Printable Fraction Strips Worksheets [PDF Included] 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”. This is one of the best statements describing and justifying worksheets’ role and importance in teaching children any new concept. 

Worksheets are one of the most reliable tools for teaching young minds any concept from any subject and ensuring that it is well-understood and retained by the kids. Worksheets are age-appropriate, subject-oriented, and focus on a single aspect, resulting in a better understanding of that concept. The best part is anyone can easily use worksheets. 

In this post, we have shared a fraction strip worksheet, which is a carefully drafted set of worksheets made with the purpose of assisting children understand the basics of fractions using fraction strips. The worksheet can be used in multiple ways, such as educators can use it to foster learning among children, parents can use it to make children practice the concept of fractions thoroughly, and even kids can use it to test themselves and work on refining their fraction skills. Due to such broad applications, fraction strip worksheets are considered highly important for educational purposes. 

The fraction strip worksheet covers a broad range of fraction concepts, which are considered important at the primary level. You can download the free printable worksheets pdf given in the post.

Fraction strip worksheet: What does it cover? 

Practicing actions through visually attractive study material is a fun yet effective technique in making children aware and competent of the concept. The Fraction Strip worksheet is an attractive tool ideal for elevating a child’s fraction knowledge and engagement in the concept. The worksheets deal with different fraction-related concepts, such as arranging fractions in ascending or descending order, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions, which are explained using fraction strips.

The first page of the worksheet is the fraction strip representing 1 (whole number) to the 12 parts of the whole number. You can cut the strips horizontally to study, assess, and compare different fraction values and how they are represented. 

Worksheet 1: 

Worksheet 1 entails several fraction equations you can solve using the fraction strips provided in the worksheet. Worksheet 1 explains how to read fractions and identify how many parts of the whole number are equal to how many parts on the strip. 

How to solve it? 

  • The equation consists of a fraction on the left-hand side of the equation and the right-hand side. 
  • Take the fraction strips that represent the numerator and denominator of the equation and assess how many parts of the whole number are equivalent to the other part of the equation in question. 
  • Keep the strips one above the other and assess how many portions of fractions fall under the desired fraction range you are trying to solve. 
  • Check the already solved example for better clarity. 

Worksheet 2: 

Worksheet 2 takes the knowledge of fractions a level higher. This worksheet has two parts, one dealing with arranging the fractions from least to greatest (ascending) order and the other one dealing with arranging it from greatest to least (descending) order. 

How to do it? 

  • For solving part 1, assess the numerator value of the fractions and then arrange them in ascending order using fraction strips.
  • For solving part 2, focus on denominators while arranging the given fractions from greatest to least with the help of fraction strips. 
  • Report the answers in the boxes provided in front of the fractions. 

Worksheet 3

Taking the fractions to another level, we will focus on like and unlike fractions and how to perform arithmetic mean on them. Worksheet 3 helps you better understand the addition of like fractions; like fractions have the same denominators but different numerators. 

How to do it? 

  • Since we have the same denominator, take the fraction strip representing the denominator the question discusses.
  • Identify the portions on the fraction strip that has to be added. Add the portions, and you will have your added fraction.
  • Refer to the example on worksheet 3 for better understanding.  

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 4 also deals with the addition of fractions of unlike fractions. That means, here, we have different denominators and numerators. 

Adding unlike fraction strip worksheet

How to do it?

  • Now that you have different denominators, the first step is to make them the same using the technique of LCM. 
  • With the same denominator, solving them is similar to solving like fractions. Take the fraction strip representing the denominator and add the portions. 
  • Check the example for a better understanding.  

Worksheet 5

Worksheet 5 deals with the subtraction of like fractions. It can be done directly by subtracting the values of the numerators or using fraction strips. 

How to do it? 

  • Identify the fraction strip representing the same denominator mentioned in the question.
  • Look for the portions in the strip that must be subtracted and minus the portions from one another.
  • Refer to the example to get a better hang of the concept.

Worksheet 6

The last fraction strip worksheet is dedicated to subtracting the unlike fractions, which are the fractions with different denominator values. 

How to do it?

  • The first step is to make the denominators of the given fractions the same using the technique of LCM. 
  • You can now directly subtract the numerators or use the fraction strips to subtract the portions identified of the given fractions.
  • You can also check the example for clarity on how to solve it. 

You can download the worksheet for free and let children enjoy the fractions in a fun way. 

What makes the worksheet unique? 

Fraction strip worksheets are carefully drafted and uniquely designed sets of worksheets that enhance children’s engagement and knowledge. Some points that stand out while viewing the uniqueness of the worksheet are- 

1. Visual appeal

The fraction strip worksheet is a creative and visually appealing study material designed to attract and retain students’ interest. The worksheet has easy-to-read fonts and simplified instructions to ensure that children easily understand the questions with minimum external guidance. 

2. Hierarchical learning 

The worksheet is designed and curated in a specific sequence or hierarchy that is easy to follow and work through. The worksheet begins with the basic and easiest concepts and moves toward the more advanced concepts in a systematic manner. 

3. Covers a wide range of topics

The fraction strip worksheet covers various fraction topics and explains how to solve them. The worksheet focuses on refining basic fraction skills, such as reading fraction strips, and higher-level skills, such as adding and subtracting like and unlike fractions. 

4. Explanations backed up with examples.

Another unique part of the fraction strip worksheet is the thorough explanations of each concept, backed up with a relevant and solved example. Examples are useful to solve doubts and provide a better idea of the concept. 

5. In-depth practice 

The comprehensive fraction strip worksheet has numerous practice questions for in-depth practice. The practice will help the children better understand the questions and how to solve them. It will also boost the confidence and productivity of the children.

Summing up 

Teaching abstract mathematical concepts like fractions can be supplemented through various resources such as books, games, manipulatives, activities, and worksheets. Worksheets are a great tool for promoting brainstorming and productivity among children. It enables children to test their knowledge and work on their weaknesses. The unique and extensive fraction strip worksheet is a fantastic tool for educators and parents.

Worksheets can be used in various ways, such as educators using them for practice after teaching the concept or as test material for children. The worksheet can also be used as a homework assignment and it can be used along with fraction strip games for improved understanding of the concept. 

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