10 Best Delayed Speech Therapy Apps [Updated 2022]

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Last Updated on February 7, 2022 by Editorial Team

We all are born with a unique skill set and require different ways to unleash our true potential. But having a skill-set is not enough. We have to be fluent in communication (verbal as well as non-verbal) to put forth the ideas correctly. A child development curve tells a lot about the age-appropriate skills one must have possed at a certain age. One of the most common delays observed in a child’s growth is that of the delay of speech.

Such individuals are also known as late talkers. These difficulties have also been observed in individuals with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia. Hence, it becomes important to implement proper intervention strategies to tackle these difficulties. Caretakers/educators needn’t worry as there are numerous technological breakthroughs in all spaces, and overcoming these difficulties is also possible.

In this article, we shall know about factors causing delayed speech and the excellent apps that are helpful in dealing with delayed speech. So, let’s begin!

Delayed speech: What exactly causes it?

Children exhibit delayed speech; various reasons contribute to it. It is a well-known fact that children learn largely by copying others. Delayed speech, therefore, finds its reasons mostly in families where the communication is hindered due to:

  1. Multi-lingual environment at home
  2. Poorly educated parents
  3. Inadequate stimuli
  4. Consanguineous marriages (gives rise to recessive traits)

There are certain medical conditions related to the larynx, or instances of seizure disorder or asphyxia during birth, which can also cause speech delays.

List of 10 apps helpful for delayed speech therapy

1.   Stamurai – Stuttering/ Stammering Speech Therapy

Stamurai - Stuttering/ Stammering Speech Therapy app

Stamurai, a splendid speech therapy app, aids the stutterers/stammerers to fight the suffering of delayed speech, stuttering, and stammering by rendering cutting-edge speech therapy techniques. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Learning and practicing the exclusive techniques help achieve the best fluency possible. The app details out precisely the necessary tutorials and various ranges of exercises, including the Preparatory Sets, Pausing, Pull Outs, Light Contacts, Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), Feared Words section, and much more.

Other exciting and unique learning sessions like the reading practice, recording one’s own voice, and playing back, practicing of sounds than the words, are also at one’s reach with Stamurai app. Vanish all worries of the daily struggle of delayed speech with Stamurai!

App Link: Playstore  |  Appstore

2.   Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children (MITA)

Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children (MITA) apps

‘Language and Cognitive Therapy for Children’ can leave anyone amazed by the number of benefits it offers. It is one of the earliest intervention programs for children with language delay, stammering/ struggling as well as autism.

Enriched with clinical data, it offers non – ending language as well as cognitive exercises for children from three years until the tenth year. Using the approach called MITA( Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism), the learners are trained in mental integration, right from simple vocabulary, to higher forms of language, like the verbs, adjectives, pronouns, as well as syntax for reinforcing language skills along with combatting delayed speech.

App Link: Playstore

3.   Fonate DAF – Stuttering Help

Fonate DAF - Stuttering Help apps

Fonate DAF helps to combat delayed speech – stuttering/stammering, by having a vibrant melange of Frequency Altered Feedback (FAF) and Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF). The use of a wired or a Bluetooth headset offers the best results as it aids one to hear one’s voice with a little delay, and a change in pitch is also seen as the user speaks.

Developed by a speech-language pathologist, the app generates a “choral effect” that has been proven to lessen stuttering in many individuals. Continuous and comprehensive learning is offered to the users and required individuals that proffer a visible output – enhanced word fluency!

App Link: Appstore

4.   Otsimo – Speech and Language Therapy SLP

Otsimo - Speech and Language Therapy SLP app

Otsimo, a fun-filled educational app, is the perfect all-day companion as a speech-language therapist, for tiding over delayed speech therapy.

Repository of innovative features like video modeling, it is the only app that combines both voice and speech recognition technology and modern machine learning technology – the app completely gets what every child with delayed, stammered speech tries to say!

These technologies accurately identify the words, improve the speech therapy training, and also evaluate if the articulation and pronunciation have improved or not.

The interactive assistive games make the learning process livelier and joyous, and practicing techniques, too, are knowledge enriching, rewarding, and enriching!

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

5.   Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy app

Speech Blubs, an awe-inspiring speech therapy app, is completely voice-controlled that allows a late talker/ individual with delayed speech to gain a hold of the speech without stammering or struggling.

A recipient of the Social Impact award, the app features more than a thousand five hundred peculiar activities that stimulate the production of sounds in late talkers in a stimulating and indulging educational environment.

Scientifically proven and practically useful techniques like video modeling are used to improve articulation and pronunciation. Special effects and rewards are also offered to boost the interest to learn and practice. Mustn’t miss an adorable educator!

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

6.   Articulation Station Pro

Articulation Station Pro app

Little Bee Speech’s ‘Articulation Station Pro’ is a valuable gem to be treasured for all late talkers who have delayed speech, stammering/stuttering.

Articulation Station Pro, developed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, is skillfully crafted in every aspect. Each of the twenty-two programs has a beautiful essence with captivating visuals to quickly teach the words.

The blends of l, r, s letters, more than a thousand target words, different levels of stories, and much more are to add to the fantastic journey of speech therapy experience! You will love the rejuvenating and exciting activities like flashcards, matching games, rotating sentences, and much fun await!

App Link: Appstore

7.   Speech sounds visualized

Speech sounds visualized app

Speech sounds visualized, is an exclusively approaching app that would help one understand and visualize how speech sounds are created in English. This amazing approach allows one to see by one’s own eyes how speech is in action, and that can drastically improve learning!

Breathtaking x-ray videos of every sound’s formation in the mouth are accurately portrayed. Additionally, there are insightful and awesome three-dimensional animations for every sound, one wishes to see, and the latest updates help to switch between videos and animations.

Meanwhile, multiple other features like recording capability, slow motion features, zoom feature, stimulate progress. It’s thus a must include in every late talker’s toolkit!

App Link: Appstore

8.   ArtikPix

ArtikPix app for speech delay

ArtikPix, a fantastic articulation app is a perfect solution for late talkers’ daily struggles. Speech sound delays and lags are addressed with innovative and engaging solutions – flashcards and matching activities.

Additionally, the most important and unique feature of ArtikPix is the availability of group scoring. It can ensure that even an unlimited number of learners per group can involve in the aforementioned activities.

A step-by-step guide is offered to learn words, to participate in the contests and activities, to view a student’s notes and scores, and many more tasks, which enhances the independence and self-sustainability of the child.

App Link: Appstore

9.   FluencyCoach

FluencyCoach speech therapy app

As the name insists, ‘FluencyCoach’ really coaches one to strive to have greater fluency.  The fundamental essence of the app is to recreate one of the significant aspects of talking – ‘choral speech effect,’ an effect that happens when people speak in chorus.

Thus, the app insists that a user speaks in chorus/line with oneself after a little delay and an alteration in the pitch. The effect has been proven and scientifically known to bring upon fluent speech in late talkers, people with delayed speech issues, stammering/ stuttering.

Check out this exciting app as you will surely fall for a plethora of user-friendly features, personalized training, and literally what not is awaiting!

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

10.  Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy speech delayed therapy app

Constant Therapy is a perfect educator for people with delayed speech, coping with speech intelligibility issues like aphasia, Parkinson’s, dementia, and other speech, language as well as cognitive disorders.

The award-winning app helps to practice the basic and required life skills like language skills, speech, memory, cognition, reading anytime, and anywhere. A customized approach that helps one to select one’s recovery goals and an infinite number of scientists-certified exercises are other feathers on the cap of Constant Therapy.

Pairing with the clinical trials and treatment or pursuing individualized learning with the app can offer the best results and constant growth. Use this clinically proven software to visualize and understand the actual real-time progress made by oneself to make lives better and lessen worries!

App Link: Playstore | Appstore

Closing note

Delayed speech is undoubtedly a significant concern for all late talkers, their caretakers, educators, and everyone concerned with them. Societal, peer, financial pressure is to be encountered. Various resources have been developed to combat this issue, gamification quotient surpasses all of these in engaging people in learning with more dedication.

But with cost-effective and efficient solutions like these best apps mentioned above, the late-talkers can actually foster a great positive impact in their life; at the end of the day, they are no different from all of us!

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