7 Fun Integer Games To Play Online

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Do you know that games and studies have always been two contrary ways of getting educated? But with the advent of game-based pedagogy[1], an ultimate mix of both was made out after decades of traditional learning to engross the education process. When it comes to mathematical concepts like learning integers, these games can be more intriguing. 

With easy access to devices like phones and tablets, toddlers are just a click away from learning with leisure and fun! Moreover, games have turned into a potent source to instruct young learners. In this context, we will explore the significance of online integer games with our favourite picks for your little learner.

How online games make learning integers fun?

Games have been an integral part of everyone’s life, and it continues to be part of the current generation as well. One of the important Math curricula includes Integers as part of critical learning for kids. From identifying negative integers and positive integers to calculating them– the whole concept, in general, can be dull and tedious for a child. But this can be made exciting by blending the concept with online games. 

Other than that, the following are the few skills that your child can equip by indulging in some online games dedicated to integers–

  • Focus: By playing Online Integer games, students can focus on the learning part along with having fun. Classroom lectures are indeed enlightening, but online games make the cut when it comes to tough mathematical concepts. 
  •  Children focus more while playing these games, which leads to quick learning and longer retention. 
  • Attention to the details: Many online Integer games come with a ticking clock where students have to concentrate on solving math problems to get through stages and need to be very attentive. In this way, students focus on details more so that they can clear the level before the timer hits. 
  • Increased critical thinking: Critical thinking plays an important role here as students have to resolve complex math problems in less time with fast-moving games. Maths as a subject and integers as a concept need a lot of brainstorming, which can be inculcated into the students with very little fuss and rigidity. 
  • Mastering the skill of Integers: Online games makes grasping the concept easier. When a child learns integers through the conventional book and blackboard method and later practices it through these games, they are able to master it and have full retention of the topic. 

Not only do their concepts become clearer, but also students can save time through this. As long as kids keep having fun, they keep learning and don’t complain about boring and tedious curriculums. 

Online games for learning about integers

1. Orbit Integer

Orbit Integer

With spaceships of all colours, a visually pleasing space track, and a great interface— orbit Integer is an online racing game. This game allows players to answer questions during the race. The right answer will give you a speed boost, allowing you to speed up to win the race. This game also offers a multiplayer option to invite your friends to play and learn together. 

Orbit Integer allows new-age students to think quickly for an answer and win the race. It also opens up an angle of group study.

 2.  Spider Match Adding Integers

Spider Match Adding Integers

The best online game is the one that improves attention to detail and acts quickly. Spider Match Adding Integers is a high-speed game where you are on a clock, and the number keeps popping up. You have to add them to make a whole number shown in the middle. While you learn to make things happen faster, you will realise that this game makes you smarter in decision-making. 

Different numbers are displayed in the spider’s web in this game– these can be negatives, positives, and even zero. One number is constantly displayed in the middle of the web—for example, number 3. The player needs to mix and match the various numbers in their negative and positive forms to make a 3 out of them. But it just does not end here; the catch of the game is that all the numbers keep disappearing, and new numbers keep popping up; therefore, the player needs to be quick in adding two numbers to form 3. 

3. Math Boxing Integer Comparison

Math Boxing Integer Comparison

Unless you like being punched back, try to give correct answers. This is a comparison game where students have to guess which number is bigger than the other. It is a fun game where you are a boxer in a boxing ring. As simple as it sounds, this game is a fun way to exercise integers because you are on a clock and have to give answers quickly.

In this game, the numbers keep popping, and the player needs to give the correct answer as to which one is bigger than the other. For example- (-15) or (6) ?

4. X-Ray Math Integers

X-Ray Math Integers

Become a fun scientist as you operate an x-ray machine to find out the questions and connect them with the right answers. X-Ray math Integers game gives you enough time to connect questions to all the right answers. Integers are used very correctly in this game as you will collide with some difficult questions and give a thought to each step. Making kids brainstorm hard and pushing the right buttons– this game might be challenging but fun at the same time. 

In X-Ray Math Integers, the player needs to check the hidden equation in the X-Ray Scanner and then drop the equation on the correct answer out of the many options available. For example- The equation could be- (-12)+6. The player needs to calculate and drop the hidden equation on the correct answer, which is 6. 

   5. Robot Math Integers

Robot Math Integers

How cool is learning Integers in the form of a Robot?  Robot Math Integers is a simple yet creative game through which kids can learn simple addition and subtraction rules. This game has a decent interface with different levels of difficulties that makes this game perfect for learning as children can not only learn about integers, but as the level goes up, the game becomes more challenging, making them kids think harder, and learn better. 

The game has a robot, which needs to collect the exact number which is displayed on the top of the screen. Out of the many numbers available, the player would have to navigate the robot to the right numbers so that they are able to finish the level and move to the next one. The great thing about this game is that it has many levels, and the difficulty keeps increasing as students move ahead in the level.s 

6.  MathPup Treasure Hunt

 MathPup Treasure Hunt

Help a puppy go on a quest and find the treasure hunt using positive and negative numbers. This game is set underwater. With just a dog, you have to open treasure boxes. It is a simple game with a lot to think about. This can be a perfect practice of Integer numbers and solving math problems for a student. Nonetheless, this game requires a good skill set of integer practice and critical thinking ability. 

This is a fun game where you are on a treasure hunt with your dog. To move ahead, you need to solve the equation given on the hint; only then you would move forward in the game, closer to the treasure. To reach the treasure, you would need to solve all the equations that come your way. This forms a great understanding of the concept of integers as a whole. 

7. Bike Racing

Bike Racing

Riding a bike on a nice race track looks useful when you also learn Math with it. This Bike Racing game involves solving questions quickly to boost speed by giving simple integers answers. Out of the various features, you would be able to access them and reach the finish point only if you give the correct solution to the problems that come your way. It can require critical thinking from students, as they would have to think faster and harder so that they can reach the final destination the fastest.  You will be competing with different players in each game. Make sure you don’t let them win. Participate in this high-speed game to test your skills in Integers. 


Online gaming is changing education and the way people look at it. Gone are the days when parents used to give examples to their children, stating that they would succeed only when they studied and fall through if they played too much. Today, your child can succeed even through playing games online– thanks to the amalgamation of studies with gamification! 

Since learning through playing online games has become the new norm, these games would help your child understand, practice, and become proficient at a concept like Integers, which can be otherwise challenging to inculcate.


[1] Game-Based Teaching: Practices, Roles, and Pedagogies: Aalborg University (Hanghoj T.) (2013, January) 

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