom. The game will initially read aloud the sound of the vowel and then the pronunciation of the word. With active listening skills, you need to identify the correct vowel that fits the word. The game is a helpful medium to learn about different words and the usage of vowels in a fun learning way.

10. CVC Word Match

CVC Word Match

The thrill of playing games increases when there is a factor of timeliness and matching of words. CVC Word Match is an interesting game where learners not only match words but also build vocabulary skills. Since the game uses subtle images and sound, it engages students in attentive playing and getting the right answers.

To play this game, click on the start button. Many images shall be displayed on the screen in the beginning. An airplane shall move around with a CVC word which you need to match with the image. For example, if the word is a bat, tap on the bat image to get it right. You only get a few seconds to find the right image else the word flies away. The crux of the game is to build critical thinking skills thereby helping in identifying correct pairs.

Wrapping up

Online Games for teaching CVC words act as a boosting element in everyday teaching. Through the usage of innovative concepts, teachers and educators can create a creative learning environment where learning is not limited to any one medium. The above-mentioned games challenge students in scoring high along with building their active thinking and listening skills. Teachers may also use different speech sound activities to offer yet another way in strengthening the basic knowledge of different word and their sounds 

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