Top 11 apps for students with dyslexia [Includes both free & Paid]

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In the words of Phil Nickinson, “A mobile device has rapidly become the easiest portal into your digital self.”

Well, technology has truly influenced every aspect of our living. With modern innovations, every mystery can be unraveled. Even children with dyslexia can be guided through every aspect of learning through condition-specific mobile apps.

Many applications have been developed to cater to the needs of children who have ASD and dyslexia. These apps aid in the overall development of the children covering every vital aspect of the learning.

Not to miss, these mobile apps are entirely user-friendly and play a pivotal role in bringing about a massive difference for dyslexic learners and their caretakers.

Read on further and dig into the details of the top 10 apps that aim at assisting students and adults with dyslexia.

Top 10 apps for students with dyslexia [Both Free & Paid]

1. Sight Words 

A free, user-friendly, spelling game, Sight Words is an amazing tool to help dyslexic children. It enables them to identify, read, and spell the commonly used English words, sorted out by Dr. Edward William Dolch in 1926.

The game makes learning incredibly joyous by forty-four, increasing frequency levels of words with each level teaching five words. Stars offered in the game helps the children to stay motivated and appreciated.

Reading fluency is accomplished with ‘Sight Words’ and dragging and dropping if letters help the children for the coordination of various organs. Unlock exciting levels that unlock the hidden potential in dyslexic children!

App Link: Playstore

2.    Smartynote

smartynote free app for dyslexia

The classic app, Smartynote, has various outstanding features that help Dyslexic people to deal with their difficulties and challenges in manipulating words and taking useful notes. Dyslexia students, too, can jot down, organize, manage their ideas in just a few seconds, like others, with the powerful and peculiar Smartynote app!

Smartynote’s uniqueness and popularity lie in the fact that dyslexic children’s primary difficulties in traditional note-making are the first and foremost thing that Smartynote address.

The solution to their challenges is offered via their prominent features like voice recognition and speech to text recognition(whereby the app extracts text from the user’s voice and saves). Great customization that heeds to unique interests of all is also at one’s reach!

App Link : Playstore

3.  Teen and Adult Phonics (TAP) Library

Teen and Adult Phonics (TAP) Library app for dyslexia

TAP Library is well suited for persons with dyslexia and ASD. TAP hosts a library of novels, with vibrant stories that are designed for dyslexic adults and teenagers.

Each book is entirely decodable, implying that systematic, sequential phonic progression is rendered for improving the confidence and abilities of the readers. Dyslexic learners get special attention in every aspect of the app.

Minimal or least distractions, optional images and sounds, care and emphasis for the user’s interest, and much more add to feathers of the cap of TAP Library.

App Link: Appstore (Free) | Playstore. (Paid)

4.  Dyslexia Quest

dyslexia quest free app for dyslexia

Dyslexia Quest, analyses a learner’s cognitive ability, your strengths, and weaknesses most innovatively, through a fun-filled, cartoony, attractive learning game. The game’s objective is so simple on the surface – to climb up Yeti’s mountain by winning his challenges.

But the deeper aim and essence lies in its challenges. The trials evaluate ample cognitive abilities like brain’s processing speed, visual and auditory memory, etc.

Stimulating and indulging are the critical aspects of the education game with six different types. Multisensory learning is also emphasized by elements like dragging, touching, swiping, and much more.

App Link: Appstore

5.  Me Books

me books app for dyslexia

Me Books recreates exactly what stories in the paper had to offer- interactive visuals, illustrations, color overlay, humor, and much more. Delivering a very personal reading experience hosts myriads of famous books and comics that enhance the reading skills of Dyslexic children and help them to grow independent.

The beautiful blend of classics and contemporaries trigger the interest of the dyslexic children to explore and learn more. The critical advantage of Me Books is that professional narrators read aloud the stories, and the narration and tone can be personalized according to the child’s interest. Learning is livelier with Me Books! 

Link: Appstore | Playstore

6.   Learning Ally 

learning ally app for dyslexia

Learning Ally aims at overcoming the barriers in learning by offering solutions to the difficulties encountered by the dyslexic learners in reading.

Human-narrated audiobooks, the child grooms to learn independently, and his/her interest, love for learning, and books increase and help them unleash their potential.

Also, the human narration syncs with the printed text(VOICEtext), which improves the familiarity with words that better identify, read, and spell words. A plethora of books are at one’s reach for the child to explore! 

App Link: Appstore | Playstore

7.   Ghotit Real Writer

ghotit real writer app for dyslexia

Ghotit Real Writer has assistive reading and writing features. The app is specially designed for dyslexic and dysgraphic learners to aid them in their English writing and text correction. Word prediction, punctuation, correction of wrongly spelled words and homophones, grammatical errors, phonetics are some of the many aspects that Ghotit Real writer provides.

Dual highlighting, speaking simultaneously while writing, proofreading, reading assistance, multisensory notes, flashcards, compatibility with AirPrint, etc. are other add-ons.

It’s a wise investment for the child’s knowledge as it offers the best returns by making the child evolve into an independent and self – sustainable individual. 

App Link: Appstore

8.  Mindmeister

Traditional note making isn’t a feasible cup of tea for Dyslexic learners to jot down their ideas and thoughts.

Thus, vibrant graphic organizers and mind maps are highly useful for their idea management, planning, prioritizing, note-taking, organizing, etc. It would also help others to understand the thoughts and ideas of the children. 

Mindmeister is an excellent app to support the children as icons, colors, styles, and many more elements attract and encourage them to use it. The user-friendly, accessibility, and ease of sharing make the app so handy for them and a regular toolkit.

App Link: Appstore | Playstore | Web App

9. OpenWeb

openweb dyslexia friendly app and browser

Openweb is explicitly built to change the default/ inbuilt/natural font of an iPad and iPhone to OpenDyslexic, a font for Dyslexic learners to understand easily.

The importance of OpenWeb creeps in from the fact that learning becomes difficult for Dyslexic learners with unfamiliar or unfriendly text, and OpenWeb addresses it. Every letter in OpenDyslexic language’s alphabet is denser at the bottom/end of the letter.

It offers more weight, thickness, and gravity, which insists on the shapes of letters and makes it more explicit and more differentiated for a dyslexic reader. Hence, to assist handy apps like the browser, OpenWeb is a great and unique app.

App Link: Appstore

10.  Explain Everything

Note making or writing isn’t that interesting or feasible by dyslexic children. Pictures, graphics, and visuals convey them a thousand times more than the words.

For caretakers of such visual thinkers and emphasizers, “Explain Everything” is the right choice. An infinite and never-ending canvas is offered where ample unique tools like a laser pointer, shapes, equations, audio files, and literally what is not available.

High quality and innovative content can be prepared by the parents and caretakers of Dyslexic children that can captivate the children. The content includes lessons, guidelines, and everything to be conveyed for the effective instructing of Dyslexic children.

App Link: Appstore | Playstore | Web App

11.  Note taker HD

note taker hd app for dyslexia

Note Taker HD is exclusively designed to capture the notes by creating pages quickly. You can directly write on the screen and take notes swiftly.

Its user-friendliness is such that one keeps writing continuously, and automatically the app would keep on adding the new writing after the old.

A multi-level error-correcting facility, the undo and redo buttons are available, and just dragging the finger erases the unwanted text. Hence, dyslexic children can develop multisensory learning, practice writing, and do much more with the tool.

App Link: Appstore

Wrapping up,

Don’t consider dyslexia or other learning disorders as disabilities but different abilities. Providing training to such special children adequately with care, and attending to their needs can help them attain great heights. 

For those who aren’t aware of handling such children in the required way, they can seek help from a variety of sources, and the apps like the aforementioned are few of such sources that help in tuning fine such children.

We hope these applications will help you pave the way for the best growth and development of your children!

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