Orton Gillingham Vs Montessori Method: ELI5 The Difference

Orton Gillingham vs Montessori method

Imagine a lively education arena where different methods and approaches battle it out for the title of the ultimate student champion. In this thrilling showdown, we have two formidable contenders entering the ring: the Orton Gillingham Method and the Montessori Method. These contrasting approaches bring their own unique strategies and philosophies to address the diverse … Read more

Montessori Method Of Teaching: Everything You Need To Know

The kind of education their children will receive is one of the most crucial decisions parents make for them, and the possibilities seem limitless. If you’re considering your options for education, you’ve definitely heard of Montessori schools, but what are they exactly? Being effective for students with learning disabilities like dyscalculia, Montessori schools are institutions … Read more

20 Inspiring Maria Montessori Quotes About Teachers

maria montessori quotes about teacher

Maria Montessori, one of the most significant educators of the 20th century, had a significant influence on how we perceive education and the function of instructors in the development of young minds. Amongst other educational quotes, her educational ideas and ideals have withstood the test of time and continue to motivate educators throughout. We’ll look … Read more

Is Montessori Method Effective For Dyscalculia?

Montessori method for dyscalculia

The Montessori method is one of those few education styles that ensures a mix of pragmatic and abstract strategies. Ensuring a self-directed activity and hands-on learning, it may be considered as an eminent choice for many kids.  With these edges does the Montessori Method stay be-fitting for Dyscalculics? If yes, then what factors make this … Read more