8 Fun Months Of The Year Books For Little Aspirants

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Do you remember the last time where this little one was confused about how February has 28 days while other months have 30 or 31? The concept of “months of the year” comes into the picture here. This knowledge helps to understand more about the seasons, climate, celebrations, and festivals around the world. 

Every month has a different story to tell and certain books can be helpful in teaching and introducing the concept. Educators generally require unique ways while teaching the same to younglings. Books focused on the subject help children learn at a rapid pace with visual clues, creative fonts, and interesting exercises. 

The experience of reading about months of the year from visually engaging books is irreplaceable. Not only do these books improve the focus and concentration of the students but also prolong their short attention span. Learning through visuals and exciting exercises opens their minds and improves their ability to understand concepts faster. 

Check out the helpful books important for parents and teachers to introduce the concept and keep children focused in the learning process.

Vibrant and engaging books to teach months of the year 

These books help improve their knowledge about the dynamic week, months, and seasons of the year. The books also help grasp attention as they’re visually appealing with easy-to-understand language.

1. Oscar the Octopus: A Book About the Months of the Year

 Oscar the Octopus: A Book About the Months of the Year

Written by New York Times #1 bestsellers Matthew Van Fleet, this is a vividly bright-colored book. Published by Simon & Schuster in the year 2019, it was amongst the top 10 children’s books at the time of its release. It tells the story of a yellow octopus who goes by the name of Oscar. It navigates around the journey Oscar spanned through the year. 

There are many colorful scenes from Oscar’s journey in the ocean and meeting different creatures on his way to the end of the year. The book gives adequate information about the seasonal details and relevant knowledge for learning and understanding the different characteristics of each month. Since the book revolves around the journey of Oscar, children get to learn about the months of the year and their relevance to the changing season 

2. Hap-Pea All Year

  Hap-Pea All Year

Another New York Times bestseller authored by Keith Baker, tells the unique attributes of each month through the perspective of many peas living together. It is designed in the form of a board game. Many catchy rhymes go along with the seasons and different variations in each month. Such rhymes are good to engage children in deep learning.

There are various bright-colored pictures related to peas and different seasons of the year. Information about every month is portrayed in a very simplistic yet fun and vibrant manner. Kids also understand the usage of punctuation and different spellings while reading. 

3. Months of the Year

Months of the Year

This is a helpful and precise book to teach children about the months of the year. It is interactive in its approach as well as filled with immersing pictures. For every month of the year, there is an event associated with it that will help the kids to connect the month to real-life events around them. The pictures inculcate strong imaginative and thinking capabilities in young kids. It makes the learning of months of the year practical and easy to grasp. 

4. Learning Days Months and Seasons 

Learning Days Months and Seasons

It is specially prescribed for kindergarten or grade 1 students. It helps teach kids about the different days of the week, months, and the various seasons that occur throughout the year. It also improves parent-children interaction and makes learning fun and exciting. 

The pictures and design on every page are rich in color and ignite the feeling of high imagination. There are so many rhymes that will make recitation and spelling learning easier for kids. It will help in developing and nourishing the imaginative skills of the kids and improve their grasping power. 

5. Blaze and Marshall Learn The Months of The Year

Blaze and Marshall Learn The Months of The Year

The book revolves around the story of two animals who are close friends – Blaze the brown bear and Marshall a tiny mouse. Together they go along the jungle talking about the different seasons and each one of them adapts to it. Not only does it consist of many interesting and catchy rhymes to learn about months, but also the different seasons and how animals adapt to them.

The pictures are very soothing to the eyes and the story of the friendship between Marshall and Blaze is warm and affectionate. It helps young students build connections and expand their emotional capacities to connect with others of similar interests and learn from each other. 

6. A Year of Coloring

A Year of Coloring

Learning through coloring provides exposure to kids and also sharpens their motor skills. A Year of Coloring books helps kids to learn about the months with the power of their creative skills and raw imagination. It boasts 7 vibrant pages for each month and each page features adorable pictures of a puppy, sweater, mug, ice cream, llama, rainbow, and gnome. 

Coloring new pictures for each month helps improve their self-confidence and also allows them to open up their artistic personality. Expressing themselves artistically allows them to have an imaginative and emotional connection with each month of the year. The book helps them look at the changes that happen every month in a more stimulating and accepting manner. 

7. Tick Tock: It’s all about Time

Tick Tock: It's all about Time

Presenting another helpful book to teach about the months of the year. It consists of learning about seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months of the year. While learning about the months of the year, kids also need to learn about days and other elements of the days and time with creative illustrations. 

The book focuses on the dual aspect of learning, where the kids acquire new knowledge and also understand through pictures. Children also get an opportunity to learn punctuation marks, spellings, and the importance of months through beautifully crafted images. They also learn to create relatability with real-life elements including a clock, calendar, watch, and timer.

8. Days of the Week | Months of the Year

Days of the Week | Months of the Year

Curated for young learners, the book is an effective medium for kids to be acquainted with all the months of the year. It is designed in a manner where it serves both as a reading and coloring book. Both activities help make learning ecstatic and engaging. The stories related to each month help kids connect. The coloring aspect will spark the kid’s imagination and also stimulate curiosity.  Summarizing days, weeks and months has never been this fun, and exciting. 

Other fun ways to teach months of the year

While books are a good resource to understand months of the year, parents and teachers can always opt for creative solutions. It enables children to have diverse learning forms and pay attention to most of these ways.

  • Online games are a good way to teach this concept to kids. These games are equipped with creative illustrations and sound to grasp attention while learning.
  • Classroom activities also help students understand different months and seasons. These activities help them create good relationships and connect each month.
  • Flashcards can also be used to inculcate practical learning in kids about different months of the year.
  • Reciting poems and rhymes about the months also enables children to understand the pronunciation and importance of each month.
  • Hand mnemonic is yet another interesting way to teach counting the days in different months. With the depression between knuckles, parents and teachers can teach different months of the year. 


Incorporating images and coloring along with exciting storytelling is an effective way to teach kids about months. Such learning is easily done through helpful books that engage kids in understanding the months of the year. With such books in hand, kids are able to memorize different spellings, correct pronunciations, and unique characteristics of each month.

Moreover, it helps them establish a personal and realistic bond with the months of the year. In doing so, they can satisfy their curiosity and improve their critical thinking skills. Teachers and parents can take help from such books to create a fun learning environment. Lastly, by coloring in the books while learning about the months, children receive an opportunity to relax and increase their attention span as well as concentration regarding the subject matter.

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