100 Interesting Dialogue Writing Prompts for Children 

Dialogue Writing Prompts for Children 

Dialogue writing is a wonderful medium for improving the writing skills of children and sparking creativity in them. It helps kids understand how a conversation flows between people, and how to respond appropriately in various situations and express themselves, leading to improved verbal and written communication skills in children.  Also, Writing dialogue requires kids to … Read more

6 Fun Activities For Learning Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying fraction

As students are introduced to new concepts every now and then, just like other concepts of mathematics, these budding learners embark on the exciting journey of multiplying fractions during middle school. While multiplying fractions can seem like a tough nut to crack, it can also get confusing and perplexing. It then becomes the responsibility of … Read more

40+ Thought-provoking Quotes On Experiential Learning

experiential learning quotes

In an active learning method called experiential learning, students “learn by doing” and reflecting on the experience. In contrast to surface learning, experiential learning promotes deep learning. Students are taught to analyze their behaviors, thoughts, and even emotional reactions through experiential education. In order for students to “completely gain new skills and information,” experiential learning … Read more