DIY Santa Greeting Card

The holiday season is here again! The air is cold and crisp, the houses are sparkling with twinkling lights, and the Christmas trees are adorned with beautiful ornaments. Now is the perfect time to send the season’s greetings to all your near and dear ones. So, involve your kids in the festive spirit and have them prepare handmade greeting cards they can give to their friends, grandparents, and everyone they love!

Don’t have an idea yet? That’s okay!

After delivering many educational DIYs for kids, like DIY flashcards, DIY tangram, and DIY geoboard, we have come up with a cute Christmas greeting card idea that your kids can make to convey their holiday wishes and make their loved ones feel special.

Have your kids spread holiday cheer with this easy-to-make greeting card. They can add a personal touch to each card and make it extra special. Here’s how they can go about it.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A4-size sheets (beige, red, and white)
  • A cotton roll/ cotton balls
  • Pencil/ Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissor (Disclaimer: Adult supervision is required as a pair of scissors is a sharp tool. Please be vigilant.)


Start by folding the beige A4 sheet as shown in the figure and draw ¾ of a circle using a pencil or a marker. Use a small cup or anything circular to trace the shape on the paper.

If your kids are old enough, let them cut out the shape with the help of a pair of scissors. If not, you can help your little one cut it out.

Upon cutting, you will have the base of the greeting card (Santa’s face), which you can flip open to write your Christmas wishes.

Now, use the red sheet and trace a triangle large enough to fit the head portion of Santa’s face.

Cut this out, too, with the scissors and glue it to Santa’s face.

Next, pull out small pieces of cotton from the cotton roll and prepare small cotton balls. If you don’t have a roll but have standard-size cotton balls, divide them into small balls to serve as Santa’s fluffy beard.

Now, glue these balls onto Santa’s face. Make sure to cover the entire area, but leave some space to add a small nose and eyes.

Take a tiny piece of red paper. Use your fingers to crumple it before rolling it into a small nose and sticking it on Santa’s face.

It’s now time to add Santa’s eyes. You can either grab a pair of googly eyes (if you have some at home) or make two tiny eyes using a white sheet and black marker and paste them on the face.

And there you have it! Your cute DIY Santa greeting card is ready!

Flip open the card, write Merry Christmas and any other special thoughts you would like to convey!

Wasn’t that easy and quick? Make a handful of these cards so your kids can delight friends and family and make their holidays truly memorable!

Crafting is a wonderful activity for kids. It helps refine their fine motor skills and spark their creativity. That’s why you should never miss an opportunity to direct them towards crafting. And there is no better occasion than the holiday season to involve your kids in this activity.

Our DIY Santa greeting card will not only refine your child’s crafting skills but will also make them feel a part of the celebration. Older kids can write their hearts out on the greeting card, while younger ones can pen easy and simple sentences. Their messages will add joy and warmth to the lives of those who receive these special cards. Their thoughtfulness will be much appreciated, and all will forever cherish these handmade tokens of love.

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