Top 10 Books On Speech Therapy [2024]

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While speech therapy and exercises vary from child to child, books are meant for everyone. Speech therapy books can prove to be a beneficial tool in increasing a child’s active participation in enhancing his/her communication skills. Don’t know how? Let us tell you. Reading to your child helps in building and enhancing their communication skills. It improves their expressive vocabulary, auditory comprehension, word knowledge, etc. But, if you have to read a book to your children, how can this be active participation?

How can you make reading effective?

Well, you need to put an extra effort into making your child fall in love with the books and actively participate in the activity. It should be 1:1 participation where you just don’t read the lines but make it more fun and exciting, along with making it more knowledgeable. Ask them to read a line or explain a picture to you. This activity will not only aid your child’s comprehensive and phonetic knowledge but also encourages them to be expressive.

We understand your concern. Therefore, we have curated a list of interesting speech therapy books you might need right now.

Interesting books to read on speech therapy

1. What are they doing?

 What are they doing?

This amazing fun book has been developed by a speech and language pathologist, aiming to enhance your child’s speaking and comprehension skills via the allegory of animals in the book. This book can be of great help for your child to learn how to form a simple sentence structure. Also, it helps to acquire basic English language acquisition skills. It claims to be beneficial for children with autism and language delay.

It consists of simple repeating sentences with cute illustrative pictures to engulf your child’s participation. Besides, it helps your child to understand that verbs are ‘action words’ too in a wonderful manner. It especially serves in working on verbs with -ing ending.

2. My toddler talks

My toddler talks

This book is insightful in learning how to engage your toddler with play-time routines that help in speech stimulation while having fun. It comprises twenty-five fun play routines that are a great help to improve your child’s language and speech skills. It is an easy and efficient book, including step-by-step directions to evoke communication from your child’s end.

Straightforward instructions, along with many examples, help to foster comprehension and understanding skills. It can be a great help to parents whose toddlers are going through a speech delay.

3. The speech teacher’s handbook

The speech teacher's handbook

This booklet is easy-to-follow and quick to understand. It can be a good reference tool, complete with practical language tips. It is a great resource for parents who want their kids to understand the complexities of talking and listening. Also, it comprises simple and fun activities that can help your child improve his/her speech and language skills.

This book explains how to incorporate strategies for boosting language development within your child’s everyday activities and routine.

4. Speech Therapy for Toddlers

Speech Therapy for Toddlers

This is a brilliant book with more than 130 ideas that can be adapted to a even greater number to help your child with speech delay. In fact, it works like a charm even if your child does not have speech delay impairements by providing multiple games to help improve your child’s verbal abilities. Whats more..the ideas can be adapted even for your older kids. Give them the confidence to own the art of public speaking with brilliant ideas from the book!

It also contains 8 age appropriate checklists to let you check your child’s speech progress!

5. Bruno’s Ball: Speech and language therapy books

Bruno's Ball: Speech and language therapy books

The book is an exciting adventure along with Bruno, the energetic puppy. It is a vocabulary building and speech therapy exercise as we follow Bruno’s ball. It has an interactive story dialogue, a story vocabulary with supplemental tracking sheets and positional concepts. You also get to search for the ‘secret password’ to unlock even more adorable activities!

It is useful for children from 18 months to 6 years and is based on learning through ‘Play and Action’.

6. The teaching of talkings

The teaching of talkings

This book claims to be a substitute for professional speech therapy sessions. As the author says, “By learning to do what is in Teaching of Talking, you will be more self-sufficient and will not have to rely on anyone to provide your loved one with expert speech therapy.”

It is as useful for adults as for children. Specifically designed for people who have developed speech issues after a stroke or an injury. It helps them to be more confident while articulating a word or a sentence. This book comprises some efficient techniques to help gain the right speech fluency in the comfort of your home. It is a thesaurus of knowledge in terms of methods and techniques to help people improve talking.

7. The Conversation Train

The Conversation Train

This book focuses on helping children with autism. With the analogy of the train, this colorful book helps them understand how everyday conversations work. It is an imaginative, well-illustrated, and interesting read for anyone who seeks to help a person with ASD.

Implementing its metaphorical illustration it describes the parts of the speech as the parts of the train. Thus, effectively enhancing the speech skills. It also helps them in being more confident while in a conversation.

8. Tongue-Tied


The solution to the problem of Oral tethers is laid out brilliantly in this book. It is a well-researched, comprehensive, informative, and resourceful guide to help people understand the subject.

Tongue-Tied includes the people’s experiences, along with all the current information on tethered oral tissues and the speech difficulties they lead to. It tackles numerous problems related to speech generated from tongue ties. This book can be a great source of knowledge for people in the healthcare community and parents to get an insight into how and when related to this specific problem.

9. It takes two to talk

It takes two to talk

This book truly is a blessing for parents whose children are going through a speech delay. It comprises fun and easy strategies to be intermingled with the everyday routine of your child. These strategies become an effective tool in making early language intervention a completely natural and ongoing part of everyday life.

Written in a parent-friendly language, It gives a step-by-step road map to assist your kids with certain problems they are facing leading to their speech delay.

10. Superstar Speech

 Superstar Speech

It provides a relaxed and structured approach to enhance your child’s language and speech skills. It assists you in correcting the articulation errors in your child’s speech.

Also, it comes with a manual that comprises an articulation test that can help parents to identify specific speech errors and compare them to developmental norms. It also includes tips to teach simple phonetic sounds along with games and picture cards. This book has a versatile nature that gives you the flexibility to customize your lesson plans.

Summing up,

It must be understood that books cannot be a substitute for expert speech therapies but can prove to be a great aid. They are a great source of knowledge and can become an essential tool in improving one’s language and speech skills. Speech therapy books provide a natural context for learning vocabulary. They are fun, convenient, and efficient altogether.

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