10 Online Fraction Games For Easy Learning

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A fraction is a math concept that teaches how a unit can be converted into smaller parts having equal value. When we say 1/3, it means a thing with unit value is divided into three equal parts. The beauty of fractions is that one fraction can be converted into an equivalent one by dividing or multiplying both nominators and denominators by a common number. It is worth understanding that addition and subtraction by the same number will not produce an equivalent fraction. If all this sounds confusing to you, you can employ learning materials like some games that keep fractions as the core concept.

Important learnings you achieve from playing fraction games

Various researchers have suggested that including an element of playfulness in teaching can help overcome math worries. (Extracted from dissertation ‘Best Practice to reduce math anxiety, K.M. Mitchell, Pepperdine University). This element of playfulness in teaching fractions is readily available in online games. Some of the basic learnings provided by these games to fraction beginners are:

  • Learn how to match fractions
  • Practice operations on fractions
  • Grasp Equivalent fractions concept
  • Increase mental math efficiency by calculating the simple fraction mentally
  • Learn gamified way how to convert fractions to decimals

Since certain actions like dragging and picking are involved, online games can help enhance focus and improve motor skills and cognitive functions.

All these arguments in favor of gamification must have got you searching for fraction-based online games. We have annotated here the list of online games that help learn about fractions from various perspectives.

Best games to learn doing various functions on fractions

1. Fraction Fling

Fraction Fling

The quiz appears at the top in the form of circles representing the fraction. It is an engaging game that covers the concept of identification of mixed fractions. The practitioner has to pull back the fling and aim it so that the marble hits the correct mixed fraction appearing on the other side.

This game benefits in multiple ways. The student learns to identify the visual presentation of a mixed fraction. Further, aiming and releasing the fling to complete the hitting process improves fine motor skills, visual identification is enhanced appreciably.

2. What Fraction Does this Figure Show

What Fraction Does this Figure Show

Simplicity defines the main characteristic of this fraction game. It is ideal for fraction beginners who have to just derive the figure’s fractional representation and pick the correct option. The questions coming one after the other allow the learners to stimulate their minds to think and act fast.

Besides, beginners can visualize the fraction as an identifiable portion of any figure. Knowing the expression of simple fractions can be attained in an ingrained manner by playing this game often and repeatedly. Homeschoolers can pick the topics provided and do the practice questions as part of gameplay too.

3. Pizza Pandas

Pizza Pandas

Fraction means to find an equally-sized portion of anything. A pizza is the best and the most easily relatable example that shows the meaning of a fraction. The gameplay involved picking the fraction that correctly represents the portion of pizza that the panda can eat. To add to the trick, the multiples can also be included in some questions. It means the student may be given 2/16 instead of 1/8, to test their understanding of equivalent fractions.

This game stands apart in appeal and engagement value. The mind is constantly on run and is busy counting the fractional parts, identifying and picking the correct fraction. Such is the effectiveness of this game for learning fractions!

4. Puzzle Pics Fractions

Puzzle Pics Fractions

The fun of solving puzzles adds to the ease of learning fractions. Early learners, conversant with number lines, can be given the introduction of fractions as specific points on the lines to befriend them with fractional values. Fraction on a number line is a unique representation and offers quick learning support.

Drag and drop picture to the correct slot helps know instantly if you have got the fraction correctly. Further, completing the puzzle offers a sense of accomplishment, encouraging the learners to be correct each time. The challenge of completing the figure the fastest can be employed to use this game as a competition material.

5. Worm Sandwich Fractions

Worm Sandwich Fractions

Decide what portion of the worm sandwich will every customer get by using your fraction skills in this interesting game. There is a Menu bar provided where the student can put the nominator and denominator. How the worm sandwich will be divided is decided by the number of customers flashed on the screen.

This game introduces to the real-life application of fraction with added clarity. It tells how the food can be divided into equal parts when we know the amount and the total number of consumers. The game can be made more challenging by using a timer so that the mind can think fast how to divide the sandwich into equal parts, giving the mental stimulation it needs.

6. Converting Fractions with Gems

Converting Fractions with Gems

Each pentagon-shaped gem is vaguely marked to make portions. Depending upon the hint that appears, the fraction learners can break the portions on demarcated lines to unearth the gems. It helps understand the visual presentation of what the mixed fractions like 31/2 look like.

This game also offers an additional challenge of converting improper fractions into mixed fractions. Thus, the brain is trained to solve the question in a sequential pattern; this helps boost sequential memory retention of the mind. It can be made trickier by playing within a pre-defined time limit.

7. Convert to Decimals Game

Convert to Decimals Game

Cognition, hand-eye coordination, and mental maths become sharper by playing this fraction to decimal conversion challenge. The learner finds a fraction floating on the screen. The task includes dragging the fraction over the pear, showing the correct decimal representation of the fraction in question.

This game is ideal for fraction beginners as it provides additional practice material to speed up the calculations. Further, the game requires one to be mentally alert as the fraction may float in any part of the screen. Play this game as a competition and find who scored the most hits.

8. Puppy Chase – Convert Fraction to Decimals

Puppy Chase - Convert Fraction to Decimals

It is another variant of fraction into decimal games and expects the learner to be proficient in mixed fraction to decimal conversions. It is a well-known concept that the whole number portion of the mixed fraction remains the same, and only the fractional part will be represented as a decimal.

So, picking the correct option from the given choices requires a little more focus as the options vary very slightly sometimes. This kind of gameplay is ideal for sharpening cognition. It also improves mental calculation, making the student a bit more confident in the approximation process.

9. Fractions Splat

Fractions Splat

The ease of dividing geometric figures into fractions is achieved with this self-paced game. The student needs to apply the knowledge of dividing the figures into equal parts to match the correct figure with the hint provided. The gameplay involves clicking as many matching figures as possible in a restricted time.

Users also can select from the speed levels before starting the game. Since at a faster level, the figures move around more quickly, the children develop fast-thinking, alertness, sharp focus, and reasoning abilities. This game offers an ideal solution for attaining a high proficiency level in fractions problems from a different perspective.

10. Math Play

Math Play

Writing a fraction into its smallest form is a basic operation. This game helps learners to practice simplifying the fraction into the smallest equivalent lucidly. You can solve problems at your own pace or may also go for faster gameplay, depending upon the level of proficiency you wish to attain.

This game works up the brain amply and enhances its problem-solving abilities. With sufficient repeats and the use of various difficulty levels in this game, the students can get the mental work out they need to be fluent in fraction calculations.

To sum up,

The fraction is a basic math concept and enters the curriculum in grade 1. The use of online math games in learning this concept has multiple benefits. Most of these games are research-backed and are designed to ensure that the games have the best outcomes to offer to learners. So, when you want to make screen time more meaningful for your children, encourage them to play these online games. These have fun, reasoning, and learning wrapped in a single package.

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