Top 10 Spelling Games & Apps for Adults

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Spelling difficulties are a truth that even some adults face on a daily basis. The pattern of letters, their sounds, the silent letters, and so on, perplex people a lot. When suffering from reading difficulties, the basics of spellings become rather harder to learn through pen and paper methods.

Let’s take a look at what researches say about the prevalence of spelling difficulties across all age groups:

  • Dyslexic children generally have untreated spelling difficulties, even when their reading problems have almost disappeared. (Kemp et al, 2009).
  • Dyslexic adults demonstrate poor spelling abilities (Berninger, Neilsen, et al. 2008)
  • Developmental dyslexia persists throughout the life span (Shaywitz et al., 1999)

All these facts indicate the need to adopt alternatives to reading and writing the words, that can help in accomplishing the learning objectives. Thankfully, there are learning apps and games that are counted in one of the effective alternatives. How these apps and games help in learning spellings, let’s take a look.

How spelling apps and games can help?

Technology in Education has come as a boon for the people who find it difficult to acquire reading and writing abilities through conventional pen and paper methods. The applications for reading and writing come with features like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, etc. that can allow people to manage writing and reading disorders with confidence.

By providing engaging and technologically driven but human-like interventions, apps, and games can contribute to improving basic skills like writing correct spellings.

Practicing spellings need not be boring and stressful. If writing skills manipulatives, board games offer non-portable classroom teaching or homeschooling teaching materials, the online apps and games allow people to carry around their practice materials and continue learning to spell even while on the move.

Let’s take a look at some of the best online apps and games for learning spellings that help adults in improving these basic writing and reading skills.

10 Spelling apps and games for adults

1. Scrabble® GO – New Word Game

Scrabble® GO - New Word Game

No surprises here! Scrabble, as a board game, has been a great practicing tool for adults since ages. When you are done with pen and paper practice and need a fun-filled way to gain mastery in spelling, this game allows you to practice spellings and score lots of points.

Scrabble comes with hints that correspond to the word. The words fit in only when you have spelled them correctly. This game also offers options like leagues, different modes, and tournaments so that the players can turn out to be confident spelling experts by taking various challenges. Further, the options like the longest word made, best plays, etc. offer a conscious recording of the progress in spelling abilities.

This game offers an option to connect to friends gives you a competitive environment to test the spelling knowledge and find where you rank among your circle of people.

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2. Ultimate English Spelling Quiz : New 2020 Version

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz : New 2020 Version

Do you always find yourself on a tight spot for writing bad spellings? If yes, you can change your situation by learning and practicing spellings using this spelling quiz game. This spelling game app offers you a rich collection of about 800 misspelled words that people are most likely to write erroneously. With features like spelling quizzes, filling in the blanks activities, and spelling facts, you learn not only the speaking but also about the usage, origin, and other interesting facts about the words.

The spelling quiz app, therefore, is not just a learning resource for improving the spelling skills; it also helps boost the vocabulary. By way of brain-teasing spelling exercises, crossword puzzles, and multiple-choice questions, the app offers a systematic way to self-coach in English for competitive exams too. If you are not a native English speaker, this game may help you gain expertise of a similar level when you practice spelling regularly with it.

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3. Spelling Master – Game

Spelling Master - Game

Spelling master game is designed to help you improve the spelling skills by taking multiple level challenges. This game offers support to carve a progressive path of learning spellings by allowing the player to unlock challenges as they accomplish the tasks at the lower levels. Thus, the players gain competency in spelling the words in an incremental fashion.

The facility of reviewing the mistakes after taking a quiz makes it easier for the player to learn correct spellings and gain confidence by scoring points with every correct answer. The listen-and-spell feature gives an online counterpart of dictation activity that enhances the listening ability and allows the user to decode the spelling by the way of decoding pronunciation of the word.

Practice as many times you want, wherever you want – this game offers a more interesting alternative to reading books that may not be too friendly for adults with poor word decoding abilities.

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4. Word Battle : Search Puzzle

Word Battle : Search Puzzle

Word Battle is an entertaining spelling learning game that offers you to decode and master more than 5000 challenging words. Oft it happens that you feel stuck while writing any word. Also, while talking about any category, you feel short of appropriate words. This can be rectified in a playful manner now.

Word battle offers word building challenges category wise. You pick the category such as animals, vegetables, movies, garden, nutrition, music, and lot many others, and be conversant with the vocabulary relevant to these.

This spelling game offers a good brain-teasing exercise, builds your confidence by rewarding you on correct attempts, and gives hints to solve puzzles. The last part does provide a better understanding of the words and their relevance too, apart from offering a clear understanding of spellings.

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5. Spelling Words Challenge Games

Spelling Words Challenge Games

Spellings do give nightmares even when you are an adult if you are not a native English speaker. Practicing does not require you to fall to a certain age group and so, this app is designed for one and all.

As an adult, when you plan to move to another country or appear in some English proficiency test, you require to have basic to advanced knowledge of spellings, vocabulary, word formation, and so on. This game offers complete support for gaining proficiency in all these fields. And, if you are a family person, you get to play a brainy game with your kids too!

Starting from the basic words, this game allows you to progress gradually to more complex words. The bonus feature of training the mind to solve puzzles, decode hints, and unscramble the jumbled words enhances your word reasoning skills too. If you are searching for a fun way to work your brain and master spellings in the process, this game proves to be a good fit.

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6. Correct Spelling – Speak English Correctly

Correct Spelling - Speak English Correctly

As a non-native English speaker and writer, the skills of spelling and pronunciation of words do pose challenges. Wrong spellings, poor sentence construction, or erroneous word use may sometimes dilute the message you want to convey.

This spelling learning app teaches you how to spell as well as pronounce words and solve these written and oral communications issues. The Correct Spelling app gives you ample practice of spellings and pronunciations.

This spelling learning app for adults allows them to check whether they have spelled the word correctly. So, by regular practice and memorization, you may gain more confidence in writing correct spellings. Besides this, the phonetics support allow you to learn decoding the word into phenomes and write the corresponding parts of the words correctly.

This app allows you to have an at-home learning tool and saves you a lot of money that you plan to spend on the foreign language classes, which work at a pace that may not be suitable to your learning speed. Correct spelling app offers a simple way of doing repetitions, that can be helpful in building confidence in spelling the words.

App Link: Playstore

7. English Spelling Rules

English Spelling Rules

English spellings can confuse because of various rules. Some letters are silent and homophones make life harder as well. This app takes away the confusion by teaching you spelling rules. You can know about rules like double end consonants, silent E, I before E, and other silent words rules that help you learn spellings the algorithmic way.

An easy introduction to commonly misspelled words, the words of common use or daily use, and homophones learning support make this app a suitable learning resource available right at your fingertips.

By practicing regularly on this app, the learners can train themselves to the level of English required for competitive exams too.

App Link: Playstore

8. Advanced Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced Dictionary & Thesaurus

Haven’t we all considered carrying a Thesaurus always at some point in time? This app fulfills that secret wish of yours and how! This app comes with a variety of user-friendly features that make learning spellings a cakewalk for adults. The app contains various intuitive features like search autocomplete, camera search lookup, keyword lookup, and voice search that allow you to learn words any way you prefer.

With more than 1.4 million words, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and etc., this app proves to be the complete spelling learning support. Other additional features like word of the day, word definitions, etc. can help to groom yourself into a complete wordsmith. So, your word learning endeavor does not need going through hefty books anymore.

App Link: Playstore | App Store

9. Word of the day: Learn English

Word of the day: Learn English

Learn spellings and build vocabulary too! Also, you get to train your mind to look for spellings by doing some brain-stimulating puzzles in this spelling learning app for adults. This app allows you to stay updated about new words, most trending words, most used words, and most misspelled words. Thus, you may grow your knowledge of word spellings manifold when you choose to practice spellings and word building with this versatile app.

Now don’t regret not making flashcards, how many of these could you carry in your pockets anyway? This app allows you to have a humongous word base of 20,000 words and counting. Also, features like video explanation of words, guess the meaning activity and lot more help you sharpen your spelling skills and help finetune your vocabulary skills too.

App Link: App Store

10. Spelling Notebook: Learn, Test

Spelling Notebook: Learn, Test

Maintaining a notebook of words is an old school concept; this app gives this practice a technological makeover. When you know that you are still lagging in word spelling, you can make things better for you with this spelling learning app for students as well as adults. The app offers you a handy solution for learning the spelling of words. It also helps you get ample practice in spelling skill building by taking various tests.

The app is quite helpful in practicing words that you come across often but don’t know spelling or meaning. You can strengthen your spelling ability by using the ‘retest the word spelling’ feature.

App Link: App Store

How to derive the best benefits from spelling games and apps?

Spelling games and apps offer easily accessible learning support to spelling enthusiasts. Some researchers propose that the apps help create positive learning mood in users and attract them to practice often. So, the user approach outlines how they utilize this mood to building spelling skills. Some approaches include:

1. They must make it a point to practice daily

2. They should consider starting from basics to understanding the learning gaps

3. They can connect with others so that they can build a collaborative learning environment for themselves.

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