Experiential Learning Vs Active Learning: ELI5 The Difference

An ever-transforming field, Education, has been flooded with opinions, research, and methodologies to enhance the learning process for the coming generations. Experiential and active learning methodologies are a byproduct of these ongoing explorations.  Even though these pedagogical approaches extend life-long benefits to both the educator and learner, many struggles with the basic theoretical understanding of … Read more

Guided Reading Vs Shared Reading: ELI5 The Difference

guided vs shared reading

Reading is a good habit, and most parents encourage their children to read books, newspapers, and other research papers apart from their academic subjects. If we recall how we learned to read, memories of teachers asking students to read aloud in class, one by one, with the whole class or in smaller groups, would come … Read more

Statistics Vs Probability: What’s the difference?

When we say, “96% of the people think England will win the match”, we are giving a figure that has come after particular research and observation. On the other hand, if we are saying “England has a strong team, hence they have a great chance of winning the match” in this situation, we are imposing … Read more

ESSA vs NCLB: ELI5 The Difference

Are you aware of federal laws governing children’s education in the US?  If not, let us introduce you to ESSA and NCLB. ESSA is the current law governing K-12 education in public schools which replaced the previous law known as NCLB. Both are updates to The Elementary and Secondary Education Act which was passed in … Read more

Geometry Vs Trigonometry: ELI5 The Difference

Mathematics is full of wonders. You learn so many things as you delve deeper into mathematics that it will leave you hungry for more. Mathematics consists of different topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, etc. Among these sections, people might often get confused between trigonometry and geometry. But, these two- geometry and trigonometry- are … Read more

Orton Gillingham vs Wilson Reading Approach: What’s the difference?

Reading is an important skill in an individual’s life. You will be surprised to know that 93 million adults in the United States are at or below the basic level required to contribute successfully to society. A part of this group are those who have learning difficulties.  People with dyslexia (a learning disability) have a … Read more

Percentage Vs Percentile: What’s the difference?

In math, the percentage and percentile of the term are two concepts that are often confused due to their similarity in spelling. However, these two terms denote completely different things. In order to understand the difference between percentage and percentile, it is necessary to know the meaning of each term separately.  Therefore, in this blog … Read more

Hyperbola Vs Parabola: What’s the difference?

Math, as a subject contains different formulas and processes to reach the solution, it can be challenging for students to understand the basic difference between hyperbola and parabola. While the formula and pictures help them know what is a hyperbola and parabola, it is crucial for them to understand the concept in a deeper sense. … Read more

Difference Between Rote Counting And Rational Counting

Rote counting vs Rational counting

Kids start experiencing numbers very early and gradually understand number sense through routine talks. Even before going to kindergarten, children know the very basics of counting, like 1-2-3. These kids can even tell their age, how many fingers are on their hand, how many toes and etc. But are they able to count is the … Read more

Abacus Or Calculator: Does It Matter?

Math has been around for centuries, and there are a variety of tools that have been used to help with calculations. Two of the most popular are the abacus and the calculator. However, being used for the same idea, both are poles apart, hence, what is the difference between the two technologies? A calculator is … Read more