11 Cool Games That Will Put Your Time Management Skills To Work

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Time management involves making thoughtful decisions to plan and organize your activities for a specific time to improve productivity and reduce stress levels. By developing time management skills, children and adults can utilize their time in a better way without feeling the pressure of task completion. 

Practicing time management doesn’t have to be boring. Gamification has widened the scope of learning in today’s world. You can find several online games to give you a chance to work on your time management skills. These casual online games require the player to utilize resources and complete specific tasks within a set time frame. 

Online games for refining time management skills can be enjoyed by everyone. In this write-up, we will share with you a few interesting online games to challenge your time management ability.

How do time management games benefit the player?

Playing games is a great alternative learning method. It engages people more than traditional methods of classroom learning. These games offer a way to unwind and relax while allowing people to work on their skills. 

By trying their hands at time management games, players not only work on improving their time management skills but also reap other benefits like– 

  • Improved critical thinking ability 
  • Increased concentration 
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Better teamwork skills
  • Reduced stress level

Exciting time management games you can play online

In this section, we have listed a few of our favorite online games for time management that you can play during your break or after a long hectic day. Pick one that interests you the most, and get started!

Web-based time management games

1. Ice Cream Bar

Ice Cream Bar

This is a time-bound game in which you have customers coming to your ice cream stall to place their orders. As the timer starts ticking, you must take orders, prepare them according to the customer’s choice, and serve them on time. If you fail to do so, you upset your customers and miss out on earning money. 

As the level progresses, you will have more customers coming to your ice cream store. And that makes the game more challenging than before. Ice Cream Bar is a colorful online game you can play on your PC or laptop. It is a free game that kids and grownups can enjoy in their free time.

2. Emily’s New Beginning

Emily's New Beginning

It is yet another time management game where you must handle customers. This time in a restaurant. Emily and Patrick are married and have a cute little daughter named Paige. Emily decides to reopen her restaurant business. All you have to do is play her role in the game and effectively manage your time to juggle between work and the baby’s needs. 

As Emily, you will have to take orders, and prepare, and serve food to customers. A happy and satisfied customer can leave you a tip for good service. You can also earn rewards and have someone look after the baby while you are attending to customers. 

3. Carrie the Caregiver

Carrie the Caregiver

Carrie has graduated nursing school and is ready to work as a caregiver with Caregivers International. Her role as a caregiver involves taking care of people in a friendly and loving way. In this classic time management game, you will take on the responsibilities of Carrie and manage people who need special care. 

Besides being a web-based game, Carrie the Caregiver is available on the App Store as well. The game has several levels and an endless shift mode to allow you to refine your time management skills. It is a super cute game with beautiful artwork that will teach you to manage time and discover your caregiving side.

4. Traffic Controller

Traffic Controller

Wonder how traffic controllers manage vehicular traffic on roads? If yes, you must try Traffic Controller. It is a fairly challenging game in which you have to manage vehicle movement by controlling traffic lights. As a traffic controller, you need to think quickly and make decisions on when the signals go red or green. 

As the game starts, the timer starts ticking to give you the exact idea of the length of time you need to manage traffic. You earn points in the form of currency to maintain a smooth flow on the road. One small distraction, and you’ll have an accident causing the game to end.

App-based time management games

1. Disney Magic Kingdoms

For all Disney fans, here is a tycoon-style simulation time management game. The game is built up on the theme that the kingdom is under the control of an evil spell. You must work to release the kingdom from the effects of the spell so that visitors can have a good time at the park. 

As a player, you spend your precious time assigning specific tasks to different Disney characters. As the game’s progress is measured in “happiness,” every character gains some of it, when it reaches a set location in the park. You can also collect “magic,” the game’s currency, to move their tasks to another level. 

App link: Play Store | App Store

2. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

This game is a good choice for adults who love the idea of farming and for kids who wish to learn about farming and related vocabulary like growing, harvesting, etc. The backstory of this game is that Uncle George has given you the responsibility to look after his farm in his absence. 

Your responsibilities include maintaining the farm, growing produce, harvesting it on time, and selling it to customers. Players win stars and currency to complete tasks within a set time frame. These can be used to buy more resources while proceeding in the game. 

App link: Play Store | App Store

3. Sally’s Spa

Sally's Spa

It is a fun and colorful game to help you unwind while working on your time management skills. The game revolves around Sally, who runs a spa for her customers. Players must prioritize their tasks, which involve welcoming and seating customers, moving them to their seats after their wait time is over, hiring employees, stocking resources, and performing spa services. 

This single-player game constitutes several mini-games making it even more enjoyable. Sally’s Spa is a free lifestyle time management game that you can install on your iPad, iPhone, or any Android device to have a good time. 

App link: Play Store | App Store

4. Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH Adventures

Diner DASH is one of the most popular online games that can help you level up your time management skills. While in the game, you play the role of Flo, who has bought an old diner and wants to work hard to earn enough to run and expand the business. 

As Flo, you must seat the guests, take their orders, serve them on time, and present them the bill when they have finished their meal. All of this must be done smoothly and on time so that there are no delays in service. The game is available for download on Google Play Store and App Store.

App link: Play Store | App Store

5. Burger Shop

Burger Shop

Burger Shop is a fast-paced game where you have to assemble burgers and fulfill customer orders as fast as you can. Apart from time management, the game also requires you to use your quick-thinking skills. In between, you also find stuff on the conveyor belt, which you must separate for recycling. The game is available online through app stores like Google Play and App Store. 

Players get to choose between four modes, namely, story mode, relax mode, challenge mode, and expert story mode. Delivering each order perfectly rewards you with in-game currency and sometimes even a tip if you provide extraordinary service. 

App link: Play Store | App Store

6. Farm Frenzy

 Farm Frenzy

This single-player game is based on the concept of farming, where you have to run a farm without having to wake up early every single day. As a player, you will have to perform all farm-related tasks like looking after farm animals, producing milk products like cheese and butter, etc. 

The game has different levels, and each level is more difficult than the previous one. Through this time management game, you can earn money, invest it to buy new equipment and purchase buildings to grow your farm business. 

App link: Play Store

7. Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat

Heart's Medicine – Hospital Heat

Here is a time management game with a medical twist. You play the lead as Dr. Allison Heart who works at a hospital. As a doctor, your job will be to provide timely treatment to patients arriving at the hospital. The work can range from administering a simple medicine to assembling one for treating patients.

The main challenge in the game is to attend to as many patients as possible. It helps you earn rewards for doing a satisfactory job as a doctor. You can even buy new hospital equipment or move to a better apartment using your rewards. Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat is a good choice for those who love the medical genre.

App link: Play Store | App Store

Wrapping up

Managing time effectively is a skill that one can acquire through regular practice. A study[1] reported students’ perception of time management. Students believed that effective time management and preplanning studies helped them improve their academic performance.

So, students must take some time out of their regular schedules to practice time management skills. And what could be a better way than indulging in some fun online games that give you a break from your studies and also help you get better at using your time effectively?


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