10 Online Math Vocabulary Games For Middle School Students


What is the mathematical term for the figure shown above?

If you thought that it was a line, then you’re actually wrong. The figure shown above is really a line segment because it has two definite endpoints.

If these terms boggle your mind and confuse you as much as they do me, then this blog is for you. Just like using a ton of math games, this blog highlights how middle school students who are new to so many concepts can easily learn and master them all by using some fun and interactive online games. 

Learning the math lingo with online games

Middle school mathematics brings with it a whole lot of new concepts and a vast expansion of the previously learned ones. This means having to understand and learn a whole lot of new terms in a very short time to be able to get the most out of one’s lessons. This task, while it might seem tough, middle school can definitely be made easy and even fun using various active learning techniques like project-based learning and online games like the ones mentioned below.

1. Math vocabulary game

Math Vocabulary Online Games For Middle School

Race against time to find the correct term for the definition displayed on the screen. This interactive game allows the player to brush up and practice some common math vocabulary to ease and aid their understanding of the lessons.

This free game can be played on phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. The player has to answer the question displayed on the screen in under 1 minute and, based on the quick feedback, learn and improve their gameplay along with their math knowledge.

Covering some of the most common vocabulary words about graphs, the coordinate plane, areas and volumes, shapes, fractions, decimals, and more, this game is ideal for students who are just beginning their middle school and being introduced to a myriad of new concepts. This won’t only help them revise the terms they already know but learn new ones as well. 

2. Which Word

Which Word

Learning math vocabulary is essential to understand math questions, and what better way to test math vocabulary than taking a quiz? 

Spelling City brings the ultimate math vocabulary quiz, where students learn while answering various questions that mention a property of a mathematical concept, and based on that, students choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice questions. This game also gives the educator a choice to choose from a given list of words or make their own to ensure appropriate concepts will be tested.

With various math vocabulary-based games divided by grade level and concept, Spelling City provides a great way to practice, learn and retain different mathematical concepts presented in different classes.

3. Types of Angles

Types of Angles

A game by IXL Learning, Types of Angles, allows the learner to play whenever they want and from whatever device they want. This game makes an excellent introduction to the concept of angles in geometry introduced in middle school. 

The player has to identify the definition and select the correct type of angle based on the characteristics described. The topics range from identifying different types of angles figures to naming their parts and properties. Students get to have fun learning about all these new concepts through a fun and interactive game.

The game follows the student on their learning journey and tracks their performance, allowing them to pick up right where they left off. Learning about various angles through their definitions and properties not only helps differentiate among them but also names the common features and attributes.

4. Vocabulary Test Me

 Vocabulary Test Me

Another knowledge-packed game by Spelling City, Vocabulary Test Me, presents a sentence as a clue or definition to test the player’s conceptual clarity.

This online game tests the players’ Math vocabulary knowledge and skills by asking them to choose the word that correctly matches the meaning of the sentence. Players have the option of choosing different topics based on which they are shown different definitions, sentences with missing words, and even figures. Their task is to correctly identify the mathematical term and complete the challenge before the clock runs out on them.

This game, specifically designed to make math more fun than frustrating, can help players learn various concepts with its interactive features and colorful interface.

5. Math vocabulary

Math vocabulary

Math Vocabulary is yet another vocabulary game that helps middle school students showcase their mathematical skills and learn a lot more in the process. Students have to race against time to type in their answers as fast as they can. 

Play it solo or with the entire class; the players are shown three clues on each slide with three subsequent blanks. Their task is to use the clues to correctly spell out the word and press enter before the clock runs out on them.

This game not only helps students learn and practice their math vocabulary but also tests their typing speed and skills. To win in this game, it’s not enough for students to just know what the answer is; they also need to know how to spell it correctly.

6. Parts of a Circle 

Parts of a Circle

Another game to enhance and build on the basic math vocabulary of students, parts of a circle focuses on various geometrical concepts and properties of a circle.

It begins by giving a short and concise over of the circle’s various parts and components. Then as the player selects that they are ready for the game to begin; they are taken to the quiz where they are tested based on the properties of various components of the circle. The question mentions something that is true for only one of the four options and based on the clue and their math vocabulary knowledge, they have to choose what part of the circle is being talked about. 

This game can be played alone, at home, or in the classroom with a group of children as well. This will help the players in revising the concepts they already know and expanding on the same. The questions will train the students to effectively identify the various part of the circle and aid the retention of their properties.

7. Algebra Vocabulary Matching 

Algebra Vocabulary Matching 

Designed with the goal of helping learners master the basics of algebra, this game provides a fun way to learn and revise all the terms necessary for learning algebra. 

The player is presented with a screen full of jumbled cards that either have a definition or a term written on them. The task of the player is to match the card with the term with its respective definition by clicking on them one after the another. This game allows the player to either go with the list of words already loaded in the game or customize it to better fit the area and difficulty level at which they need to practice.

This game can be used by educators in classrooms or suggested as a fun homework activity. While having fun playing the matching game, learners won’t even realize when they have mastered this essential algebraic vocabulary that will set the path for them to excel in advanced algebra.

8. Numbers Word Search – Counting Game

 Numbers Word Search - Counting Game

Players can immerse themselves in these seemingly random rows and columns full of letters only to use their math vocabulary skills to rescue them and make some sense out of it all.

In this game, the players use the hints given to them and go on a wild search to find the corresponding word that represents the correct answer. They have to exercise caution not to get caught in wrong spellings that look similar to the correct ones. Their purpose is to increase the level of difficulty and confuse the players.

Word searches are famous vocabulary games that can be played online by an individual student, in the class with groups or even be printed and used as worksheets. It has the benefit of giving students a quick revision of the concepts they have learned so that they effectively understand and work on succeeding, more advanced concepts and topics. 

9. MathPup Words

MathPup Words

Another cutthroat math vocabulary game, MathPup words, keeps the player on their toes with its exciting gameplay. The motive of the player is to keep the MathPup safe and out of reach from the dog catcher.

The player is shown various math words with missing letters. Their task is to use the clues and fill in the letters before the time runs out. Any wrong letter and the MathPup loses fuel, and the dog catcher comes closer to getting its net over the pup. The player can choose the difficulty level of the game from the three options based on their learning level.

In the quest to keep the jetpack full of fuel and MathPup flying high above and out of reach from the dog catcher, the player is immersed in learning and revising various mathematical concepts without even realizing the educational benefits of the game. 

10. MathPup Fishing Vocabulary 

MathPup Fishing Vocabulary 

Get out your fishing rods and set the sails for this fishing expedition. This game takes the player on a boat ride in the sea with the motive of catching as many fish as they can.

But the catch is that just any fish won’t do the trick. The player will have to catch the fish to complete the spelling of a mathematical term. The player can tap on the screen to drop the hook and navigate the boat using the keyboard. There is no time limit, but the motive is to complete as many words as possible.

This game will help learners practice their spelling and brush up on their basic math vocabulary while having a fun and relaxing time fishing.


Learning a bucket load of new terms as soon as one enters middle school while simultaneously trying to keep track of the new concepts and how they relate to the ones the student already knows can become an overwhelming task. 

To ease this load, online games as highlighted in this blog and even classroom activities can be used with the regular curriculum to help middle school, math learners. They can help students revise the previous mathematical terms they have learned and master new ones with their fun and interactive gameplay.

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