Top 10 inspirational movies on dyslexia

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Last Updated on September 21, 2020 by Editorial Team

Movies are not merely entertainment materials. Some are made with a motive to educate people. For example, movies based on some social cause or an influential legend serve as a good learning source. Such content can be a positive driving force in anybody’s life. Dyslexia is one such topic that has intrigued filmmakers many times. The people suffering from such disorders find it easy to relate to the content of movies based on Dyslexia. The communities working towards managing this disorder also take the help of movies and documentaries to familiarize the agencies involved with the discomforts common to it. Which are the movies that have managed to deliver the intended purpose most successfully? Let’s find out.

Today, we have curated here a list of 10 inspirational movies based on dyslexia. All dyslexics and others with learning disorders out there can relate to the struggle and successes of the plot depicted in these movies and shows. These will inspire them to not shy away from accepting their learning diffculties but encourage them to be vocal about these. So, sit with them and watch some good Dyslexia movies together. It could be a great learning experience and may help normalize the things to a good extent.

1.Taare Zameen Par

Directed by Mr. Perfectionist himself, Taare Zameen Par is a must-watch inspirational movie on dyslexia. Aamir Khan did an amazing job projecting how a dyslexic kid may struggle on a daily basis. The story revolves around a kid named Ishan who daydreams about action figures, cartoons and fights letter-turned-spiders, later revealed to be dyslexic. Teachers and Parents can’t really understand this behavior and think of it as his excuse to skip studies. Things worsen when his parents send him to boarding school. This is where a new substitute drawing teacher (portrayed by Aamir Khan) came into play and turn his life around.

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2. Love, Mary

Based on the real-life story Dr. Mary Groda-Lewis, this film takes us into the journey of a dyslexic teenager who later beat the odds in life by earning an M.D degree and achieving a career in family medicine. Kristy McNichol beautifully portrays the protagonist who was sent to reforms school due to her troubled behavior where she met her counselor (portrayed by Rachel Ticotin) that helped her gain confidence and excel in studies.

3.The Princess and the Cabbie

Good or bad, accident happens! Some seldom have any effects on life, some turn it around completely. A similar thing happens to Joanna James when she met the cab driver Joe Holiday, who was keen on helping her overcome her struggle of being dyslexic. Getting fame from popular sitcom One Day at a Time (1975–84), Valerie Anne Bertinelli plays the character of Joanna, an heiress who is sheltered from the real world. The story revolves around Joe Holiday putting effort to educate Joanna why she struggles in reading and writing after he accidentally learned about Joanna’s dyslexia when she left her book in the cab. The film was originally aired on November 3, 1981, and managed to score Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Limited Series or a Special

4.Anya’s Bell

Set in 1949, the story revolves around a blind woman, Anya Herpick, who loves collecting bells to cope up with her loneliness. The situation worsens as her mother dies. This is when she met a 12-year-old delivery boy, Scott Rhymes who was considered ‘slow’ learner, later revealed to be dyslexic. Both help each other in their struggles. While Anya teaches him to read Braille, Scott helps her to be more independent and self-reliant. Directed by Tom McLoughlin, Anya’s Bell was first aired on October 31, 1999, and bagged 2000 Humanitas Prize.

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5.The Secret (1992)

The story of The Secret depicts the sad reality of many of the dyslexic individuals. They are shy to tell anyone of their learning disability. Mike Dunmore, a store owner who struggles in reading and writing but keep it a secret from the world due to his pride. He thought of it as a shame. His relationship with his son, Patrick also strained due to it. However, things change when he learned that his grandson, Danny is suffering from dyslexia as well. The Secret teaches us why it is important to open up more about your struggles with your family and friends. Keeping it hidden inside will actually make the situation worse. Dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of and it can be dealt with encouraging support.

6.A Mind of Her Own

Inspired by the true story, A Mind of Her Own tells the tale of a young girl, Sophie, who wants to become a medical professional. However, her parents and teachers think that something less academic would be the best fit for her as she was severely dyslexic. But Sophie, being a determined girl, turns her life around by putting herself through college and university. With the help of her friend’s Becky encouragement boost and her own persistence effort, she managed to achieve the greatest heights of her career and gain world recognition. A Mind of Her Own was initially released in 2006 and managed to bag Crystal Heart Award for Best Feature Film and Best Actress in 2005 Heartland Film Festival

7.Embracing Dyslexia

In an attempt to put more eyes on dyslexia, Luis Macias made this thought-provoking documentary after learning about his son’s diagnosis. In the filmmaker’s own words, Embracing Dyslexia gives an insider perspective of what is it to be like dealing with issues surrounding dyslexia like no other documentary film. While the documentary focuses on the daily struggles of parents and dyslexic teenagers, it also highlights the importance of early diagnosis and careful nurturing of child’s natural gifts and abilities to make them feel more confident in life.

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8.The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

Made by filmmaker, James Redford, Rethinking Dyslexia is a documentary highlighting the accounts of the personal experience of children, experts, and success icons with dyslexia. Top leaders share such as Sir Richard Branson and Charles Schwab share their views on dyslexia.

9. Mical

Mical is the story of triumph, of valor of a mother who stands by her son like rock-solid support when the schools and educational authorities fail her son constantly for his reading disabilities. This movie touches the subject of Dyslexia with beautiful sensitivity. You, if a parent of a dyslexic child, are sure to feel inspired to keep moving on the path of providing support to the child despite the obstacles created by this disorder, and help your kid achieve the dream of being a scion of the society.

10. Our Dyslexic Children

Bringing dyslexic children together with mainstream learners has always been a challenge, this documentary movie on Dyslexia unfolds those challenges the parents of a group of dyslexic children faced in their endeavor of providing suitable education to them. Their efforts resulted in formation of the organization – Upper Arlington Kids Identified with Dyslexia (UA-KID), which is now working toward helping parents who want to advocate the right to education for their kids who are suffering from this disorder.

Keep watching this space for newer additions, as our panel updates the list as and when we come across more of Dyslexia movies made recently.

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