Printable Multiplication Chart for Kids 

multiplication chart for kids

Ever wondered how basic mathematical operations like multiplication make our lives easier? For example, while calculating the amount of several items of equal price or while knowing the total amount of money you require if you spend a fixed amount of money for some days and so on, the application of multiplication is everywhere. It … Read more

DIY Quick & Easy To Make Origami Stars

Origami Stars

The education system across the world has evolved over the years. Earlier, it was more about the traditional way of teaching, wherein the teacher taught a lesson and the students learned. However, in recent times, we have seen schools adopting new teaching approaches to bring novelty to learning methods. Considering the importance of art integration … Read more

All About Me Worksheets for Children

All about me Worksheets for children

The beginning of the school year is highly awaited for teachers, students, and even parents. And why not? The new term brings with it a lot of excitement and anticipation for coming opportunities, learning, responsibilities, and fun.  As much as kids are excited about a new journey, they find themselves immersed in various questions like … Read more