9 Fun Calendar Games For Kids To Play Online 

Games on real-life entities make a great learning session. Calendar games are one of those. These games let the little ones be exposed to the concept of days, months, and years. Be it aligning with the timetable or planning for a birthday, having calendar knowledge is crucial. Thankfully, calendar games are effective enough to assist.

Online games are easy to introduce the concept of the calendar and engage your child to get familiar with it. These include choosing a date and time from the calendar, planning out things to be done in a month, and learning calendar-specific vocabulary. Below is the list of a few games that can ensure an easy understanding of dates, and events. 

What are calendar games?

As the name implies, those games that stipulate children towards using a calendar to determine appropriate dates or make relevant calculations are known as Calendar games.  Just like clock, the calendar is an important executive functioning attribute that everyone should possess. Indulging the little ones into these games can make them learn about looking at dates easier.

There can be multiple approaches to get indulged in this gameplay. The teacher can create a set of questionnaires, or make a simple activity with dates. Also, there are some online games that can ensure personalized learning with added convenience. 

Why exactly Calendar games?

Games related to the calendar stipulate better planning of dates and events. This way, the little ones can complete tasks on time, and plan for their near future tasks effortlessly. Apart from this, Here are some Calendar Game Benefits.

  • These games stimulate the little one to traverse through numbers and make an investigative analysis to come to an answer, thereby increasing the analytical thinking abilities in a child.
  • Mastering dates and events may help the children to organize their schedules.
  • Children get familiar with the number of days in a particular month. 
  • It plays a key role in solving reasoning problems that are calendar-based. 

Online calendar games- Our picks

1. Adventure Man & Months of The Year

 Adventure Man & Months of The Year

Set up around a treasure explorer, this game is all about his journey to get into the temple for the treasure. The door gives out a set of questions that the player needs to answer. The questions are related to months and their arrangement. 

The game is set up at the door of the temple where 12 different buttons for each month are given. For every question that appears on top of the screen, users can press a button on the right month to move to the next question. 

Each level has a set of ten questions to unlock ten keys to the door. With this game, the knowledge of months and their order can be easily mastered. Also, the engaging visuals are an added edge.

2. The calendar Game by abcya

The calendar Game by abcya

As the game is all about organizing schedules, it can help the child to organize their daily tasks. 

First, they select ten activities that need to be scheduled. Then, once selected, they organize the schedule in the calendar by listening to Voice. What makes this game interesting is that the events can be chosen by learners, ensuring it to be better personalized.

This game checks the presence of mind by giving the kids immediate tasks to go through the entire calendar. It also helps them memorize the order of events that would be happening in the future. This will lead the child to make a better and more organized calendar.

3. Let’s Make a Calendar-Starfall

Let’s Make a Calendar-Starfall

This online calendar-based game lets children find the dates and days and mark the important days by dragging and dropping on the correct date and time-space. It is an interactive site with varying queries about events and dates on the calendar. 

The game starts with reciting the present date and then a calendar appears. Now, multiple questions regarding the date and some prescribed events are creatively asked. The game has a simple UI and can be easily played in any browser on your PC, Mac, Or Smartphone. One of the benefits this game provides is the pronunciation of the days. Therefore, It would be helpful for the child to memorize the important days.

4. Calendar Clowns

Calendar Clowns

It is a notable way to practice calendar navigation with related vocabulary and also simple calculations.  First, the kid just needs to read the question on the top of the screen. Then, they use their clown “stamp,” to mark the answer on the calendar. 

Once the child marks up the entire calendar, the game ends.

This game could help the kid use the calendar daily for many purposes. For instance, estimation of future dates, calculation of days, and better inference of various weekdays. With good practice, it addresses executive functioning too. 

5. Calendar Math

Calendar Math

It is a mathematical approach-based game that asks you 20 questions based on a Calendar. It has each day marked in a different colored palette. The question combines both the calculation part and the identification of the color. 

First, you need to calculate the desired date based on instructions. Later you have to look for the color palette for the specific color of that day to answer correctly. Your total score is displayed at the end. The game offers two-in-one benefits. The child can learn the days, dates, and addition of days and weeks along with a good and quick color reception. 

6. Tiny Tap- Calendar Game

Tiny Tap- Calendar Game

It is a voice-based fun Calendar game with a ” Vincent ” character. The host here asks you to select the dates based on the daily life activities of the character. It comes with a visually appealing questionnaire adorned with some pictures and audio cues. Answering these can be an interactive session for toddlers. 

Another edge of the game is it’s easy to interpret explanations and visuals. Kids can relate to the character. With the phonetic reception options, this can be chosen for visual disables too. 

7. Calendar Quiz

 Calendar Quiz

Opening with a calendar in the center and a timer on the right top side of the screen, this game is all about identifying data as per the instructions given.  The time counter keeps increasing as long you take time to answer the question. The end of each level displays the total time taken to finish that level. 

Once completed, you can move to the next level with increased difficulty. With this quiz, a child’s analytical approach can be addressed. This game helps the child to deal with time management. In addition, this game pushes the kid to brainstorm with simple questions and comprehensive measures. 

8. Using Calendar- Mathsframe

Using Calendar- Mathsframe

Being interactive, immersive, and informative at the same time, this game has many difficulty levels to select from. The questionnaire gets woven around the present day, ensuring interesting gameplay. The questions are both easy and tricky. It shows you correct, incorrect, and streaks at the top of the screen. The game sounds are cool and work according to the mind. 

With multiple difficulty levels, it can be a choice for both toddlers and higher grade learners too. They need a good presence of mind to answer this question. Especially for 6-7-year-olds, this game can address reasoning abilities too. 

9. Gabe’s Calendar- Ji Tap

 Gabe’s Calendar- Ji Tap

This game combines both the Gregorian Calendar and Jewish Calendar. With a circular presentation of data, the English months and Jewish months are aligned in a concentric circle so that the months overlap each other. The innermost circle has some Jewish events. The English Calendar, used here answers the questions and looks out for the Jewish months. 

Little ones listen to the visual cue and point out the date or even on the calendar. Playing this game would be more helpful if you are learning Hebrew and interested in learning about the Jewish months and cultural events as well. 


Calendars are not just a piece of paper hanging on a wall or table, but they are an important organizing medium for every individual. For young children practicing calendars can also address counting abilities and memorizing schedules. Parents or tender learners can check out the above list of games that can prove to be a noteworthy practice session after school assignments.  Thankfully, these options are free and at service at just a click away. 

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