6 Number Sequencing Activities for kindergarteners & preschoolers

List of top 6 activities for number sequencing for kindergarteners and preschoolers

I hope you all have benefited from reading my number sequencing guide. Though I tried to be as elaborate as possible, but am sure you want to know how to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and its practical aspect. I totally agree that though all is done and said nicely, the challenge remains the … Read more

Free Printable Number Sequencing Worksheets [PDF]

Free printable number sequencing worksheet for kindergarten and preschool with pdf

Recently, we talked about number sequencing in detail including its types and importance in our academic curriculum. It is quite evident that math skills are the base of our lives. We need to learn to count and it is the basic need to carry out multiple operations, like counting currency while making a payment or … Read more

What is Number Sequencing? Different types, Importance, Strategies & Tools

what is number sequencing? Its importance, types, strategies and tools to build number sequencing abilities

In the beginning, teachers do not expect kids to be Einstein; but at the same time, they expect the latter to have a certain level of intelligence. Very soon, things become frustrating when despite putting so many efforts, the results do not come out as desired. At the onset, the instant reaction is to brand … Read more