Difference Between Abacus And Soroban

Abacus vs Soroban

Regular academics get fascinating when distinct manipulatives are employed in pedagogies. Math is one such subject where pupils can employ estimators. Abacus is one such handy reckoner that has attained universality. In View of after-school programs, the abacus has a set of edges and catches too. Does the implementation of Soroban mitigate these?  While the … Read more

Top 10 Books For Boosting Mental Math Skills

Mental math books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Mental math means doing calculations without the use of pen and paper or counting fingers. It is developed through practice which leads to mastery. Several resources both offline and online, such as activities and games can improve mental maths skills. But, the … Read more

How Dyscalculia Affects Budgeting Skills?

Dyscalculia & Budgeting Skills

Dyscalculia interferes with one’s ability to recognize and process numbers and establish numeric relationships. Various life skills become difficult to learn due to this learning disability. One such skill is budgeting that primarily involves numbers. Even those not diagnosed with dyscalculia show a lag in budgeting skills. Reasons can be many including ineffective teaching, absence … Read more

10 Decimal Examples And Applications In Real Life To Understand It Better

Decimal applications

Be it conversion from hundreds to thousands, or measuring oil precisely, decimals is a less spoken math notion that is apparent in our day-to-day life. Evidently, 2.25 pounds sounds more accurate than 2 pounds. Derived from the Latin word Decimus- implying ten, this concept deals with fractions with 10s at the denominator. Some spellbinding exemplars … Read more

9 Important Mental Math Tools And Resources

mental math tools & resources

Mathematical estimation without pen and paper is sometimes incumbent, which necessitates the comprehension of mental math skills. Calculating without the use of gadgets, using one’s mental potential turns pivotal, as it is needed practically time and again.  Germane training resources employed at a tender age can be instrumental for kids, nourishing their brains. That being … Read more

12 Helpful Homeschool Manipulatives For Little Aspirants

Homeschooling manipulatives

Learning difficulties, other attention-deficit disorders, and disabilities of both physical and learning nature pose hindrances to gaining education in conventional ways. Despite the Law of FAPE in place, students don’t get proper public education support at times. Homeschooling comes as a workable solution for such cases. It does have its challenges too. How to make … Read more

8 Engaging Activities And Online Games for Learning LCM & HCF

Lcm & hcf games and activities

Most of us when learning about factorization would wonder how would it come in use practically? Well, when a set of items needs to be split into equal smaller sections, LCM and HCF come to the scene implicitly. Comprehending these notions can be taxing for some. Fortunately, fun learning-based games and activities can unravel the … Read more

10 Manipulatives For Teaching Fraction Circles

fraction circle manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. It took me a lot of struggle when I chose to enlighten my child with fractions of circles. When I could not make him understand what exactly 1/2, 3/4, etc of a circle mean, I found an easy solution in a pizza. … Read more

10 Hands-on Activities To Practice Rounding Decimals

Rounding decimals hands-on-activities

What is rounding? What exact methods are used in rounding decimals? Do you think it is tricky? Rounding is a method used to estimate a specific figure in a given circumstance. While rounding decimals, for instance, look at the next digit in the correct position to round a number; if it is less than 5, … Read more