30 Cool Story Prompts for Middle Schoolers 

Are you someone who is always brimming with ideas and loves to pen down your wild thoughts and creative ideas for the world to see? Well then, gear up for a magical journey of story writing where unicorns are as real as other animals, fairies live among humans, and everything is possible in the blink of an eye. 

Writing stories opens a realm of endless opportunities and fuels the imagination like nothing else. However, we understand that writing blocks do occur in the process that can temporarily hinder the progress or make you lose interest in your once favorite activity, i.e. story writing. Well, worry not! We have curated a list of story prompts that will come to your rescue.

The story Prompts are a wonderful means to guide children’s progress in story writing. The wide range of topics provides various choices and makes it easier for kids to choose their favorite theme and work on it.  So, what are you waiting for? Bring your pen and paper, choose a unique story prompt for yourself, and let your imagination do its wonders. 

The extensive list of Story writing prompts for middle school children is a perfect way to kickstart their writing journey and explore their hidden writing talent. Story writing prompts involve- 

1. I was once playing in the deep woods near a lake when I heard some voices from the hidden part of the lake. Someone was singing near the lake in a melodious voice. I decided to check who was singing and to my surprise, I came face to face with………

2. One sunny afternoon, I was coming back from school and heading towards my house. Suddenly, I noticed three masked men were burying something in a nearby deserted piece of land. I watched them silently for some time and soon they left after completing their work. I felt something was fishy and decided to dig the ground to check what was inside. What I found was……..

3. One day while playing with your friends in the woods, your foot got stuck in the entangled roots of a giant tree and you fell. All your friends came running towards you to help you. While you and your friends were helping you free from those roots, you noticed a hidden door in the roots of the tree. While it seems scary to find a hidden door in the middle of nowhere, you and your friends were curious to see what’s beyond that door. 

4. One day my friends and I decided to visit the abandoned palace in the woods and check if the haunted stories were true regarding that place or just some myths. We decided to go at midnight. We made some preparations like taking some extra flashlights, compasses, cameras, and so on. After entering the palace we were shocked beyond belief because …..  

5. While working on a science project, you incorrectly performed some steps that led to a blunder. But to your surprise, the project was not a total blunder and something unique has been made from that project. While you were experimenting with what this new device, aka your project, is, you again pressed some wrong buttons and miraculously transported to some other era. While you were trying to fix the machine, you noticed…..

6. On a late sleepless night, you were staring out of your bedroom window and gazing at stars when you noticed something drop from the sky in your backyard. You decided to take a look and found out that it is a spaceship and aliens are coming out of it one after the other and entering through a door you never had in your backyard. Once every alien passed through that door, it was still open and shining brightly ……….

7. I was walking down a path when I noticed some small footprints going in the direction of the woods. I decided to follow the footpaths and that led to inside the woods and finally to a big cardboard box that was loosely closed. At first, I thought it was some animals playing and was about to leave when I heard some voices coming from inside the box. I opened the box and……

8. Swords and guns ready to fire and cannons ready to attack. Said pirate Draco as he prepared his baton to take down the ship of Pirate Sadie. The battle was about to start when you noticed a rat running with the thousands-year-old precious ornament over which the whole battle was about to begin. There was no time to stop the battle and you decided to …..

9. I was rummaging through my mother’s wardrobe when I came across a weird-looking box. The box was locked and the key was hanging with a thread on the side of the box. The box seems precious and something my mother won’t approve of me playing with. I decided to quickly give it a view and put it back before my mother found out. I unlocked the box and found the deck of cards. It wasn’t a usual set of cards and I started shuffling it to casually see all the cards when they began to glow up and……

10. I was in my room doing my homework when I noticed I had left my desk drawer open. I stood up and closed it but it opened again and again. Frustrated, I opened it to check what was wrong with the drawer when I found small minions sitting in it. I screamed and shut it rapidly. After some time I opened it again and found nothing. Relaxed, I started going back to my bed to complete my homework when I found those Minions sitting on my bed and waving at me……

11. You and your family decided to make a last-minute trip to your grandparent’s house on Halloween. Generally, it takes one to two hours to get there by car but on the night of Halloween, it took you more than five hours, because…..

12. While shopping for groceries for your mother, you come across a hidden shop in a cluttered lane. You decided to check in the shop. Since no one ever came to that shop, the shopkeeper gave you candies for free and a large egg and claimed it to be special. You decided to take care of the egg and took it to your room. After weeks, when the egg hatched……

13. You and your friends decided to spend a night in camp in an open land and observe the unique astronomical activities. You choose a place near a lake so that you have easy access to water. While you and your friends were busy observing the movement of stars, a large water dragon came out of the lake and dragged you all to the hidden place inside the lake, where…..

14. On a peaceful day, you wake up and find out you are not in your bed. Rather, you are sleeping on a giant flower. Around you, there are plenty of fairies doing their morning chores, and some are still asleep in their flower beds. Confused, you decided to call for help and ask some fairy how you reached there. When you try to get up, you discover you have wings like other fairies and can fly like them……

15. You and your best friend were playing a video game when you both heard some noise from the other room. You both dismissed it as your illusion or some noise from a video game since there was no one else in the house except you two. You resumed your game when you heard the noise again, this time louder, and surely not from a video game. Alert, you both went to the kitchen area only to find an intruder stealing your mother’s favorite cutlery set. 

16. While having a lazy beach day in the summer with your family, you decided to explore the beach and collect some unique stones. You took your pet with you and started your exploration. At some distance, you find an abandoned pirate hat and a costume. There was no one around whom the costume could belong. You decided to check the costume and upon touching it, a bright light flashed and you along with your pet were transported into…….

17. On a rainy evening, your grandmother was telling you the tales of her time when she mentioned the hidden treasure in the nearby woods. However, she warned you not to go in the woods as they are not safe and ghosts live there. After weeks, while playing near those woods with your friends, you retell your grandmother’s story to your friend and you all decide to take a look. To your surprise, you found a hidden tunnel……..

18. It’s the last day of school before the summer vacation and you were happy for a long break. You went towards your locker to pick up some things before heading towards your home and there you found a note on your locker door. The note says, “Universe of fun, 5 pm at the park”. You know the location but you are suspicious since there was no name written on the note so you decided to avoid it only to…….

19. You and your friend planned a sleepover at your friend’s place on one summer night. Your friend’s parents are not at home and will not be coming back before the next day so you decided to binge movie all night and have snacks. Everything is going great when you feel someone staring at you and your friend from the window of the room you are sitting in. You told this to your friend but he avoided you. Later, your friend noticed the same and you both decided to……

20. You are planning a trip of your life to Europe and you are very excited. You are planning everything ahead and can’t wait to explore Europe and have the time of your life. You excitedly leave your home to board your flight that will take you to your destination when something happens…….

21. You along with your three friends are hiking in the woods exploring nature and wildlife. You all enjoyed the whole day and in the evening finally decided to get back. You thought to follow back the footprints that you all left, but to your disappointment, the footprints have vanished due to fast winds. You try finding directions using the compass only to find out that it’s malfunctioning. You all realized you were lost when…..

22. The intra-school soccer game is scheduled for next week with your school’s rival team. You and your team have been practicing day and night to win the match and trophy. A night before the match while going back to your home from the practice, you were alone when you came face to face with some players of another team. They all look mean and try to demotivate you when suddenly……

23. On a summer afternoon, you hear someone ringing your doorbell. You rushed to open it and found a mailman with mail for you. Astonished, you took the mail from him and closed the door. Upon checking the details you found out that it was a response from a modelling firm you applied to a month earlier just for fun. To your utter surprise, they liked your portfolio and were willing to give you an opportunity. You feel elated and rushed to your mom’s room to tell her the news. Upon listening to it, your mother says…..

24. You are attending a month-long summer camp in the nearest town. Since it’s far away from your home, you are staying there only day and night with some of your friends. One night, you noticed some of your belongings were missing. You dismissed the thought thinking you probably left it back at your home. The same happened again and again and your stuff keeps on going missing. You decided to tell this to your friend only to find the same thing happening to them. You guys planned to……

25. You are visiting your aunt with your mother who lives in a nearby town. You and your mother are using public transport to reach there fast and avoid traffic. On your journey, you meet an old woman who is in her late 80s and is trying to catch the same bus you and your mother will be going through. You decide to help the woman when you get to know that the woman is…..

 26. While cleaning the store room for your mother, you find a bag of some beautiful seeds. You decided to plant those seeds in your garden. After completing your work at hand, you find an empty patch of land, bury those seeds, and water them. Two days later, when you water those seeds again, you see the leaves are already blooming. After a week, you noticed…..

27. Jimmy was alone in the house when he was looking for the cookies his mother hid from him. While searching, he heard some noise from the attic. Jimmy first dismissed it but then thought to check once. Jimmy started to open the door to the attic and turn on the lamp when he noticed some shadows. A man was sitting in the corner of the attic eating the cookies that Jimmy was looking for. Stunned, Jimmy asked the man……

28. I woke up in the morning and noticed my room was a little different. At first, I was unable to tell the difference but later I realized, there was a modern video game in my room along with some gadgets I had never seen or heard of before. I jumped out of my bed, peeked out of the window, and noticed some unusual changes. It took me a while to figure out that by some miracle I have woken up in the future. I rushed down to find my parents when I found the future me was already there having breakfast…..

29. I hurriedly ate a slice of bread, drank my milk, and rushed to the school. I have a test in the morning and I cannot be late, otherwise, Miss Johanna would be too mad at me. While I was running towards my school, I noticed a kid crying. I decided to avoid him and be on my way but he was injured and …… 

30. The thunderstorm from last night has finally stopped and there is a weird peace. It’s a Sunday morning so roads are unusually empty and everyone is at their home. I decided to visit my friend and spend my day at his house. On my way to my friend’s house, I noticed a weird creature in an eerie place. I ran towards my friend’s house and brought him back to the creature. 

Before you begin writing your story based on the above-mentioned prompts, we have some additional tips to make your writing process more fluent and joyful. 

  • Detailed descriptions are the essence of story writing. While writing your story, use descriptive language and be thorough with your ideas and thoughts. 
  • Allow your imagination to run free. Do not shackle yourself with limited options, rather experiment with unique themes and incorporate new characters that you like. 
  • A personal touch to the story will make it more fun and engaging. While it’s enlightening to experiment with great author writing style, don’t be afraid to try something new that describes your personality more accurately 
  • Don’t feel demotivated, if a storyline doesn’t fit in. Try twice, thrice, or as many times as you want. Great authors learn from mistakes and thrive from consistency. Be persistent in your writing to reach amazing goals. 
  • Convince your readers with your words. Ensure that your story has an appeal to it and grabs the reader’s attention effortlessly. Whether it is an amazing plot twist or an unbelievable end to the story, ensure to leave a mark on your readers. 
  • Lastly, maintain a steady progress and keep track of your work using a narrative writing checklist. It will help you identify what you are missing in your story or what can be added to make the story more fun. 

Story writing is a wonderful activity that helps kids express themselves and channel their thoughts into something productive. The above-mentioned story Prompts are a perfect tool to encourage little kids to engage in writing processes and master the skills of effective story writing and storytelling. 

These prompts can be used as it is or you can pair up the story prompts with story writing activities for a more fun-filled experience. Additionally, kids can work on the prompts on their own or with their friends for a more enriching and zealous experience. 

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