Printable Spelling Activity for kids 

Is it the ‘hole’ or ‘whole’ that represents the complete? Which is the correct spelling, ‘cot’ or ‘caught’, or both? Learning spelling is not as easy as it seems and it can be a challenging task for kids and sometimes even for adults. 

As challenging spellings can be, it is crucial to learn and master them for proficient speaking and writing skills. Spelling forms a base of language and if the words are not spelled correctly, it may alter the meaning of communication and result in decreased confidence in kids.

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that kids have a strong command over spellings from a very young age. Various techniques are utilized by educators and parents to ensure kids are excelling in spelling and ultimately in language. Spelling activities are one such way which is dynamic, fun, and highly effective. 

In this post, we bring to you certain interactive printable spelling activity sheets for kids that are easy to use and provide efficient results. Before moving forward, let’s understand some benefits of spelling activities for kids. 

Spelling activities are an interactive and tangible way for learners to not only master spellings but also some crucial skills, such as communicating and writing, and prepare young learners for the competitive and challenging academic journey and the real world. Spelling activities bring an element of fun to the learning along with some other needed benefits such as 

1. Vocabulary building 

Spelling activities provide a dynamic environment to the learners by allowing kids to explore different words and develop phonemic awareness. Kids learn, understand, recognize, visualize, and memorize different words, their meanings, and their contextual importance, resulting in the enhancement of vocabulary. 

2. Language proficiency 

Having a strong command over spellings, phonemes, and syntactic rules allows little learners to develop proficient language skills. With spelling activities, children learn to spell the words and improve their speaking abilities over time, which are crucial for real-life communication. 

3. Enhanced reading skills

With an improved understanding of spelling, kids enhance their various types of reading skills, and spelling activities are a fun and interactive way to do so. Through repetitive practice and understanding of spellings, youngsters achieve smooth reading comprehension abilities. Spelling activities further help kids improve their orthographic awareness, which is the arrangement of letters in the word, resulting in improved reading abilities.  

4. Assessing kid’s progress

Spelling activities help educators and parents assess their kid’s progress in understanding and using the correct spellings and words in varied contexts. The pace at which a kid learns and completes the activities or the difficulties the kid is facing while completing the activity is an indicator of the development of the kid’s language and comprehension skills. 

5. Communication skills 

Spelling activity strengthens the communication skills of kids, both in written and verbal form. Kids with proficient spelling understanding are more clear and precise in their communication and express themselves more accurately. Spelling activities help kids not only to memorize spellings but understand their contextual significance, which helps kids effectively communicate with others. 

6. Boost confidence 

Spelling activities are also helpful in boosting the confidence of the little learners and providing them with an opportunity to excel in their academic journey. Consistent spelling practice through activities develops a feeling of competence in kids and allows them to be more confident in their skills. It also builds a positive attitude towards language and makes kids proficient in both writing and spelling-related skills. 

Activities are a great way to make learning light and fun. It helps kids playfully grasp the concept without burdening the kids or making the concepts boring. These printable spelling activities for kids are an essential tool to strengthen the spelling skills of kids and make them competent in it. There are two spelling activities for preschoolers that are printable and can be used at a kid’s convenience.  

Activity 1:

Fill in the blanks:

The activity involves certain words where some letters of words are missing. Along with the word, the image of the respective word is given. Children have to identify the missing letters and complete the word. The images drawn will act as a cue to identify the word for kids. 

Activity 2: 

Find the words 

The second activity is a fun crossword puzzle where certain words are hidden and kids have to search for the meaningful words in the sea of letters. The words are arranged horizontally or vertically in the puzzle. Kids simply have to try to find as many as possible meaningful words to complete the activity 

While activities are a great resource for developing spelling-related skills in kids, there are some other techniques also, which are equally effective. These techniques can be used individually or can be combined with the above-mentioned spelling activities to make learning more fun and enjoyable for learners. Some other techniques involve-

1. Spelling Rhymes 

Words with similar sounds or letters can be best remembered through rhymes. Repetition of the rhymes over and over will result in memorizing the spellings and words for a long time. 

2. Spelling Flashcards

Spelling Flashcards are a powerful tool to teach spelling to kids and make children memorize them. Flashcards with words written on one side and the image of the word on the other side of the word with missing letters on one side and the image on the other can help little learners understand and learn the spellings effectively. Flashcards also improve visual memory resulting in better retention of the spellings. 

3. Spelling worksheets

Spelling worksheets are an effective and systematic tool to teach and assess spelling skills in children. Worksheets can be designed in various ways and on various levels and can be done at schools and homes. Also, it brings seriousness to spelling learning activities and promotes diversity in spelling practice. 

4. Games and Apps

Spelling Games and Apps are a unique and digital way to teach and practice spelling. It provides the kids with a digital platform where they can work at their own pace and can have feedback and guidance on their performance. 

5. Letter blocks/ tiles

Letter blocks or tiles are similar to legos where a single letter is written over a single block or tile and kids have to place letters systematically to form a meaningful word. Educators or parents can guide kids while playing with the letter blocks/ tiles. Magnetic letter tiles can also be used which stick to boards or refrigerators and are a great tool to practice spelling. 

6. Spelling journals 

Parents or educators can motivate kids to create a spelling journal and write a new word daily in that journal. Along with that word try to identify the meaning of the word and the situations the word can be used in. Ensure to check the spelling of the word daily while kids are writing it and if wrong, correct them immediately. It will help to memorize it instantly and will avoid confusion.

Spelling activities are a great tool to ensure that kids memorize and understand the spellings accurately. It further ensures that kids recognize the correct spellings and are not confused with challenging or similar-looking words. For expanding vocabulary and covering fundamentals of reading and speaking, spelling activities come in handy and these activities can be done as a part of the regular study or a fun game and can be done at school or home. 

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