Easy Drawing Ideas Using Shapes Sheets For Kids

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Arts and Crafts are kids’ favorites. Hand them some colors and you will see them spending hours with them without getting distracted or bored. They may be randomly drawing something or moving their colors with a purpose, kids never say no to art. 

From making a simple scenery to a complex pattern, the early childhood years are super important in helping kids learn and refine their art skills. However, some things are complicated to draw and bring to life as compared to others. For instance, animals. Whether it’s their unique bodies or different features, painting them can sometimes become a real challenge for kids.

To make little learners competent with basic drawing skills, we have curated a set of fun and wonderful easy drawing ideas sheets for kids. These sheets provide a simple and precise procedure that is easy to follow and will help kids draw beautiful pictures. In addition to helping kids with drawing, these sheets are useful in teaching young kids the concept of shapes and their features. 

Once kids are competent with basic shape drawing, they can extend their skills to more complex drawing figures that require different shapes.  Whether it is a beautiful flower or a human face, kids can express their learning and apply their skills in various domains. So get your hands on these wonderful sets of sheets today and utilize the multiple benefits that come with them. 

The attached child-friendly and interactive set of drawing ideas sheets is designed in a way that minimizes the complexities faced by little kids while holding and using the pencils and provides them with a step-by-step process of drawing. It helps kids master the art of drawing various images with a major focus on a circle shape. 

Since it is a structured drawing sheet, kids will be less overwhelmed by the task in front of them and will be more curious and eager to try their hands on something new. Each step in the sheet is well-drawn and easy to follow. By the end of each sheet, kids will be competent with drawing specific animal shapes, with a special focus on the shape circle. 

We have designed 10 sheets where on every sheet an animal is pictured and taught to draw. The first sheet involves a ladybug, followed by a turtle, elephant,  tweety, fish, snail, crab, frog, snake, and finally the head of a lion. 

The kids have to first draw or trace the figure from the top left corner, then the top right corner, then intermediate left, intermediate right, bottom left and finally bottom right. Once kids are done with completing every step, they will have the drawing of an animal ready.  

Easy Drawing Ideas - Lady Bug
Easy Drawing Ideas - Turtle
Easy Drawing Ideas - Elephant
Easy Drawing Ideas - Tweety
Easy Drawing Ideas - Fish
Easy Drawing Ideas - Snail
Easy Drawing Ideas - Crab
Easy Drawing Ideas - Frog
Easy Drawing Ideas - Snake
Easy Drawing Ideas - Lion

Not only circles but different shapes, such as squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. can be used and manipulated to make unique drawings. Attached below is a set of easy drawing idea sheets that make use of different yet basic shapes and teach kids how to draw beautiful drawings out of them. 

The sheets provide a structured way to make these drawings. All kids have to do is follow the steps and their drawings are ready. The sheets are suitable for kids as young as kindergarteners and even for preschool kids. The sheets are visually appealing and easy to follow, with or without the guidance of an elder. The kids will begin their drawings from the top left figure and while following the step, they have to reach the bottom right figure, as done in “drawing idea using a circle shape sheet”, to get a complete figure.

Easy Drawing Ideas - Fish
Easy Drawing Ideas - Ice Cream
Easy Drawing Ideas - Rocket
Easy Drawing Ideas - Dog
Easy Drawing Ideas - Bird
Easy Drawing Ideas - Buffalo
Easy Drawing Ideas - Car
Easy Drawing Ideas - Helicopter
Easy Drawing Ideas - Cake
Easy Drawing Ideas - Owl

Easy Facial Expressions Drawing Using Different Shapes

Expressing and drawing facial expressions has a lot to do with understanding and identifying one’s emotions. Besides teaching what each expression or emotion is called to kids, we can use these drawings to help them learn more about expressing emotions.

Given below are ten sheets that make use of basic shapes and provide a step-by-step guide to making beautiful drawings. Every drawing has different emotions to express. Check them below, download them, and start this creative activity with your kids.

Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas
Easy Drawing Ideas

The benefits of the sheets are not limited to the easy shape and animal drawing, rather it extends beyond that. Some other benefits of using drawing ideas using shape sheets for kids are- 

1. Shape learning 

These sheets are a fun way to teach shapes and help kids comprehend the characteristics of different shapes. The set of drawing ideas sheets majorly focus on circle shape, however, along with the circle, kids will learn to draw other shapes. It is a great way to learn about shapes, and their characteristics and master the skills of drawing different shapes. 

2. Eye-hand coordination 

Whether kids are copying the different figures to draw the complete animal or tracing it, smooth hand-eye coordination is a must, and what’s better than drawing ideas using shape sheets for kids to improve and strengthen these skills? The sheets will help kids learn how to hold a pencil and move it to draw different shapes while using their hands and eyes simultaneously and in a coordinated manner.  

3. Enhanced fine motor skills 

The successful development of fine motor skills is an important feat for children and the foundation for this is laid from early childhood years only. The games and activities, such as drawing, help kids refine and strengthen their fine-motor movements and excel in performing them. The drawing ideas sheets are a perfect resource for the same and are fun to work with. 

4. Structured shape teaching plan

Drawing ideas using Shape sheets is a structured way to teach kids how to draw shapes like circles and make different drawings from the same. By following the step-by-step process given in the sheets, kids will be well-versed in circle shapes and how to create a perfect circle shape on paper. Additionally, the easy formatting of the sheets will not perplex kids and is easy to follow, understand, and learn. 

5. Self-expression and creativity

Kids are always brimming with new ideas and innovations. With the right guidance, they can bring those ideas alive and make something unique and new. The drawing ideas sheets will provide the foundation to test and try their creative ideas and express themselves openly. Sheets are helpful to learn how a simple shape called a circle can be manipulated into various beautiful pictures and with similar knowledge and experience, kids will surely tap their inner creative potential and create something unique. 

6. Expressing Emotions

With the facial expressions drawing sheets, kids will be able to better understand their emotions and feelings. It will also help them express those feelings easily. Every sheet has a different emotion to draw, these will get kids hooked on their drawing activity, increasing focus, concentration, and better facial and emotional expression.

The sheets are easy to print and can be used in multiple ways. Some amazing ways to implement the drawing ideas sheets using shapes for kids in real life are- 

1. Follow the step-by-step procedure 

Drawing is one of the favorite activities of young learners. Provide them with colors and pencils and they start using them immediately. To refine a kid’s skills with those colors and pencils, these drawing ideas sheets are a perfect tool. Provide your kid with some pencil or color and guide them on how each step in the sheet is new and different and how each step will be combined to create a complete picture by following a step-by-step process. They can draw the pictures on separate paper and learn how to perfectly draw them. 

2. Color the shapes 

The drawing ideas using Shape sheets make for a perfect shape-learning activity at home or in schools. Apart from drawing, kids can color the pictures and show their creativity. Educators or parents can either ask the kids to follow the steps and draw the given picture on a separate paper and color it or they can simply let the kids color the figures drawn. Both are fun and useful ways to refine kids’ fine motor movements and eye-hand coordination skills.  

3. Manipulative to teach shapes 

Sometimes all kids need is a unique and fun way to do ordinary things, such as learning and drawing shapes. The set of sheets of drawing ideas using shapes is a perfect manipulative for teaching shapes to little learners. While kids are busy drawing the images, parents or educators can teach them how to identify different shapes, help them focus on how the shape is being drawn, what differentiates one shape from another, and so on. They can also ask related questions to strengthen their knowledge and make them competent with shapes and drawing shapes. 

4. Teach animals 

Another useful way to use these sheets is by teaching kids about different animals. The drawing ideas using shape sheets represent some animals in each sheet. Parents and educators along with drawing and coloring of animals can help kids gain knowledge regarding different animals. Simple activities can be designed on the same, such as asking kids what animal they have drawn. Or how is this different from other or state two features of it? It is an enlightening activity that will combine both fun and knowledge.  

5. Combine the sheets with shape flashcards 

Shape flashcards are an amazing resource to teach kids shape. Educators can combine the drawing ideas sheets with shape flashcards, that especially focus on shape circles. While kids are drawing the pictures, educators can present flashcards to kids and ask them what shape they are drawing or what the figure resembles to which shape. It will improve their shape knowledge and enhance their understanding of shapes. 

Integration of arts in mathematics and related concepts like shapes is a fun way to introduce and strengthen these complex concepts. The drawing ideas using shape sheets are wonderfully designed to maximize learning while making no compromise with kids’ fun.

Educators can simply use these sheets as a fun class activity and using them can impart important knowledge to kids regarding shapes. These sheets come with various benefits and require no additional hassle to use them, making them a great option for use. Simply get a print of these sheets and let kids enjoy shape learning with fun drawings. 

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