Printable CBT Worksheets for Teenagers

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Adolescence is a stage marked by various ups and downs. During adolescence not only physical development, but cognitive and socio-emotional learning also takes place at a fast pace. We find ourselves immersed in plenty of thoughts and experience various emotions at a single time. 

However, as an adolescent, have you ever found yourself in a constant loop of negative thoughts followed by negative emotions that sometimes even lead to negative behavior? It is a common occurrence in adolescents. However, the real problem begins when you are unable to break this loop and keep on revolving in it. 

To overcome such challenges, techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy are highly useful, which is an evidence-based method to help teenagers and adults deal with faulty thought patterns and regulate their emotions effectively. 

In this post, we bring to you some wonderful CBT Worksheets for teens that will help them manage their negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior effectively and regulate them for their well-being. Before that, let’s understand what CBT is. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a technique devised by a psychiatrist called Aaron Beck and is a highly influential method to change or restructure thoughts, attitudes, and emotions of the person, and ultimately our faulty behavior to help people live a fulfilled life and deal with problems effectively.

CBT can be best understood as a loop where one component impacts the other and vice versa. For instance, feelings will impact one’s emotions and behavior, one’s emotions will impact thoughts and behaviors and finally, behavior will impact both our thoughts and emotions. 

Let’s simplify it a bit with an example- 

Suppose, Jimmy, a 16-year-old boy, has negative thoughts, such as, ‘If I fail the exams, I will always be a loser and will never be able to pass the exams.’ Such negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, such as feelings of worthlessness and sadness in Jimmy. Ultimately, these negative thoughts and emotions will lead to faulty behaviors such as fear of trying new things due to failure anxiety or avoiding indulging in things that were once important for Jimmy, again due to the fear of failure. 

In this example, it is important to note that it’s not only the thoughts that will lead to negative emotions and behaviors. But emotions and behaviors can impact thoughts too. Such as fear of trying new things (behavior) will lead to feelings of worthlessness in Jimmy (emotions). 

Indulging in negative thoughts is sometimes alright, but when they become the only thoughts and it becomes challenging or impossible for an individual to stop or manage those negative thoughts, CBT comes to the rescue. For this purpose, we have designed certain CBT Worksheets for teenagers that will help them effectively manage their life challenges and formulate effective goals. 

CBT Worksheets are a wonderful resource for developing children to help them effectively identify and manage their thought patterns, regulate emotions, establish healthy problem-solving skills, and develop SMART Goals. These creative CBT worksheets are designed to empower teenagers for their life journey. 

These worksheets are precise, clear, and aesthetically appealing. Further, the worksheets can be used at homes or schools easily with or without the guidance of teachers or parents. 

Worksheet 1: Restructuring Negative Thoughts 

CBT Worksheets for Teenagers

Objective: Through this worksheet, you will be able to identify, challenge, and restructure the negative thought patterns. 

In the worksheet, five questions are given that deal with past and current negative thoughts of a person. Teens have to read the questions and answer them as accurately and honestly as possible. 

The goal is to become aware of your thoughts and negative thought patterns. If teens can identify and become aware of their negative thoughts, it becomes easy to effectively manage them and formulate strategies for the same.  

Worksheet 2: Effective Goal Formulation  

CBT Worksheets for Teenagers

Objective: Through this worksheet, you will be able to make SMART goals for various life domains.

In the worksheet, teens have to identify a goal that they are determined to complete. Break the goal into small components which are manageable and easy to achieve. Record the set components and the emotions you experienced once the components are achieved in the worksheet. Record the outcome of your set goal and the feelings experienced when the goal is achieved. 

It will help teenagers to understand how goals are formulated effectively and will increase their self-awareness. 

Worksheet 3: Identifying ideal and real self

CBT Worksheets for Teenagers

Objective: Through this worksheet, you will be able to identify your real self and ideal self and form a positive self-image. 

The worksheet deals with certain questions related to the real and ideal self and the possible discrepancy between them. The worksheet will also help to identify and understand positive behaviors that can reduce the discrepancy between the real and ideal images.

It will help the teenagers to form a positive self-image and keep growing towards the best version of themselves. 

CBT Worksheets can be a great addition to children’s self-help tools and parents’ or teachers’ cognition-regulating tools for children. These worksheets come with various other benefits that are not only for managing negative thoughts and emotions but also for 

  • Enhancing self-awareness

CBT Worksheets will help growing teenagers improve their self-awareness and indulge in positive behaviors. The worksheets will bring children’s attention to their fleeting thoughts and emotions, which would have gone unnoticed if the worksheet hadn’t emphasized them. This introspective process is helpful in self-reflection and identifying healthy thought patterns and those that are unhealthy. 

  • Effective goal setting

Setting goals is important to succeed in life. However, it is important to set realistic and achievable goals and constantly monitor your progress while working on those goals. CBT Worksheets aid in formulating and monitoring effective strategies to fulfill the goals and even re-formulate the goal strategies if not effective. 

  • Enhanced communication 

CBT Worksheets are highly useful in enhancing the communication skills of teens and help them engage in effective communication processes. When teens are aware of their thoughts, emotions, and strengths, they can easily communicate with others and express themselves. The worksheet will also help in fostering meaningful discussions by improving self-awareness. 

  • Life empowerment

CBT Worksheets serve as a tool for regulating various thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and foster a positive self-image. Once we are aligned with our true selves and have an effective approach to dealing with challenging life situations, we empower ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. CBT Worksheets are indeed a wonderful tool to achieve so. 

  • Visual representation 

Visually organized things and goals are better understood and achieved. Considering this, we have crafted the worksheets that will foster abstract ideas and make the positive ideas and emotions more concrete. The CBT worksheets are colorful and are rich in diagrammatic representation, making it easy to work on them and achieve positive life outcomes. 

  • Skill building 

The worksheets will help teenagers identify their strengths and reinforce their behavioral and cognitive skills. When teens are aware of their thoughts, and emotions and can regulate them effectively, they systematically engage in skills development activities. Hence, CBT Worksheets are a wonderful tool for skill building. 

Whether it’s mindful activities or regular practice of journaling, understanding our cognitive processes is highly crucial for a better life. On a similar note, CBT worksheets help developing teenagers understand, manage, and regulate their cognitive skills, such as thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and engage in effective problem-solving strategies. 

These easy-to-use worksheets are visually appealing and easy to print. Get it for your children or your students and help them understand the power of their thoughts and emotions by helping them manage them effectively. 

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