DIY Paper Tree Craft

Paper tree craft

There’s no better way to engage kids than to involve them in crafting. A new craft not only keeps kids busy for an hour or two, but it also helps in their all-round development. Besides boosting their creativity and imagination, crafts improve their fine motor skills while they do all the cutting and gluing. They … Read more

DIY Easy Multiplication Craft

Multiplication Craft

Multiplication is an important mathematical concept, and having a strong hold on it is necessary for handling complex mathematical operations. To begin with, every child must learn times tables to become proficient at multiplying numbers. The fact that multiplication tables are a classic example of rote learning; most of us have learned them through repetition.  … Read more

DIY CVC Pocket Chart

DIY CVC pocket chart

The foundation of reading skills starts by introducing kids to individual letter sounds, followed by teaching them CVC words. These simple words are formed by blending three phonemes with distinct sounds. CVC words follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern and are integral to introducing kids to the art of reading.  Teachers use a multitude of tools to … Read more

DIY: How To Make A Planner Out Of A Notebook *Step-by-step Guide*

planner using notebook

Planners are a great way to stay organized. The use of planners is not restricted to working professionals. In fact, any person can benefit from using a planner. You need to find your purpose and choose accordingly. Stay-at-home moms and dads can use planners to help them plan out chores, activities, doctor appointments, and much … Read more

DIY: Making Quick & Easy Animal Crafts For Kids

Animal craft and story retelling

Kids love stories. Stories take them to an imaginary world that they see through their own eyes. In addition to stimulating curiosity, stories support brain development and improve concentration. It also helps build social and communication skills.  Reading stories is a part of my daughter’s daily routine. Snuggling on the bed with her favorite blanket … Read more

DIY: Types Of Triangle Craft

DIY Types of Triangles

Art and crafts are important for a child’s development. These activities allow self-expression, develop patience and confidence, promote planning and organization skills, improve fine motor skills, and enhance understanding of academic subjects.  That’s why I always try to use art and craft activities at home to strengthen school learning. Recently, my daughter learnt about the … Read more