Printable Months Of The Year Worksheet [PDF Included]

“Our exams are in the month of December, so we still have 3 months to relax. However, we must start preparing a month in advance, that is, from November.”

Noticed anything in this sentence? Observe how the sentence is talking about a certain timeline pertaining to the months. However, the question now arises, how would the kids be able to calculate the months, and talk about timelines flawlessly, when they do not have the whole sequence of it at their fingertips?

Hence, introducing the months of the year to the kids becomes imperative, especially during the early years. The concept is often introduced to kids during the elementary years. While learning the same becomes a good example of rote learning, oftentimes, teachers might run out of ideas to help kids practice the same. Therefore, in this post, we bring to you the months of the year worksheet that can be just downloaded and printed for little learners. These can be used to practice the facile learning of the concept. 

Months of the year worksheet: What does the printable offer?

Worksheets can be an easy way to help kids learn something new, and practice it for better retention and understanding. At the same time, it is also an essential tool that can help educators understand if the student has comprehended the concept well, or where they lack and need help. 

Worksheet 1: Trace and Write

The first worksheet offers the space to write the student’s name, along with the date. Talking about the exercise, the first sheet comes with the names of the months in dotted form, which can help the students not only learn the names and the spelling but can also contribute to helping them learn to write neatly. The first sheet consists of the months of January, February, March, April, May, and June. 

Worksheet 2: Trace and Write

The second sheet is identical to the first sheet, but has the remaining 6 months of the year, like July, August, September, October, November, and December. This sheet too will help students learn the months more efficiently, and focus on the spellings of the months, as kids will learn better when they write the entire word down. 

Worksheet 3: Snip and Stick

The third page of the worksheet comes with a fun snip and stick activity, where the students first need to cut out the months, which are all jumbled up in the first column. Later, they need to stick them in the correct order in the box right next to the months. Furthermore, if the kids are young, and the educator or parent does not want to hand them the scissors, the same can be done by them, to help out the kids. 

Worksheet 4: Before and after

The before and after activity can be helpful for kids who are trying to learn the correct order of the months of the year. This page of the worksheet has 3 columns, the middle one having a particular month, for example, November. Next up, the first column is there so that students can add the “last month,” and the 3rd column can be used to add the “next month.” Hence, for example, if “this month” is November, then the student needs to mention “October,” in “last month,” and “December” in “next month.”

worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3
Worksheet 4

Other methods to inculcate months of the year

While worksheets can be a great tool to help kids inculcate crucial concepts like months of the year. However, there are many other tools and resources that can be used by parents and educators. Some of them are:

  1. Rhymes: Rhymes can be one tool that can help students learn the month of the year. Being a form of rote learning, by learning the rhyme, kids will automatically learn the order of the months facilely. 
  1. YouTube videos: With the advent of technology, kids have now become more inclined towards learning through digital aid like YouTube videos. Hence, there are many YouTube videos that teach the concept of months of the years. One of the reasons why such a tool becomes efficient is kids learn and get educated without much hassle, and without the feeling of being taught. 
  1. Games: Both online and offline games and activities can help students learn through gamification. The efficiency of games can be evaluated by the fact that kids learn bundles without the feeling of studying. 
  1. Shared reading: Shared reading can be one method where kids can recite and learn the months of the year. This practice can be done in class and can serve as a good shared reading example. 
  1. Books: From textbooks to picture books, several books can be bought off the shelves that can help the kids to learn the months of the year in the correct order. Furthermore, these books can also help students retain the right order, and recite it whenever needed. 


Just like many other concepts, learning the months of the year, in the correct order can be crucial for adulthood. This worksheet can help students learn the months in the right sequence, and retain them forever. Furthermore, the worksheet can also be used by students who are into homeschooling or wish to practice more and more concepts during long vacations. So go ahead, and download the worksheet to learn the months of the year! 

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