Abstract thinking vs Concrete thinking: Understanding the difference

When you look at a country’s flag, what do you see? If your answer was something along the lines of a piece of cloth with different shapes and colors on it, then chances are you are a concrete thinker. Whereas, if you thought it was a symbol of the country’s freedom and sovereignty and a … Read more

6 Engaging Abstract Thinking Games And Activities For Little Learners

abstract thinking

The capacity to think about principles, concepts, and ideas that are not physically present is known as abstract thinking. Abstract thinking boosts the general thinking capabilities of children. It then results in a problem-solving mindset beneficial in future endeavors. Any problem-solving process benefits greatly from the use of abstract thinking to produce fresh concepts and … Read more

Understanding the effect of dyslexia on abstract thinking

abstract thinking

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON NOVEMBER 15, 2022 Imagine you are an amazing football player playing a game of tennis. Using your arm strength isn’t really your strong suit, but your friend insisted you play tennis, saying that is the only available option. Soon, your friend, who is an amazing tennis player, defeats you and acts … Read more

10 Examples To Explain How We Use Abstract Thinking In Real Life

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Abstract thinking is both a cognitive component and a cognitive skill. In the human intellect, abstract thinking is a higher-order cognitive skill predictor of academic achievement and professional success. In recent times where the world is highly data-driven, the insights drawn are still a reflection of the underlying abstract thinking.  This underrated mental ability is … Read more