6 Cool Comparing Numbers Games to Play Online

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Numbers denote values. Often, understanding the value part takes a back seat due to the intricacy of learning number shapes and names. So, once the number shapes are mastered, children must be drawn to the concept of number sense through activities and games. It is the number sense that helps children to find values indicated by 1, 2, or 3.

When children are counting their fingers and iterating numbers simultaneously, they are coming closer to building number sense. The next obvious step is to learn the difference between 1, 2, and 3, and understand how 1 is smaller than 2, and likewise. All this may sound overwhelming, but can be eased out by using number comparison games.

Why it is important to learn number comparison?

School life is the phase when young children are taught basic skills likely to stay with them throughout life. Number comparison may sound overlookable because of the obviousness but plays an important role in doing daily life activities. Some of the examples that show the importance of learning number comparison are:

  • It helps to identify a cheap product from a costlier one
  • Number comparison helps in finding physical characteristics comparatively. This means, how 65 lb differs from 45 lb in shape and size becomes evident from comparing numbers.
  • Number comparison also helps in identifying the difference between two heights, and volumes and making decisions based on spatial intelligence

In simpler words, number comparison offers a data-driven approach to learning about the things any child sees around.

Advantages of using games to teach number comparison

Many people often ask – “How can I learn number comparison easily?’ Let’s understand why comparing numbers is difficult and what options are the best to consider.

Teaching number comparison becomes difficult when kids are not well-conversed with numbers or have certain learning disorders.

To make the education model more inclusive, learners can be given lots of research-backed alternatives to books for developing number sense, such as:

Amongst these resources, online games are catching up with learners effortlessly. Yes, gamification of concepts in education is a new ‘in’. Research surrounding the importance of gamification of ideas also reveals a lot about the importance of using games in teaching concepts like number comparison, subitizing, spatial differentiation, number sense, number bonds, etc.

Some of the advantages learners can derive from math games for learning number comparison are:

  • Games help develop a positive attitude toward maths
  • By the way of creating a competition-rich environment, games can help bring fluency to the problem-solving process. The friends vying for a high score in games encourage each other to improve and learn better
  • Promote an interactive learning environment where players can share problem-solving strategies and clear any kind of confusion by questioning or following the guidelines to play
  • Dissolve fear of math, thereby compelling learners to try better to internalize concepts by repetitive game playing.

So, if you have yet not started using games for teaching basic math skills, it is the right time to do so. Take a look at some online number comparison games that can help master concepts of greater than smaller than equal, and others.

6 online games to learn comparing numbers fun-way

1. Comparing Number Values

Comparing Number Values Game

It all starts with comparing whole numbers. But, comparing is not limited to whole numbers only. Maths students can become truly proficient when they understand and apply rules for comparing fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers.

This comparing number values game offers an interesting pretext to do so. You get ample exercises in comparison to whole numbers and other types. Further, the learners can choose the difficulty level options as per the confidence built. This game can safely be used for years and is capable of being your learning resource while moving from one grade to a higher one.

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2. Compare 2 numbers – Ordering number games

Compare 2 numbers - Ordering number games

This math game is a brilliant option for befriending beginners with numbers comparison. Especially, children with disorders like dyscalculia find it immensely difficult to cope with signs like ‘<‘, ‘>’, or ‘=’. By playing this game designed to deliver ease of learning, kindergarteners can get their concepts right. With regular practice and doing lots of quizzes, you can find a surge in the comfort of kids with the signs and number relationships.

Games for comparing numbers do not develop ease with only number relationships. They are developed in such a way that these can enhance hand-eye coordination, improve attention span, and master number sense ultimately. So, you may find a multi-faceted improvement in the performance of your children once they start spending their time mastering this game.

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3. Comparing Numbers Quiz

Comparing Numbers Quiz Game

Butterworth[1](2005) in his work proved that children develop the capability of subitizing or guessing the number of objects in a set between years 4-8 broadly. That is why the children of this age group find this game quite interesting as it helps them build confidence about the concepts they have learned. Further, they are advised to use the number line to solve the numeric comparison problems in this game.

Thus, their use of number line manipulatives and an engaging backdrop of this game collectively help incite the zeal for more practice among learners. The quizzes in these games are mostly based on whole numbers. So, when next time your child answers in a snap what is greater – 12 or 17?; you know what to thank!

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4. Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers

This is a simple comparing numbers game with cute animation. Little hungry crocodiles with open mouths are ready to eat the greater number! So when two numbers appear on the screen, the player must select one crocodile, drag it, and place it between the two numbers. The crocodile mouths resemble less than, more than, and equal signs. Depending on the numbers, the player must select the crocodile that perfectly describes which number is greater or if they are equal.

As this game covers numbers between 1 and 10, it makes a nice choice for kindergarten and grade 1 students. The operation is easy to understand, and kids can play it without difficulty. Plus, it is accessible on tablets and computers, so teachers and parents can run this super fun game on the device of their choice.

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5. Math Boxing Comparison

Math Boxing Comparison Games

I will call it a self-learning tool rather than merely a game! As the name indicates, this game offers you ample practice in comparing numbers by using boxing as the backdrop. The learners can keep on scoring with every right answer and get a successful punch on the punching bag correspondingly. Also, when they pick the wrong sign, the punching bag hits them back telling them about the error.

The comfort with ‘>’, ‘<‘, and ‘=’ signs is suitably enhanced by practicing this game in your free time. There is an element of time limit added to this game with the help of a countdown timer. So, if players fail to register their option by the time the timer hits zero, they lose their glove. Accuracy and swiftness in thinking, enhancement of working memory, and fine motor skill development are some of the primary advantages you enjoy with this game.

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6. Math Tank Comparison

Math Tank Comparison

Math Tank Comparison game gives the users the responsibility to steer the tank through safe mines. Every mine is carrying a number comparison hint. If you pick the one with an incorrect hint, it will disable the tank. So, as a learner, you find this game interesting support for learning and practicing number comparisons.

Maneuvering the tank helps build motor skills. Some of the additional benefits possible to gain from this game are hand-eye coordination, improved motor skills, working memory build-up, fast thinking, and of course, relationships among numbers. So, include it in your repertoire when you want a break from the practice books.

Game Link: Web App

What will you gain by playing number comparison games?

Number comparison games have a lot to offer to users in terms of building early number proficiency. By learning to compare numbers the game way, you can fuel your brain with correct practice material. These eventually prepare you well for doing several other basic math operations, such as:

  • Arranging numbers in ascending and descending order
  • Filling missing numbers in any number line chart
  • Ascertaining big and small, heavy and light, tall and short by looking at the data provided
  • Solving word problems like ‘ find how many more or how much less,’ etc.

In Conclusion

Number games designed to teach kids how to compare two numbers are a useful resource for teachers and parents. As mentioned before, gaining proficiency in this area can help kids excel in other mathematical concepts as well.

As we know, kids never say ‘no’ to games and activities, incorporating a few online games in your classroom routine can refresh little minds while giving them an opportunity to master differentiating numbers. By blending playfulness with learning objectives, these games will encourage learners to attempt math with enthusiasm and reinforce their skills.


  1. Butterworth, Brian & Varma, Sashank & Laurillard, Diana. (2011). Dyscalculia: From Brain to Education. Science (New York, N.Y.). 332. 1049-53. 10.1126/science.1201536.

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