Free Printable Number Sequencing Worksheets [PDF]

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Recently, we talked about number sequencing in detail including its types and importance in our academic curriculum. It is quite evident that math skills are the base of our lives. We need to learn to count and it is the basic need to carry out multiple operations, like counting currency while making a payment or finding the correct floor of a building. But, is that the end? No, we all need to learn to arrange the numbers in a sequence too.

Just to rewind back to basics,

Why learning number sequencing is important?

  1. You learn to keep things in a certain order
  2. Your math skills go one notch higher – from merely counting to reasoning
  3. You go a step closer to mastering estimations and solving probability problems

It may sound very obvious and easy but can be a daunting task for children with learning difficulties. So, as a teacher, you cannot expect them to crack the series and patterns just the way other students do, using books or practice sets. They need more interesting alternatives apart from books to develop their number sequencing intelligence. This variety of learning resources come in the form of manipulatives, games, applications, activities and worksheets, charts, etc.

However, the requirements of classroom teaching can give way to the possibilities of finding many other ways. One such tool is the use of number sequencing worksheets. You can use them to :

  1. Enhance the thinking capacity
  2. To help students try different worksheets solving approaches
  3. To give them different types of challenges using various styles of worksheets
  4. To gauge their progress in number sequencing mastery

We bring you here some innovative worksheets to tests a child’s ability to form a proper number sequence. Such worksheets allow us to relate to the concept deeply and may tell a thing or two about the application part of theoretical learning too. These number sequence worksheets are available in printable version as pdf for you to download for free.

So, fill the study hour with number sequencing worksheets and see how these help innovatively in easing the learning process.

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