10 Surprising Real-life Examples Of Conjectures

Real life example of conjecture

Patience, effort, and perseverance will lead to….. proven Conjecture!  Mathematics is a fundamental part of life that has its roots in the practical world. Understanding different mathematical concepts and applying logical reasoning to them is the basic requirement of mastering mathematical concepts. Conjecture is one such concept, based on thorough reasoning and brainstorming, and has … Read more

Printable Counting Money Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

counting money lesson plan

Money is an important asset that keeps the world moving. Earning, managing, spending, and saving money are crucial life skills required for successfully navigating the world. These skills are acquired at a young age and remain with us forever. Educators and parents play a pivotal role in helping children understand and apply these crucial skills … Read more

50 Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts [PDF Included]

compare and contrast writing prompts

Being a teacher, what do you think is a highly effective method for promoting brainstorming, creativity, and understanding of the concepts among children? Surely, there are many, and compare and contrast writing is among one of them.  Young children are full of curiosity and are always looking for new things or concepts. They often relate … Read more

Narrative Writing Checklist [PDF Included]

Narrative writing checklist

Stories are at the core of a child’s heart. From bedtime stories to interesting fiction, childhood is full of new and intriguing stories. Children’s familiarity with the stories makes it easier for them to understand the core of narrative writing- an important form of writing based on the art of storytelling.  Narrative writing is important … Read more

3 Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Templates [PDF Included]

Preschool Lesson Plan

Preschool education is not only about the prescribed syllabus; rather, it is an amalgam of both syllabi and various extra co-curricular activities necessary for a child’s holistic development. Schools, teachers, and sometimes parents are responsible for ensuring that a child engages in multiple activities in school and learns different things in their developing years.  Although, … Read more

Printable Persuasive Writing Checklist [PDF Included]

Persuasive Writing Checklist

Writing is a necessary life skill activity that is not only important for the intellectual development of a child but is also important as per the course curriculum of young children.  The foundations for good writing skills are developed and strengthened in the early years of schooling where students learn different forms of writing and … Read more

Printable Elementary Grade Shape and Pattern Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

shapes and pattern lesson plan

Can you notice at least five shapes or patterns in your immediate surroundings? We believe you can, and that too, very easily. After all, we are surrounded by various shapes and patterns that form the basis of our surroundings. From the device you are reading this article to the room you are probably sitting in, … Read more

Printable Time-telling Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

time telling lesson plan

Time-telling is a significant skill that everyone must be aware of. Understanding time is necessary to organize daily-life activities, whether for personal or professional use. It is hard to allocate time to daily activities without knowing telling time, resulting in a haphazard schedule.  Time-telling can be taught to children as young as 4 -5 years. … Read more