Top 6 Apps For Building Sequencing Skills

Digital and technological developments have been a significant part of the growing modern era. The AI-based platforms, enhanced graphics,  customized technical backgrounds, etc., have been a substantial companion of human civilization and evolution. Today’s world has become codependent on tech products and improved digital interactions to execute their practical daily tasks. 

These aids of digitalization have also proved to be quite beneficial in terms of learning, skill-enhancing, and enhancing self progression through the use of digital tools. The primary executive and fundamental skills like sequencing, communication, logical analysis, etc., have also included themselves with technological advances to allow individuals to enhance themselves.

Fundamental growth skills like sequencing allow an individual to organize thoughts & actions,  systematically strategize events, and arrange things sequentially to act. These skills have a vast area of impact and interest on an individual’s life, as they help them maintain an organized and systemic lifestyle. With the incorporation of sequencing-based techniques and skills into digital platforms like various creative apps, web-based interactions, methodical online skill learning, etc., the users have found a broad approach and vast new experience to dive in. 

Sequencing: A skill for everyone 

Sequencing is a crucial simplified skill that allows logical development and scientific inquiry benchmark. In addition, this concept helps individuals signify patterns that make their activities streamlined and easy to handle. Sequencing can help organize communication, thoughts, data, and actions uniquely. 

However, the sequencing ability depends mainly on improving executive functioning skills like making an individual more focused and attentive, helping them organize activities and items systematically, enhancing cognitive thinking, and enhancing high memory. It may be challenging to become well-versed with information, communicate correctly, perform multi-step task completion, and identify problems without better organization skills.

There are also various applications of sequencing skills like arranging events of a situation or story in an organized manner to identify the motive of the report. These skills are vital in allowing individuals to complete their daily tasks by understanding the order of their schedule and the chronology in which the tasks finish.

Sequencing apps – How to choose a germane take-in?

While there are a number of apps that one may choose to ameliorate sequencing skills, not all of them may be good enough for them. Here are some common attributes that can aid you to choose a better app in your expedition: 

  • Ensures Engagement: Switching to a digital means of learning implies a better interaction and user interface.  Accordingly, while one may choose a sequencing app, they may require to ensure if these are interactive enough to invest time on it.  
  • Distinctive Challenges: While sequencing can be perceived as a simple notions with a set of close ended problems, this can be practiced better when the challenges are distinctive and enticing at the same time. 
  • Safe to Use: Not all apps are safe to be retained in the phone. The security can be warranted by choosing those picks that are available in reliable stores. For android, playstore is a safe choice, for iOS users app store is the pick. 
  • Sequential Approach: Not many may like diving into complicated problems directly. This method can eventually make the learners lose interest. Those apps that ensure simple challenges to ice break and then drastically lean towards complex ones must be preferred. 

Ensuring these crucial considerations, we here shared a few picks for your comprehension. 

Apps for building sequencing skills 

Some various on-site platforms and apps help individuals improve their sequencing skills. The most important applications of these digital platforms, like apps, are that users can learn and enhance their skills anywhere and anytime by just the gift of technology. These apps also sometimes come in a customized manner according to users, where they can select or choose the types of activity according to their requirements and needs. They can also manage their schedule and use these apps to incorporate learning within their daily activities and needs.



iSEQUENCES is an educational app for children that allows them to practice 100 different sequence-based activities about daily situations, such as regular habits like brushing their teeth, cleaning hands, getting dressed, or going to sleep. They also consist of other fun and exhilarating activities like exploring the beach, watching movies, or performing sports and fitness.

There are two different activities included in this app: the first one aims at putting 3 or 4 images in order of what may position first, next, last, while the other activity asks the user to either choose the right end to a sequence (between 2 or 3 variants) or let the user depict how the character in the series is feeling.

The app would enable the user to place the images incorrectly, which is excellent for collecting baseline information. Still, it will also provide positive feedback (fireworks and adjoining music) when the player chooses the sequence correctly. There may be a few-second delay before the input appears, so the player can constantly shift to the following collection of images if they want to avoid it!

App link: Appstore

2. Advanced Video Sequences

Advanced Video Sequences

Created by Zorten software and designed explicitly for i-pad and Mac-OS users, this app allows users to experience and enhance their story sequencing skills on a much better level.

The users can make customized movies that can be branched into short clips and rearranged to learn and teach sequencing. Users can also watch these available ready-made videos to share and enhance new skills. The app might work great for Teletherapy and Telepractice!

The app allows users to have an intriguing and fun learning experience by improving their organization of ideas and actions. For example, the users can make any video of their daily work routine like brushing and then split it into three parts to understand the sequence of the events. The app also allows users to edit videos by changing scenes, adding voice-over audios, or including verbal guessing.

App link: Appstore

3. Sequencing Tasks: Life Skills

Sequencing Tasks: Life Skills

Sequencing Tasks, developed by Judy Linn Software, is a video modeling designed and sequencing-based app that allows users to improve and test their organization and memory skills based on actual life activities.

Sequencing Tasks – The life Skills app focuses on cognitive thinking and memory recollection ability to chronologically arrange photos of an activity. The app contains many pre-made tasks that begin with a video demonstrating a daily life skills task such as “Washing your hands.” After the video finishes, the user observes a repetition of the scheme using three still photos split out from the video depicting each task level.

The user then arranges the pictures according to the sequence of the events and progress to the next task.

App link: Appstore

4. ZApps


ZApps is a sequencing-based learning app created by A. Zubair explicitly for Autistic children. Although users might think this app is being designed expressly for Autistic children, the app’s features and the options are mostly similar for all age groups.

The app is applicable for all age groups and all types of users. It helps every individual develop their skills of organizing events and actions in a chronological sequence of steps. The app also allows users to understand the significance of storytelling sequencing, teaches recollection of activities, improves time concepts, etc.

App link: Playstore

5. Sequences


Making Sequences, developed by Auticiel, is another sequencing app that helps users and kids master the art of organizing events and activities orderly.

Sequences is designed to help teach storytelling order or master the activity’s steps. The teachers may teach customized daily living skills or have fun teaching kids to arrange stories starring themselves chronologically. The teacher may include 15 photo sequences included with narration. The students can further use these readymade sequences for making their arrangements by uploading pictures, adding voice recordings, etc.

App link: Playstore

6. StepByStep Sequencing for iPhone

This app is similar to step-by-step sequencing premium in some ways, but this app is explicitly available for i-phone users.  Soar therapy also developed this app but has some differences in activity range and task completion.

This app also allows users to sharpen, improve, organize and analyze their sequencing skills based on actual life situations. Moreover, users get to reorder events, actions,  daily tasks, etc. Therefore, this app applies to all age groups and helps users make their sequencing skills efficient.

StepByStep, the iPhone app, contains 56 fun and clearly-illustrated chronological events of everyday tasks, expanding from 3-6 steps appropriate for most users and skill levels.

App link: Appstore

Sequencing and dyscalculia- Does these apps succor number compromises?

Looking deeper into what compromises related to numbers that some individuals have, it may be described that these may feel it strenuous in sequencing the information, budgeting time or money, and also keeping up with particular schedules. For that reason, learning abstract math is an easier choice than arithmetics. The same is described in the book, The Routledge International Handbook of Dyscalculia[1]. It is outlined that Dyscalcuics may have sequencing difficulties leading to substandard counting abilities, sometimes visualization of number lines may also be an area to address. 

That being the case, a number of compromises can be managed to a reasonable extent by focusing on specialized learning resources. Apps can be one of those few interactive picks that a special individual may pick from. These not only ensure a sequential approach for learning, but they also ensure enticing visual pedagogy for these creative brains. 


The benefits of improving sequencing skills are pretty significant in the current situation of the modern era. Sequencing skills are one of the most vital aspects of executive functioning skills and play a substantial part in the growth and development of an individual.

With the development of digital platforms and apps, the technology of improving organization skills and arranging the chronology of actions, thoughts, and events has become very approachable to users. They, too, have found it quite engaging and easy to access from any corner of the globe. These apps have further played a crucial part in developing sequencing skills related to the user’s daily activities and have allowed them to get a firm grasp over their routine activities.


  1. Emerson, J. (2015). The enigma of dyscalculia. The Routledge International handbook of dyscalculia and mathematical learning difficulties, 217.

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