10 Interesting Games To Practice Division Online

The very thought of mathematics may seem to be fun for some, while it may be difficult for others. But as we grow, we realize that mathematics is used in our day-to-day life. Some essential concepts, such as division, build on other fundamental concepts like multiplication, Subtraction, and addition. However, many children find it challenging to grasp this concept. It can be attributed to mathematics often being perceived as tedious and difficult. 

That’s where these fun online games come into the picture. They don’t require any downloads or installations, making them easy to use at home! Hence, we bring you a list of 10 online division games to help your kids learn division effectively without compromising on the fun factor. 

Fun online games to help your child learn division

It is common to see children share their toys and books, handle money, and divide food. These instances help children build their division skills. If they are introduced to this concept early, they can utilize it as they go ahead. 

Given the benefits of teaching kids through online games, here is a list of some online division games through which children can get a clear idea about division, which is one of the basic building blocks of fundamental mathematics. These online games will also teach your child how fun it can be to divide and apply the technique to other aspects of their day.

Take a look!

1. Demolition Division

 Demolition Division

In this game, students need to divide numbers using their mental math skills and match the quotients with the correct division problem statement. They need to control a blaster using the mouse and keyboard to control and fire. They have to be fast to avoid their blaster being destroyed by a tank. 

To begin, tap or click PLAY. Choose a familiar name on the leaderboards, and click to play. Click or tap the tank to see the correct multiplication facts. Use your keyboard ARROWS and fire the SPACEBAR or UP arrow.

2. Division Derby

 Division Derby

Division Derby is a multi-player racing activity for kids that teaches division facts. The speed at which the horse car goes will depend on how quickly the student answers the problem correctly. The student with the best rate of correct answers wins the race. The game ends with a summary of hits and misses. 

The essential skills required for the game include ‘Mental Math’ and ‘Problem Solving approach.’ This game is based on how good your child’s memory recall approach is. Children need to match division expressions with correct quotients based on these concepts. The game helps the child to understand that division is an unknown-factor problem.

3. The speed online math game

 The speed online math game

The speed math online game helps students brush up on their basic math skills and helps them develop their mental math skills. They can choose the numbers they want to practice division with and can decide if they want to include negative integers.  After choosing numbers, they can choose between a countdown mode and a free-clock mode. The countdown mode starts ticking and ends at zero. Students must answer as many questions as they can. In the free-clock mode, they can play the game for as long as they want without worrying about time running out. After deciding on the mode of the game, equations are displayed on the screen with multiple bubbles below, each featuring a number. Only one of them is the correct answer. 

4. Lucky Drops

Lucky Drops

Lucky drops is an interesting video-based game wherein students need to control Lucky the Leprechaun, who is out on his quest to collect gold! The catch, however, is several division equations are thrown at Lucky that need to be solved so that he can collect the gold. Before the game starts, students have to choose the factor number. Based on this choice, equations are shown on the screen. Lucky needs to be controlled using the arrows on the keyboard and the spacebar key. 

5. Rooftop Ride

Rooftop Ride

Rooftop ride is a fun skateboard game wherein students need to control the character and help him skate through rooftops, avoiding chimneys and other barriers on the way. The more the number of coins he collects, the more points he has. Another way to earn points is to answer the division questions randomly on the screen. Students can also click on the ‘?’ button for hints if stuck. This game has no time limitations, and students can answer questions at their pace. 

6. The Mental Maths Train

The Mental Maths Train

In the mental maths train game students can choose what they want to practice: addition, subtraction,  multiplication, or division. Upon choosing division, they need to select one of the two modes: one is the factor mode, and the other one is the mixed table. 

In the factor mode, students need to solve division equations based on the factor they chose from the list of numbers. In the mixed table, students need to choose any one of the options, each being a combination of 2 to 3 factors. They will then need to solve mini-word problems with options for each displayed on the train. 

7. Croc Doc

 Croc Doc

In this game, students are designated as crocodiles’ dentists and have to brush their teeth by solving division equations. The game has multiple difficulty levels so that students can practice their basic skills and slowly level up to advanced levels. 

The game is divided into two modes: relaxed and fast. The relaxed mode lets students play at their pace, while in the fast mode, students need to act fast to score higher. Based on the modes they choose, they will be able to upskill their division skills. 

8. Town creator 

Town creator 

Town creator is a game where students must build a city and provide services to their citizens. They will have to build everything a city requires – from houses and schools to hospitals and factories. To build their city, students need to solve division problems. For every correct answer, one of the essentials of a city (house, hospital, school, etc.) is dropped from the hot air balloon. Every time students level up; they unlock new essentials like trees. 

9. Doggy Division Dinners

. Doggy Division Dinners

In this visually beautiful game, students can learn division by determining how many biscuits each dog can be fed.

Since division can be either grouping or sharing, Doggy Division Diners focuses on sharing, often used as a first introduction to division in real-life situations. For example, how many would each dog get if you had ten dog biscuits and five dogs? Similarly, the students need to put their minds to work and determine the answers to these problems by using the concept of ‘division through sharing.’

10. Birds v Robots – Maths Battle

Birds v Robots - Maths Battle

Birds vs Robots is a math battle that tests your knowledge of numbers and the operations that make them work. Students play as birds and are assigned the task of protecting their eggs from the robots. When they successfully answer questions correctly, they harvest some seeds which will unlock other birds. More the number of birds, the better because it gets easier to protect the eggs from the robots. Every time the protection of the eggs is compromised, the robots win. 

Final thoughts

Being capable of applying division at school helps children later in the real world. Online learning via games is a whole new world where children learn and enjoy simultaneously. The ten games suggested above will help children understand division by grouping numbers, dividing them into equal shares, and understanding the pattern that follows. These online games are interactive and child-friendly and will have children hooked on the computer screens!

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