Top 5 Schools For Learning Disabilities In India

Guidance is often crucial for learners to improve not only academically but also personally. Specialized schools are often an eminent choice for many parents in this context due to organized and experienced training. But can these academics be apt for special students? Being aware of the specialized instruction that they need, mentors may look for those choices that serve special children.

To support you in this expedition, we have elucidated the need for special schools and how do they assist? Later, we highlighted a list of fitting academy choices that you may prefer to choose from. These institutes are based in India, and some of these also facilitate financially being non-profit organizations. 

Schools for special education: Why is it imperative?

With some compromises, some individuals may need special training to ensure understanding. Further, a supportive environment may also help them achieve success. These are the reasons why enrolling in learning disability focused schools can be necessary. Here are a few insights worth comprehending:

1. Percent of students with a learning compromises

Delhi, the capital of India, alone has about 37,000 kids diagnosed with one of the other learning compromises. At a global level, these numbers may be alarming. Giving importance to their issues and supporting them sooner can assist them to be further productive in the workplace later. 

2. It hampers all aspects of life

A learning compromise may need the individual to adjust their life accordingly. Learning incapacities create problems not only in school but at work, with friendships, etc. Proper guidance since childhood is required to be able to understand the weak areas and accordingly work on them.

3. Lack Of Awareness

A lot of times, a learning compromise may be ignored. Mentors may perceive multiple reasons behind the learner being poor in academics. Notwithstanding this developing interest, a mass population in India often does not have a reasonable thought regarding the occurrence and pervasiveness of learning compromises.

4. Low confidence

Special learning youngsters have a lower level of self-assurance that may show impact to compete with their classmates in school. Specialized school provides an environment in which they would not experience mixed feelings due to collaborating learning styles.

How these can assist students with learning difficulties?

The figures above may depict the need for special training. We may infer the importance of these schools for the learning compromised. These schools follow distinct teaching modules, special teachers often focus on better training for kids. 

Let’s look at some of the features which can be advantageous for little learners who due to their different brain activities, have problems in reading, understanding, grasping, and retaining. 

1. Empathy

School for students with learning compromises may be preferable as it ensures these kids feel there are people who can relate to their pain, and thereby feel rejuvenated. Their mentors often behave with patience to support. This empathy often creates great value.

2. Personalized approach

The schools provide personalized attention to each and every student according to their weak areas and the type of learning compromises they have. Each student is taught in a different way with varying techniques that are specifically customized for them.

3. 24/7 guidance

Special children may feel it is arduous not only in academics but in all aspects of life. Managing these can make them easier to compete in school as well as the workplace.  In such schools, they are guided at all times and in most aspects. This makes their everyday tasks much easier.

4. Resources

These schools often provide each student with all of the resources they require to succeed in their studies. These resources may vary based on the grasping abilities, making it personalized.  The resources are also designed and tailored to their needs. Some noteworthy strategies are Visual graphics, learning by images, and multisensory learning.

List of Schools in India majorly focusing on learning disabilities

Being aware of how a specialized school assists, to help you further, we here mentioned eight choices you may be interested to learn about:

1. Nalanda Foundation

NLFP teaches students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorders by offering a positive and supportive atmosphere that supports learning diversity and promotes academic, personal, and social progress. Its goal is to guarantee that every kid with Learning Disabilities receives appropriate education and is integrated into mainstream society. They give an emotionally and physically secure and experienced learning environment.

Established in 1998, this school gives special attention to students with learning disabilities by teaching them using various programs and methodologies which have proven to be advantageous for them. Beyond academics, this school also focuses on recreation and activities and motivates these learning compromised children into athletics and sports. 

Each division of the school has 15 students, so specialized attention can be given to all. Apart from this, they have content made by trained teachers and also have facilities like counseling and remediation. 

Official site

2. Aditya Birla Integrated School

This school’s purpose is to develop potential in order to produce happy, confident, balanced, and self-sufficient learners while developing qualities such as amity, boldness, honesty, and sincerity. This institute offers an exclusive special education program for special children plastering out their substandard abilities, thereby assisting them to compete.  

The TABIS campus offers six speech training, which is powered by utilities like language therapy labs, sensory integration gyms, audio-visual aids, and much more. Consequently, the ultimate aim is to develop a body of knowledge and competence in the subject of special learning needs in order to provide tailored educational plans, information services, resources, guidance, and therapeutic interventions to parents, teachers, and professionals working in this field.  

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3.  Vidyaniketan public School

Teaching individuals with learning compromises may need further personalization and a crafted curriculum. Vidyaniketan has taken a step forward to ensure these. It claims to combine the expectations of learning styles for the comfort of special children. 

With its initiative known as SAMBHAV, a team of special educators was created to coach and improve overall academic performance. Students are timely analyzed for their updates and are  guided accordingly. 

Located in South Bangalore, this academy ensures education up to standard XII and provides a noteworthy scope for special children to improve. 

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4. Aatman Academy

Based in Thane, Maharashtra, this school claims to be one of the top ten schools for learners with some compromise in the learning domain. The school initially started off by teaching students with LDs. Later, after 10 years, they expanded and also started helping other special needs students.

The school understands that each kid is unique, and for that reason, they have an inclusive learning program that helps each student differently. Understanding the learning needs of the students, the teachers of the school are trained to be compassionate, empathetic, and patient towards the kids which helps them immensely in the learning process.

Ensuring a physically and psychologically safe environment for kids with learning disabilities, they even offer alternative learning methods which are used carefully based on where the learning compromise of the child is – reading, learning, understanding, or writing!

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5. Heritage Xperiential Learning School

Based in the NCR region of India, this school works on shaping the citizens of the country who have learning compromises. This school claims to work on a quality education module, where every child’s learning bandwidth is carefully monitored so that they can be inculcated accordingly. The school’s special needs program helps children pick up what is being taught on their own pace. 

The school promotes encouraging students to respect their own uniqueness and that of their classmates. The program for students with learning disabilities is designed to meet their needs so that they can cope with the curriculum without struggles. With alternative teaching, the school is also open to students with behavioral concerns, and other differently-abled children. 

The school works on different models with each child so that they can absorb the information in the best possible way. 

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If you are looking for a Boarding school

Apart from the day schools, educators and institutes have started understanding the profuse need for boarding schools for children who are compromised in the learning domain. These help the students become more behaviourally and habitually learned which ultimately impacts their education. Moreover, these boarding schools are also great for kids who live in other cities but wish to acquire education from that particular school due to the advancement in education for young minds who find it difficult to read, write, understand or retain.

Here are a few residential schools that specialize in teaching and inculcating the learning disabled. 

1. Kaliyuva Mane Residential School

This school is a free residential school started by the Divya Deepa Charitable Trust. Focusing on free education and boarding facilities for underprivileged kids, this school also pays extra attention to kids enrolling with learning disabilities.

A lot of students after enrolment are to be found having some of the other learning compromises. The school then uses different models, teachers, methods, and programs for these children so that their focus on education does not shift, and their intellectual capacity is put to optimum use.

Working on the educational upliftment of the students coming from underprivileged homes, the school claims to provide them special education for LDs so that they are transformed into self-reliant citizens. 

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Set in Andhra Pradesh, this boarding school is a learning center, that offers full-time remediation programs for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other learning compromises. They also pay extra focus on students with language-based learning disabilities. They thrive to promote their academics by conducting evaluations that provide their educational insights.

Apart from this, they place the students in the classes as per their ability, so that they can move ahead with their pace and time. With continuous and close monitoring, teachers are trained with later research-supported practices and a professional environment that promotes the kids in the field of education.

The school provides a broad curriculum so that kids do not feel pressurised and burdened. They also focus on helping young minds develop four core skills – problem-solving, independence, communication, and teamwork. 

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In our society, there are a large number of youngsters with learning compromises who may be unaware that they require specialized attention. Specialized boarding schools may turn up as an excellent option for children who want to get on the right track. Their academics and personal development get a boost, possibly with the right guidance. Furthermore, these schools will assist students in their general development and growth in order to help them become self-sufficient. Check out the picks that we stated above and see if any of them can be a good take in for your little learners.

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