10 Real-life Examples Of Functional Play In Kids

Real life example of functional play

Play is a significant part of a child’s developing years. A child goes through multiple stages of play during the developing years. According to Mildred Parten Newhall, play is divided into six stages: unoccupied play, solitary play, onlooker play, parallel play, associative play, and cooperative play.  Additionally, Jean Piaget divided play into four broad categories, … Read more

Role Of Principal In Inclusive Education

Role of Principal in inclusive education

Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students – Unknown  That rightly said, the Principal is the main figure that can intentionally plan and facilitate the success of all students in the schools without making any student feel excluded. Among the various important factors that … Read more

12 Pretend Play Examples Observed During Child’s Development

Examples of Pretend Play

A child’s Imagination knows no bounds. In an imagination, a child can be anything, from a cook to a teacher or an astronaut, and interestingly, a child will not only imagine being a cook, astronaut, or teacher, but a child will also pretend to be one by acting similarly. In other words, children pretend and … Read more