Free Printable Dyslexia Worksheets for practice[PDF]

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There is no official science-backed treatment or medication to treat dyslexia. For all we know, the best way to overcome dyslexia is to adapt a new learning process as early as possible in life. We already discussed a couple of ways of doing it.

Another important measure is to practice well. This is best achievable through worksheets. Practicing worksheets catering specifially to pupils with dyslexia in routine seems to be successful in this aspect. As the age grows,so does the level of understanding through these worksheets and the pupil make a good progress on overcoming the issues.

As per the demand of our users, Numberdyslexia made some worksheets for practice, specifically for students with dyslexia. These worksheets are designed based on the Orton Gillingham approach. We already made some OG specific worksheets. So, do check it out too. We’ve focused individual aspect of the approach and try to incorporate it in the worksheets.

Here are the free printable dyslexia worksheets for practice. You can also download the pdf version below.

1. Color It

First worksheet triggers the most common skill that orton gillingham is all based upon i.e. Multisensory Learning. In this, Students have to trace the letters as given with a pencil, sketch or crayons. Students must try to be within the limits of the stroke of the letters.

free printable dyslexia worksheet color the letters trace it with pdf version

2. Jumbled Words

In our second worksheet, we are given jumbled words. Students have to find the correct word. After finding the word, either they can cut and paste from the left side to given spaces or draw/write it in the spaces given with a sketch or pen. Teachers can further take it to next level by giving longer jumbled words.

free printable dyslexia worksheets jumbled words with pdf version

3. Letter Discrimination

This worksheet helps dyslexic kids improve the ability to discriminate between similar looking letters. This is one of the most common issue faced by pupils with dyslexia. Teachers are requested to follow up with more similar exercises.

free printable dyslexia worksheets letter discrimination with pdf version

4. Which way?

Another side effect of dyslexia is the difficulty with directions. Individuals with dyslexia often struggle with left, right, east or west. This worksheet helps kids practice the same in an interactive way. Students must find all the route from the star to the goal. As they search, draw the route and write the instructions to reach through the route in the given space. Start can’t pass through the obstacles. 

free printable dyslexia directional difficulty worksheets with pdf version

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