5 really cool math related gadgets to have

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This young generation is all about gaming, tech gadgets and accessories. It’s really fascinating how far we’ve come with teaching and learning practices. There was a day when we can’t even imagine studying without books, but now we have kindle. How about those chalkboards that are replaced by smartboards now?

The point is that things change, and tech is one major factor responsible. Well, electronic gadgets are not just for productivity, they are one hot item to have in your pocket as well. During my time, only one guy used to have a flip phone, and guess who was considered the coolest in the class?

Well, that just me being childish. The real point is that introducing tech and other related accessories in the learning make it really fun. The interaction with the concept reach to whole another level that we could hardly achieve by just studying through books.

Not necessarily just the kids, adults carry these too. Some even to show off a little swag to their collection.

With that in mind, We thought of writing a post on it. We tasked ourselves to look for something that have math written all over it. Guess what? We jumped on our rides to the internet research and found some of the really cool and fun math gadgets that you must have for atleast once.

5. GoCube

gocube rubik cube package math gadget

Go Cube is not just your another vintage Rubik’s cube, but actually is its smart version. To describe in one line, Its a Rubik Cube blended with powerful tech features. With app features enabled, it really makes it highly interactive. You can use the cube as a controller to solve the puzzles and various mini games. How awesome is that?

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Not just that, you can track your progress and compete with friends and cubers around the world. Powerful smart sensors give you accurate stats for tracking and measurement activity. The orientation and positional info are shared on GoCube app via. bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. The tracking system enables you to improve your timing and moves to solving the puzzle faster.

4. Degrees Cutting Board

chees fred cutting board math gadget

None doubt the scope of maths outside the classroom, but who could’ve thought of its application in kitchen. Precision cutting to be specific. Well, Degrees cutting board gives you that functionality. Semi circle shape with protactor engraved on the cutting board makes your slice precise, every time.

There are three variants, namely Cheese Degrees, Cheese Log, and Obsessive Chef, to choose from. Engraved guides help you towards making a perfect cube, chunk, sliver, slice, slab, or hunk or delicious cheese! Cheese Degrees have fairly positive reviews on Amazon. One user says,”It is quite fun and practical.” Another says,”It adds fun to boring job of cutting cheese and vegetables.”

3. Equation Wall Clock

geek wall clock equation math gadget

Geek Equation Wall clock is a perfect gift for nerds. Doesn’t matter you wan’t to show off your math skills or just want for decoration, It gives you best of both the world. Numbers of timing on clock are represented as the equations.

May looks a bit overwhelming at first, but its easy getting use to. Stylish design just adds to the concept. Dimensions measure approx. 12″ x 12″, so there is no issue of visibility. People really love the clock. Reviews say it to be quite a fun clock and a perfect gift for Math lover, physicist, teacher and students.

2. Euler Spinning Disk

euler spinning disk math gadget

Euler spinning disk is the scientific educational toy that illustrates the dynamic system of a spinning and rolling disk on a flat or curved surface. Based on the Euler’s disk, The invention of Joseph Bendik, it surely is a magical experience. Keep it at the desk and watch it getting all the attention.

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The product includes Euler’s Disk, 9″ concave mirror base and nine pieces of magnetized holographic foil. In order to make it work, all you have to do is to give it a spin and let the gravity do the rest of the work. The longer the disk spin, the faster and louder it gets. The patented 3″ diameter chrome-plated steel disk creates a hypnotic display of light and sound as it rotates. This gadget is quite popular online and secured quite a positive ratings & reviews.

1. Rock me Archimedes

rock me archimedes math gadget

 Named after the Greek mathematician, Rock me Archimedes is a high-tension, ultimate precision,and suspense-filled balancing board game. Rock me Archimedes is based on the concept of laws of lever, and it tests strategic abilities of a player.

This gadget engages visual perception and decision-making skills, requiring players to think critically. To win, you have to race against opponents to be the first player to carefully get four marbles to your end of the board, without reaching the tipping point. Made for 2 players, Rock me Archimedes includes 1 wooden rocker board, 1 wooden platform, 1 marble tray, 1 die, 12 black Marbles, 12 white Marbles

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