Printable Life Skills Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

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Life is an adventure, but it can also be a bit of a jungle out there. Figuring out the application of various skills and learning them with accuracy is indeed an essential aspect of academic life. As an educator, it sure is challenging to design a curriculum that highlights different life skills at the high school level. Also, life skills are further divided into various segments making it difficult to tap on just one.

What do you do then? Simply preparing random games or activities does not help tap the potential of high schoolers. It is crucial to develop a comprehensive plan that makes students better individuals in terms of their social behavior, everyday thinking, and problem-solving skills. As teachers, the hassle to design a life skills plan is a tedious task because it needs to be innovative, fresh, and appropriate to the age.

That’s when the free printable life skills lesson plan comes into the picture. Designed in a comprehensive manner, it is a complete guide to developing students into successful individuals. The PDF is created in a manner that it taps on social behavior, communication, self-image, and interpersonal skills. The PDF offers a comprehensive way to engage students in learning skills that help transform careers. Check the complete details about the PDF in the article below.

Life skills lesson plan: What’s included?

The life skill lesson plan is a visually appealing and academically well-planned PDF for learners. Below mentioned information helps you understand the contents and clarity of thoughts put in the printable.

1. Section 1 (Page 1 to Page 3) 

Social skills are an important part of life skills for students as well as little kids. The PDF offers the first three pages that focus on different social skills including communication, building relationships, problem-solving, brainstorming, analyzing problems with different situations, connecting, and reflecting. The first three pages offer different activities along with a notes section on the right side. 

The activity on page 1 is a physical activity that also triggers students to question each other and reflect on themselves. Activity on page 2 is understanding the problem from different perspectives. The activity on page 3 makes use of different stationery materials to connect new knowledge with past knowledge and understand how it impacts the learning experience. 

2. Section 2 (Page 4 to Page 7) 

Pages 4 to 7 are focused on interpersonal skills where students get an opportunity to connect with themselves and understand the concept of self-love and self-care. Through different activities from pages 4 to 7, students also understand more about resilience, communication, creativity, and gratitude. These activities focus on understanding feelings and demonstrating the understood information. 

Page 4 focuses on an activity based on yoga to develop awareness about mind and body. Page 5 is more about an activity that enables students to understand different narratives. Page 6 is an activity about gratitude with different questions that help students reflect on them in a concrete manner. Page 7 is more about summarizing and consolidating the information in a way that looks organized and understood.

3. Section 3 (Page 8 to Page 10)

Activities mentioned on pages 8 to 10 focus on bringing out creativity and intelligence in students. It also focuses on building critical thinking skills along with team building with peers. Activity on page 8 is understanding the intelligence of students.  

Activities are precisely mentioned in bullet points on the left along with notes on the right side. Activity on page 9 enables students to think out of the box and sell an object. Detailed information is given into different boxes bifurcated into activities and notes. Activity on page 10 is more about encouraging each other and understanding the importance of happy notes. 

4. Section 4 (Page 11 to Page 14)

Life skills also demand concentration and active listening in students. At times it is also important for students to understand how nonverbal communication works. Pages 11 to 15 focus on life skills that enable students to concentrate, understand patterns, think out of the box, and also learn to operate in teams. The activity on page 11 is about understanding the importance of leadership and taking commands. 

The activity on page 12 helps students understand the importance of resilience and understanding how an activity follows a pattern. Activity on page 13 helps students understand the importance of teamwork and enhances creativity. Page 14 has an activity that is a helpful take on creativity and team learning by using different stationery materials for a successful outcome. 

The PDF of the lesson plan is attached below. You can download it for free.

Learning the essence of life skills 

As high school students embrace a new journey of academic growth, it is crucial to offer them activities and ideas that help build a better future. Know how this Lesson Plan PDF accurately taps on different life skills and why.

1. Communication 

Firstly, certain activities are well designed to foster communication skills in high schoolers who are set to experience growth and better networking in the near future. Activities promoting communication and networking skills help them become confident thereby enabling their mindsets to think wider and better.

2. Problem-Solving

With this PDF, high schoolers receive a perfect blend of activities to learn about problem-solving and decision-making. It goes without saying that these students are surely going to work on challenging projects with different teams during and after high school period. These two skills enable them to not only prosper in their endeavors but also influence others. They also get knowledge and exposure to finding creative ways to solve a problem.

3. Self Reflection 

At times, high schoolers immerse in academics wherein they forget to relax and reflect. Certain activities in this PDF focus on interpersonal skills that raise self-awareness. Only when these students learn about themselves can they better communicate and perform. There are activities planned in a way wherein students learn how to regulate emotions, empathize and understand their bodies. For the same, quotes can do wonders by igniting a sense of inspiration in high schoolers. Also, they can also check some amazing books to work on their self-reflection skill.

While most teachers often find it tricky to build lesson plans that focus on collaborative life skills, this PDF enables educators to take the best advantage of it. It also helps them build a fruitful and result-oriented curriculum for high schoolers.

Best ways to inculcate life skills

A life skill is a broad term and it definitely includes many more subcategories of skills. It is important for teachers and parents to consider different ways while teaching life skills. It helps students stay focused and not get monotonous in a similar kind of learning environment. 

  • Life skills activities are a great tool to inculcate different skills that focus on social behavior and interpersonal skills. Activities offer a comprehensive learning environment for students as they can raise queries and teachers can easily sort them out in real time.
  • Different incidental learning activities also help students experience the situation practically and learn more about it. Incident-based learning is often helpful to teach life-saving life skills. 
  • Participating in different competitions is also one of the best ways to inculcate this skill. As students face the world with problems and solutions, they are more likely to use life skills to reach a successful outcome.

Wrapping up

Life skills lesson plan PDF is a helpful take for teachers and parents to offer innovation in everyday learning. Life skills do play an important role in overall child development and it is crucial to offer the right resources to these learners.

The PDF is a genuine effort towards transforming the learning experience for students and boosting their morale to develop life skills at an early age. After all, each skill is interlinked to academic performance leading to better results. Furthermore, educators and parents can also use other tools like quotes to encourage students towards grasping life skills.

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